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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Turtle Odyssey 2

Turtle Odyssey 2 (PC) | 18 Mb

Turtle Odyssey 2 is a sequel of our most famous game, Turtle Odyssey. It is filled with magical atmosphere of underwater adventures. Our well-known hero, brave and kind turtle Ozzy starts the journey with an innocent game of catch, as Ozzy accidentally smacks into a slab of ice, cracking it and letting a mysterious creature go free. Intrigued, he follows, unknowingly setting off on the adventure of lifetime, which – as depicted via a lovingly-rendered mission map you'll traverse one stage at a time – is filled with excitement and wonder.

Link: Odyssey 2.html

Sacred Original and UnderGround Expansion

Sacred Original and UnderGround Expansion | PC Games
Sacred is a great-looking, generally solid action RPG that provides a few interesting gameplay innovations
Official Site:
Sacred is a great-looking, generally solid action role-playing game that provides a few interesting gameplay innovations. It features an open-ended gaming world to explore, decent cooperative and competitive multiplayer options, and a good mix of goal-oriented questing and fast-paced battles. But its combat system is also somewhat finicky and unrewarding, which is a significant problem for what's fundamentally a hack-and-slash RPG.

It would be artificial to describe Sacred without at least a cursory comparison to the Diablo games, since Sacred was clearly heavily inspired by that series. As in the Diablo games, each of the six character types in Sacred has a predetermined gender and a distinct selection of skills you can choose to develop. Most foes only take a few mouse clicks to dispatch, but you'll encounter hundreds of enemies, including types that will spawn more of their kin if you don't take them out. The monsters are all classic fantasy stereotypes, such as undead, dragons, and ogres; you can use the Alt key to highlight and quickly locate the seemingly endless bounties of loot they hoard. There's a huge variety of magical items, including sets of related items to collect, upgradable socketed items, and class-specific artifacts. You'll maintain a chest "stash" in towns, where you can store some of your accumulated swag, and you can hook up with companions who will provide some temporary assistance, though you don't directly control them. You can replay the storyline at progressively difficult skill levels. Those features make Sacred sound very similar to Diablo II, and in many ways it is, but Sacred also has its share of innovations.

The most notable improvement Sacred offers over other hack-and-slash RPGs is its huge, open-ended gameworld. While other action RPGs funnel you through their settings in a linear fashion, Sacred offers largely free-form exploration. Settings are largely noninteractive, but meticulously detailed, and environments are well varied and consistently interesting to explore. Sacred's graphics are a definite strength, and they're significantly better than Diablo II's aged visuals, although they're not quite as good as Dungeon Siege's. Graphical resolution is locked at 1024x768, but Sacred lets you seamlessly zoom in the camera perspective for a more intimate look at the action. While similar features in other games have been of dubious utility, Sacred's variable perspective works exceptionally well, letting you both view your predicament from a strategic, distant vantage point and then conveniently adjust to a more rewarding ringside view of the battles. The auto-mapping function nicely complements the open-ended gaming world design by granting you a thorough overview of the areas you've explored. Sacred's interface includes convenient features, such as a circle around your character that graphically reveals current hit points, so you don't have to take your eyes off the action to steal glances at readouts further from the action.

You're given some significant inventory space to store your plunder, and a handy hotkey automatically plucks available loot.

Several of Sacred's other distinctive features are interesting, but they aren't entirely successful at improving gameplay. You can buy a horse to speed travel and garner an additional defensive bonus in combat, but it's difficult to effectively engage opponents from horseback, and characters (with the notable exception of the wood elf) lose access to several of their best character skills when riding. A couple of the character types are particularly novel (the vampiress and angelic seraphim), but there is a considerable overlap of special attack skills among characters. Characters have basic attributes, skills, and special attacks/spells. Increases to attributes are largely automatically determined by character type, although you're given the nominal choice to increase one attribute stat by a single point each experience level.

Text File with Rapidshare links inside

Singles 2 - Triple Trouble

Singles 2 - Triple Trouble | 670 MB


KataChess ver. 3.0

KataChess ver. 3.0 | 2,9 Mb
KataChess is a chess training system to master chess! This program is not for players who do not know how to play chess, this program is for players who want to improve their game. The Katachess technique focuses on pattern recognition. The system gives you a series of ten puzzles which require the user to point ànd click the chess pieces to accomplish checkmate. If the user is stumped, he can click anywhere on the board and the pieces will move for him. I puzzle is considered missed if the player fails to make checkmate, the missed puzzles cycle around until all ten puzzles have been checkmated.

After the user finishes the first ten, ten new puzzles appear and so forth ten more after that until the player has successful completed all the puzzles. Most chess students study famous chess games to remember the moves, but Katachess develops your mind for picking the best chess solution through pattern recognition!

Dream Stripper ver. 1.3

Dream Stripper ver. 1.3 | 46 MB


Attack of the Silver Ball Pinball of the Silver Ball Pinball.html



Attack of the Silver Ball is quite possibly the greatest pingame ever made. Boasting tons of some of the most original, deep, and plain weirdest modes ever conceived, AOTSB breathes life back into a genre that for years had been buried in monotony. Stacked with mini-games, secret objectives, and super detailed real-time 3d graphics, Attack of the Silver Ball is an assault on the mind and the eyes.

Attack of the Silver Ball includes two of the most packed tables ever created!
Mafia Madness
The city is being over-run by mafisos! The police
force is powerless! The streets are a mad-house!
Help McGurk, the city's kingpin, keep control of
his turf by fending off his greatest enemies and
arch-rivals. It's all out war, mafia style!

Dora Click and Create - The Squeaky Toy

Dora Click and Create - The Squeaky Toy
PC-Rom | ISO | 216 MB | English language
Disc No 15 from the series Click and Create

4 Christmas Game For Avax Members

4 Christmas Game For Avax Members (PC) | 46 Mb.
(Mirror DepositeFile Coming Soon).

Thank you for the link Depositfiles (Unknown Member)

Link: Christmas Game For Avax Members.html

Mirror Mix-Up

Mirror Mix-Up (Another Version) (PC) | 14 Mb. | Ftp2Share ( & DF Mirrors).

It's Mirror Mixup! Solve levels by selecting areas of the jumbled up picture puzzle and then twisting them back to their correct place! There are four fantastic levels, each with their own amazing gameplay elements! There are 150 pictures to rotate and 200 additional unlockable bonus levels! You can also use your own pictures and music in the game! Can you achieve perfection on every level?

Sorry For The First Version ;)

Link: Mix-Up.html

Dora Click and Create - Racing Around!

Dora Click and Create - Racing Around!
PC-Rom | ISO | 212 MB | English language
Disc No 14 from the series Click and Create

Bubble Mayhem

Bubble Mayhem (PC) | 10 Mb.

Pop bubbles to beat your high score or collect treasures from the deep! Bubble Mayhem is an addictive romp through infinite levels of undersea landscapes in search of bubbles to pop and treasures to collect! Set in an undersea world with tranquil music and expansive seascapes, Bubble Mayhem offers a soothing environment for its fun and unique gameplay. Pop the bubbles and collect their treasures as fast as you can to continue to the next stage!

Link: Mayhem.html

Bubble Mayhem

Bubble Mayhem (PC) | 10 Mb.

Pop bubbles to beat your high score or collect treasures from the deep! Bubble Mayhem is an addictive romp through infinite levels of undersea landscapes in search of bubbles to pop and treasures to collect! Set in an undersea world with tranquil music and expansive seascapes, Bubble Mayhem offers a soothing environment for its fun and unique gameplay. Pop the bubbles and collect their treasures as fast as you can to continue to the next stage!

Link: Mayhem.html


ShapeShifter (PC) | 5 Mb.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, Step right up for a one-of-a-kind puzzler that will amaze your brain and astound your senses. See amazing shapes. Place them into matching shape cutouts. This incredible mix of action, intrigue and fun from the creators of Super Collapse! II is sure to delight and surprise.


Pinup Strip Poker

Pinup Strip Poker (PC) | 17 Mb.

Link: Strip Poker.html

Diamond Detective

Diamond Detective
PC | Puzzle | 15Mb

OH NO! The precious jewels of Gemopolis have been stolen! The commissioner requests your help to recover the stolen gems, collect clues, and solve the mysterious heists. Game play is a race against time - you must make long chains of "same type" glittery gems to fill the jewel vault before the thief escapes. The longer the gem-chains, the faster the jewel vault meter will rise. Use clues acquired during game play to catch the thieves and put them behind bars! It's now up to you, Diamond Detective!


Beetle Bomp

Beetle Bomp (PC) | 14 Mb. | Ftp2Share ( & DF Mirrors).

Experimental electricity eating beetles have been released from a top-secret laboratory. Sling colorful bugs at each other to make sets of three. Then catch their sparks to prevent an infestation. You'll journey from the city to countryside while dealing with bees, butterflies, centipedes, and persnickety hard-shell bugs. Hilarious animated cartoons tell the story of Lyle the electrician and Martina the insect expert as they try to solve the buggy mystery before the lights go out for good!

Link: Bomp

R.I.P 3: The Last Hero

R.I.P 3: The Last Hero
PC | Action/Multiplayer/Shooter | 31 Mb
A cruel dictator has created an army of cyborgs to take over the world and seize control of the portal to the underworld. But, our three favorite anti-heroes are back and that's not going to happen on their watch! This time, they have teamed up with three new soldiers and the fate of both worlds lies in their hands. It's all or nothing as the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead collide! To survive, you'll have massive guns and 9 different military vehicles at your disposal so let the battle begin!

Nick Video Jigsaw Jam

Try out the new Nick Video Jigsaw Jam. You can download and solve live action video puzzles from your favorite Nickelodeon shows including SpongeBob Squarepants, Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, and Catscratch.

PiEyeGames Mirror Mixup

PiEyeGames Mirror Mixup (PC) | Puzzle Game | 17 Mb.

Link: Mirror Mixup.html

Action Ball Deluxe

Action Ball Deluxe (+Unlocker) (PC) | 9 Mb. | Arkanoid Game.

If you loved the original Action Ball, then you will go wild over Action Ball Deluxe! Bigger, better and even more fun, Action Ball Deluxe will satisfy your cravings for brick-busting action with three new bosses, four new bonuses and an all-new 110 level campaign. This gives you more than 200 levels to smash into smithereens!

Like before, you will face a legion of robots that will do their best to foil your efforts to obliterate every block. A supply of special weapons and bonuses not seen in other Breakout games are on hand to turn the tide of battle in your favor, however, including a dazzling multi-missile attack that destroys every robot on the screen. Rounding out this outstanding package are superb 3D graphics and sound effects that beg to be played loud.

Link: Ball Deluxe.html

Stones of Khufu v1.02

Stones Of Khufu v1.02 (PC) | 8 Mb.

Help a pair of mummies uncover their story in this stone-sliding brain-bender! After waking in their tomb, two young mummies set out to escape the stone walls and find out who they are, or were! Help your well-wrapped friends slide colored blocks into groups of three or more and they'll be removed from the screen. Each puzzling level reveals more of this delightfully original storyline. Featuring stunning graphics and hours of family fun, Stones of Khufu is a real discovery for puzzle fans everywhere!

Link: Of Khufu v1.02.html

Arkanoid MEGA Pack Full ISO - Recopilacion de juegos

1. Arcalands
2. Arkligh
3. Ballistik
4. Break Ball 2 Gold
5. Break Quest
6. Bricks Of Atlantis
7. Brixout XP
8. Hyperballoid Around The World
9. Hyperballoid Complete
10. Invadazoid
11. MagicBall
12. MagicBall 2
13. Real Ball
14. Ricochet Recharged
15. Ricochet Xtreme
16. Riotball
17. SnowBall
18. Strike Ball
19. Twinxoid
20. Warkanoid 2
21. Action Ball
22. Alpha Ball
23. Bricks of Camelot
24. Musikapa
25. Strike Ball 2
26. 1st Go Warkanoid 3 Storybook
27. 1st Go Warkanoid II WildLife
28. Funkiball Adventure
29. Incrediball The Seven Sapphires
30. Scary Forest
31. Aztec Bricks
32. Temple of Bricks
33. Ricochet Lost Worlds
34. Action Ball Deluxe
35. Adventure Ball
36. Anastasia Arkanoid
37. ArkanDROID
38. Beat Ball
39. Beware Of The Ball
40. Boom Ball
41. Chicken Attack
42. Magic Ball 2 New Worlds
43. Magic Ball 2 Spring Time
44. Mega Bounce
45. Meteor
46. NeoBall
47. PaperBall
48. Strike Ball 2 Deluxe Incl New Extra Level Pack
49. Time Breaker
50. Alawar AquaBall
51. Deep Ball Defender
52. LEGO Bricktopia
53. Star Collapse
54. Brain Block's Super Bubbles Deluxe
55. Tropic Ball
56. WE` Group Krakout
57. Bricks of Egypt
58. BrickQuest
59. Treasures of the Deep
60. Fizzball MEGA Pack Full ISO parte 1.html MEGA Pack Full ISO parte 2.html MEGA Pack Full ISO parte 3.html MEGA Pack Full ISO parte 4.html MEGA Pack Full ISO parte 5.html MEGA Pack Full ISO parte 6.html

password: jkaleido

Rack Em Up Road Trip

Rack Em Up Road Trip (PC) | 12 Mb.

Link: Em Up Road Trip.html

Starship Ranger

Starship Ranger (PC) | 4 Mb

Your Matherplanet is suffered from invaders - extraterrestrials. Enemy aircrafts bomb the Earth. You are the last hope of the terrestrials. The best starship is prepared and well equipped. Don't lose the time, good luck! Your mission is rather complex. The number of ETs is great, they are very dangerous and aggressive but the most perilous are their bosses. Their aircrafts attack you each 20th level, in case you manage to reach it. All your skill and deftness are necessary for you in this intergalactic war. To rule your starship you can use a keyboard as well as a mouse as well as a joystick (great experience!). Don't forget to fill up using special fuel stations.

- One hundred levels (100) instead of 20 in the unregistered version for never-ending game.
- Real 3D graphic.
- Support resolutions from 640 x 480 up to 1024 x 768.
- Striking space visual effects.
- Three skill levels (novice, expert, master) for all tastes and ages.
- 5 invincible bosses and a lot of enemy aircrafts.
- A great number of planets.
- Unbelievable soundtrack & sound effects.

Link: Ranger.html

Golden Sub

Golden Sub (PC) | 12 Mb.



Slickball (PC) | 17 Mb.

Slickball is a game where the laws of physics and different 3D mazes determine the game play. The goal of this game is to drive a marble through different scenarios where gravity is used to solve various tasks. Many traps and other nefarious devices make for a fun and challenging game for both novices and experienced gamers alike!


Tropix (100% Ok)

Tropix (PC) | 16 Mb.
(Nice Game)

Escape to your own private getaway of gaming fun! Play games to win sand dollars, shop for things to put on your island, and travel to new islands where you can unlock more games! With 11 of your favorite games, all in one, there's an island of fun for everyone in Tropix! Between games, the entire family will love watching your pet monkey frolic and play on the beach with everything you've purchased from the Tropix Trading Post. It's the ultimate gaming vacation! Get lost in the fun of Tropix today!



Avalanche (PC) | 4 Mb.

Look out! Giant snowballs are raining down faster than you can say brrr! The only way to keep from getting buried in the avalanche is to connect the black spheres and open up the tunnel. And, the only way to connect the black spheres is to get rid of all the snowballs in the way. Watch out for the Avalanche...


Delivery King

Delivery King (PC) | 9 Mb.

Pizzas! Donuts! French Fries! How many orders can you handle at once? Delivery King puts you in the driver's seat as you race all over town delivering orders to eager customers. Get the orders correct, and you are on the road to success, but there are a few bumps along the way. You'll have special customers to please and thieves to stop in their tracks and it's all in a days work! With 60 action-packed levels and a rags-to-riches story that will touch your heart, this game really delivers!

Link: King.html

Cash Cow v1.0

Cash Cow v1.0 (PC) | 17 Mb. | Ftp2Share ( & DF Mirrors).

Four quarters, ten dimes, five pennies? The choice is yours as you help Buck the Cow save the farm in this original game of coin counting! Cash Cow features two unique ways to play. Rebuild the farm in Classic Mode or race against the clock in Timed Mode. With gorgeous landscapes, explosive power-ups and dazzling special effects, Cash Cow is a brand new experience that you won't want to put down!

Hoyle Miami Solitaire v1.0

Hoyle Miami Solitaire v1.0 (PC) | 10 Mb. | Ftp2Share ( & DF Mirrors).

Link: Miami Solitaire v1.0.html

Corner Chaos v1.1.0

Corner Chaos v1.1.0 (PC) | 1.5 Mb. | Ftp2Share ( & DF Mirrors).
Trainer ++ ;)

CornerChaos is a new and unique puzzle game! It's very easy to learn and great fun to play! The object of the game is to drop the colored balls into the holes located near the four corners of the play area. The ball then rolls into the sloped arena and lays to rest towards the center. If four balls of the same color are touching, they're removed from the game!

Link: Chaos v1.1.0.html

Jig Art Quest v1.1 +++

Jig Art Quest v1.1 (PC) | 11 Mb. | Ftp2Share ( & DF Mirrors).
Trainer ++ ;)

Let go of your mind and explore a puzzling art world in Jig Art Quest! Assemble pictures from a number of different fantastic themes, like Forest, Snow, Science and more! Create your own unique puzzles in custom mode, where you can use your own images and music! Discover the meditative quality of this enchanting game as you sit back and relax with Jig Art Quest!

Link: Art Quest v1.1.html

BrickQuest v1.9.3 Multi

BrickQuest v1.9.3 Multi (PC) | 15 Mb. | Ftp2Share ( & DF Mirrors).
Trainer +++ ;)

Welcome to Brickquest !
This new fantastic Breakout style game will make you travel around 8 different places : Forests, Caves, Oceans, egypt etc... A beautiful and epic Quest in which you will deliver funny creatures : the "Gwamos" 160 levels , 8 different worlds , a dozen of power-ups , plenty of evil creatures, 3 languages supported ( english, french, spanish), beautiful graphics, great musics and sound effects, addictive gameplay ! All of this, make Brickquest one of the best game of its kind !

Bienvenue dans le monde magique de Selenia !
Utilisez au mieux votre magnifique vaisseau "liberator" et venez libérer les petits "Gwamos"
emprisonnés par le vil Empereur de Grossanglot. Ce jeu de casse-briques très original va vous faire traverser des mondes aussi surprenant qu'inquietant. Parcourez 160 niveaux dans lesquels vous attendent entre autre: Tyfou l'espadon, Apydea l'abeille des forêts ou encore Furie-bat la chauve-souris...

Link: v1.9.3.html

LinkLines v1.3.0

LinkLines v1.3.0 (PC) | 2 Mb. | Ft2p2Share ( & DF Mirrors).

Slights the law the simple longan game, so long as with mouse checkerboard on wave sub- migration, five macrograph with the wave sub- company in (horizontal/vertical/is together slanting), then may eliminate them, obtains the score, the difficulty can gradually enhance. At the same time, every time moves a grain of wave, can have the new wave to join in the different position, when the new wave is unable to join again calculated lost. This game may move above all Windows system platform.

Small but COOL ;)

Link: v1.3.0.html

Stone Jong v1.1

Stone Jong v1.1 (PC) | 11 Mb. | Ftp2Share ( & DF Mirrors).

Stone-Jong plays easy. In the gameplay area, you click on a stone that has an image identical to the one displayed on the current stone of the Stone Pile. On matching, the selected stone flips over and glides onto the proper location. Matched stones disappear, adding to the score. A system of bonuses will improve your score too. Continue until all the stones are removed and the picture behind is uncovered. When there are no more moves left in the gameplay area, you can use the stone deck. Some locked stones in the pattern can be unlocked by keys. Find them! You can try your hand at two modes: One Side Solitaire or Two Side Solitaire. Have fun!

Link: Jong v1.1.html
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