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Saturday, September 5, 2009

John Denver & The Muppets - A Christmas Together

John Denver & The Muppets - A Christmas Together
Release date: 2000 | Duration: 34:44 | Size, Mb: 40,23 | Bitrate:160 Kbps

Track List:

01 - Twelve Days Of Christmas
John Denver & The Muppets

02 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
John Denver & The Muppets

03 - The Peace Carol
John Denver & The Muppets

04 - Christmas Is Coming
John Denver & The Muppets

05 - A Baby Just Like You
John Denver & The Muppets

06 - Deck The Halls
John Denver & The Muppets

07 - When The River Meets The Sea
John Denver & The Muppets

08 - Little Saint Nick
John Denver & The Muppets

09 - Noel: Christmas Eve, 1913
John Denver & The Muppets

10 - The Christmas Wish
John Denver & The Muppets

11 - Medley: Alfie-The Christmas Tree/Carol For a Christmas Tree/It's in Everyone of Us
John Denver & The Muppets

12 - Silent Night, Holy Night
John Denver & The Muppets

13 - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
John Denver & The Muppets


Dr. Demento - Greatest Christmas Novelty CD (1989)

Dr. Demento - Greatest Christmas Novelty CD (1989)
Genre: Christmas Novelty | MP3 | 128 Kbps | 50.1 MB | 55:18

If you like your Christmas tidings with a dollop of good humor, then this batch of holiday tunes is right up your alley. The lineup ranges from cute and innocuous (the Chipmunks, the Singing Dogs, and Spike Jones) to satirical (Stan Freberg and Allan Sherman) and just plain weird (Elmo and Patsy's "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" and Tom Lehrer's "A Christmas Carol"). A fun seasonal alternative to Bing Crosby.
Cub Koda

Collections like these are always interesting. Humor is subjective so odds are what appeals to some won't appeal to others. Contributions by clever performers like Tom Lehrer and Stan Freeberg are mixed with "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" and "I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas,"creating quite a mixed bag. From the Singing Dogs to Allen Sherman is quite a leap, but fans of the "fun" side of Christmas music should be satisfied.

01.The Chipmunks with David Seville - The Chipmunk Song
02.Spike Jones & His City Slickers - All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth
03.The Singing Dogs - Jingle Bells
04.Allan Sherman - The Twelve Gifts Of Christmas
05.Gayla Peevey - I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
06.Stan Freberg - Nuttin' For Christmas
07.Tom Lehrer - A Christmas Carol
08.Elmo & Patsy - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
09.Yogi Yorgesson - I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas
10.Bob & Doug McKenzie - Twelve Days Of Christmas
11.Stan Freberg - Green Christmas
12.Wild Man Fischer (duet with Dr Demento) - I'm A Christmas tree
13.Kip Addotto - I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
14.Cheech & Chong - Santa Claus And His Old Lady
15.Weird Al Yankovic - Christmas At Ground Zero
16.Stan Freberg & Daws Butler - Christmas Dragnet

D/L Link:

Tom Lehrer: Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer (1997)

Tom Lehrer: Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer (1997)
Comedy | EAC Secure | LAME VBR -extreme mp3 | 79 MB

A collection of just about everything the reclusive master of social and political satire has ever recorded! Includes his ultrarare 1953 debut album, Songs By Tom Lehrer, the equally hard-to-find 1959 release More Of Tom Lehrer, plus rare cuts and a previously unreleased 1996 recording of “I Got It From Agnes.” Also features a booklet containing Dr. Demento-penned liner notes and an exclusive interview with Lehrer himself!

“In the wake of the '80s comedy boom that made casual obscenity and bodily functions safe for TV, a listen to these '50s classics from a piano-playing Harvard grad student with a thin singing voice sounds tame if not quaint. Yet Lehrer's first two self-produced albums, among the first generation of comedy LPs, remain beloved gems of musical parody, and noteworthy for their original success in an era when their topics were strictly taboo for broadcast media. He kids cold war paranoia ("We Will All Go Together When We Go"), sends up then-hip folk revivalists with a cheerful murder ballad ("The Irish Ballad"), and gets laughs out of incest ("Oedipus Rex"), drugs ("The Old Dope Peddler"), and racism ("I Wanna Go Back to Dixie"). Closer to Gilbert & Sullivan (whom he in fact raids for one melody) than Def Comedy Jams, Lehrer can still raise a modern frisson when he plays necrophilia as romance ("I hold your hand in mine dear, I press it to my lips/ I take a healthy bite from your dainty fingertips...").”
--Sam Sutherland

From Songs by Tom Lehrer:
1. Fight Fiercely, Harvard
2. The Old Dope Peddler
3. Be Prepared
4. The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be
5. I Wanna Go Back To Dixie
6. Lobachevsky
7. The Irish Ballad
8. The Hunting Song
9. My Home Town
10. When You Are Old And Gray
11. I Hold Your Hand In Mine
12. The Wiener Schnitzel Waltz
From More of Tom Lehrer:
13. Poisoning Pigeons In The Park
14. Bright College Days
15. A Christmas Carol
16. The Elements
17. Oedipus Rex
18. In Old Mexico
19. Clementine
20. It Makes A Fellow Proud To Be A Soldier
21. She's My Girl
22. The Masochism Tango
23. We Will All Go Together When We Go
Orchestrated Editions:
24. Poisoning Pigeons In The Park
25. The Masochism Tango
26. The Hunting Song
27. We Will All Go Together When We Go
And If That's Not Bad Enough:
28. I Got It From Agnes

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mp3 files, 79MB

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Allan Sherman - My Son, The Nut ( 1963)

Around 1963, Sherman is said to have theorized that in order to take his career to the next level, he had to get people to stop thinking of him just as a guy who did Jewish-themed material. There's barely a trace of it in his third album, which was turned into a best-seller largely on the strength of one song. Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!, set to the tune of Dance of the Hours, was his biggest hit ever, and the number with which his name would forever be connected. The King Louie number is often cited by songwriters as the cleverest lyric on any of Sherman's records.

01.You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louie (3:30)
(Parody of "You Came A Long Way (From St. Louis)" by Ray McKinley & His Orchestra)
02. Automation (3:24)
(Parody of "Fascination" Jane Morgan)
03. I See Bones (3:19)
(Parody of "C'est Si Bon (It's So Good)" by Eartha Kitt)
04. Hungarian Goulash No. 5 (2:37)
(Parody of "Hungarian Dance No. 5" by Johannes Brahms)
05. Headaches – with Tom Greenleigh (2:55)
(Parody of "Heartaches" by Ted Weems & His Orchestra)
06. Here’s To The Crabgrass – with Jacqueline Ward (3:16)
(Parody of Percy Grainger's "Country Gardens")
07. Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp) (2:55)
(Parody of Amilcare Ponchielli's "Dance Of The Hours")
08. One Hippopotami (3:34)
(Parody of "What Kind Of Fool Am I?" by Sammy Davis Jr.)
09. Ratt Fink (2:24)
(Parody of "Rag Mop" by The Ames Brothers)
10. You’re Getting To Be A Rabbit With Me (1:53)
(Parody of "You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me" by Bing Crosby w/ Guy Lombardo)
11.Eight Foot Two, Solid Blue (2:24)
( Parody of "Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue" by Gene Austin)
12. Hail To Thee, Fat Person (1:45)
(uses the tune of "America The Beautiful" in the background)

D/L Link:
Short (08:12) NPR programme about AS.

Allan Sherman: Beyond 'Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh' by Jesse Green.
NPR: All Things Considered, March 14, 2006

Popular music has a long tradition of ethnic humor. In the early 1960s, the tradition was being carried on by one particularly talented and funny man, Allan Sherman.
Sherman's song "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter from Camp)," a classic Jew-out-of-water song, propelled Sherman to the top of the charts. It was about the boy who didn't fit into the great American story of the woods, the lake, the poison ivy, the sports -- and the escape from parents. He didn't want to escape from them.
The musical humorist took folk songs and replaced their lyrics with satires of Jewish American life. In doing that, he offered a perfect snapshot of what it meant to assimilate. But as he released more albums, his songs began to suggest that he was uncomfortable with the role he had created for himself.

D/L Link:

08:12, 8 MB @ 128 kbps

Bill Cosby - I Started Out As A Child (1964)

Bill Cosby - I Started Out As A Child (1964)
Comedy | EAC Secure | LAME VBR mp3 -extreme
Covers & Tags | 59MB
Reviewer: Johnny Heering "trivia buff"
This album by Bill Cosby was released in 1964. It consists of 15 short routines (the album is only 30 minutes long). Cosby is always funny, but this album is a bit less funny than usual. Probably because the routines are so short, they don't have time to build. Some of that may be the fault of whoever edited the album, because there seem to be a lot of abrupt cuts during the performance. But Cos is still funny, especially when talking about his childhood. The "Street Football" routine is a classic. Fans of Cos will dig it.

This is the last Bill Cosby CD I have to upload. It would be great if someone else has some of his other albums on CD they could share.

Track listing:
01 Bill Cosby - Sneakers.mp3
02 Bill Cosby - Street Football.mp3
03 Bill Cosby - The Water Bottle.mp3
04 Bill Cosby - Christmas Time.mp3
05 Bill Cosby - The Giant.mp3
06 Bill Cosby - Oops!.mp3
07 Bill Cosby - The Lone Ranger.mp3
08 Bill Cosby - Ralph Jameson.mp3
09 Bill Cosby - Medic.mp3
10 Bill Cosby - My Pet Rhinoceros.mp3
11 Bill Cosby - Half Man.mp3
12 Bill Cosby - Rigor Mortis.mp3
13 Bill Cosby - The Neanderthal Man.mp3
14 Bill Cosby - T.V. Football.mp3
15 Bill Cosby - Seattle.mp3

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I Started Out As A Child, part 1, 28MB
I Started Out As A Child, part 2, 27MB

Bill Cosby - Wonderfulness (1966)

Bill Cosby - Wonderfulness (1966)
Comedy | EAC Secure | LAME VBR mp3 -extreme
Covers & Tags | 100MB
Reviewer: Brian D. Rubendall

Once Upon a Time, standup comedy was a storytelling art form rather than just someone standing on stage cracking jokes. And in his heyday, nobody told funnier stories than Bill Cosby. This was Cosby before he became a megastar, when he still had a warm, regular guy kind of appeal. As much as any entertainer, he managed to break down racial barriers in the entertainment inductry. The universal nature of his tales of childhood and other observation were likely a big reason why.

"Wonderfulness" contains three Cosby classics "Chicken Heart," "Go Karts," and "Tonsils." All three are lengthy childhood tales that resonate as much today as they did when they were first recorded live four decades ago. Along the way, he introduces us to characters he would later refine on the Saturday morning cartoon show "The Cosby Kids."

Overall, "Wonderfulness" is one of the best stand up comedy albums ever recorded.

Track listing:
01 Tonsils.mp3
02 The Playground.mp3
03 Lumps.mp3
04 Go Carts.mp3
05 Chicken Heart.mp3
06 Shop.mp3
07 Special Class.mp3
08 Niagara Falls.mp3

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Wonderfulness, part 1, 50MB
Wonderfulness, part 2, 50MB


Bill Cosby - Why Is There Air? (1965)

Bill Cosby - Why Is There Air? (1965)
Comedy | EAC Secure | LAME VBR mp3 -extreme
Covers & Tags | 69MB
Reviewer: Stephen Moser
This album is hilarious. You'll laugh till it hurts. This album has some of the funniest routines I have ever heard. Like "Kindergarten" and how they never learn anything exept how to say goodbye to your parents without crying, And of course there's nothing better for a bunch of five year old children, than a glass of..Luke-warm, Curdly Milk (In Cosby's own words). Or "Driving in "San Francisco". And "Hofstra", one of my favorites, I'll never forget the way Cosby says, "And the pain..... Was.. Tremendous..... And I dropped the ball..... and I said.. OH.". That makes me laugh so hard evry time I hear it. Those and others are all on this album.

Track listing:
01 Bill Cosby - Kindergarten.mp3
02 Bill Cosby - Personal Hygiene.mp3
03 Bill Cosby - Shop.mp3
04 Bill Cosby - Baby.mp3
05 Bill Cosby - Driving In San Francisco.mp3
06 Bill Cosby - $75 Car.mp3
07 Bill Cosby - The Toothache.mp3
08 Bill Cosby - Hofstra.mp3

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Why Is There Air, part 1, 35MB
Why Is There Air, part 2, 34MB

Bill Cosby - To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With (1968)

Bill Cosby - To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With (1968)
Genre: Comedy | EAC Secure | LAME mp3 -extreme | Covers & Tags | 80MB
This is one of his finest comedy discs, and it remains as fresh and funny as ever. Recorded at the height of his standup popularity, the master raconteur's 1968 album To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With is a fine example of the multi-talented veteran's effortless mastery. Cosby discusses "Baseball" and "Conflict" with his usual blend of impishly winsome insight and flat-out yuks. The 27-minute title track, a memorable meditation on the joys and terrors of childhood, is one of his most resonant achievements. --Scott Schinder

Track listing:
01 Baseball.mp3
02 Conflict.mp3
03 The Losers.mp3
04 The Apple.mp3
05 To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With.mp3

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To Russell, part 1, 40MB
To Russell, part 2, 40MB


Bill Cosby - Revenge (1967)

Bill Cosby - Revenge (1967)
Comedy | EAC Secure | LAME VBR mp3 -extreme | Covers & Tags | 82MB
During the second half of the 1960s, before he became a ubiquitous TV star and commercial pitchman, Bill Cosby was America's most popular--and influential--standup comic. Unlike the generation of Borscht-Belt funnymen that preceded him, Cosby didn't tell jokes, per se. Instead, he delivered colorful, tightly structured tales drawn from his experiences as a child and a parent, adopting a multitude of voices to portray the colorful array of characters who populated the Philadelphia neighborhood in which he grew up. Cosby's 1967 album Revenge is awash in bittersweet, hilarious accounts of snowball fights, scary monster movies, and youthful one-upsmanship. --Scott Schinder

If you've never before heard 9th St. Bridge or Buck Buck, you're in for quite a treat!

Track listing:
01 Bill Cosby - Revenge.mp3
02 Bill Cosby - Two Daughters.mp3
03 Bill Cosby - Two Brothers.mp3
04 Bill Cosby - The Tank.mp3
05 Bill Cosby - Smoking.mp3
06 Bill Cosby - Wives.mp3
07 Bill Cosby - Cool Covers.mp3
08 Bill Cosby - 9th St. Bridge.mp3
09 Bill Cosby - Buck, Buck.mp3
10 Bill Cosby - Planes.mp3

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Revenge, part 1, 42MB
Revenge, part 2, 40MB


Russell Peters Outsourced (2006)

Russell Peters Outsourced (2006) (reuploaded)

Audio - comedy | MP3 | 183 Kbps | 98 Mb (WinRar) | 70mins

Product summary and review
Russell Peters leaves no racial stereotypes unmentioned in his act, especially stereotypes that could be addressed to him: 'It is hot as hell in India and we’re hairy!' the South Asian comedian exclaims moments into his live performance CD Outsourced. During the 70-minute show, Russell tackles multicultural issues in a humourous light, ranging from the varying cultural approaches towards child discipline to the North Americanizing of East and South Asian names. Peters’s greatest strengths are twofold: First is his uncanny ability to mimic every accent imaginable (from Filipinos to Vietnamese to Americans) and second is his razor-sharp improvisational interplay with his audience that's well documented on this disc. While having a respectable 17-year-long comedy career in Canada, Peters’s worldwide acclaim amped up significantly after his performances started surfacing on the Internet. This live set--recorded at the Warfield in San Francisco--captures an audience that clearly eats up his every word. Unlike many live CDs, where much of the humour is physical and doesn’t translate well to an audio-only format, Outsourced (also available on DVD) actually loses very little in translation, making it a great choice for the globally minded comedy fan.

Additional info
Mp3 ripped by audio CD track; also contains M3U file. Sorry: no covers.

Thanks go to original uploader.

Download here

Kevin Bloody Wilson - Ollie and Olga (Video)

Kevin Bloody Wilson - Ollie and Olga (Video)
Format: MPEG | Duration: 3:56.84 | Size: 384 x 288 | Bit Rate: 30412 kbps | Frame Rate: 25 fps
Audio Bit Rate: 224 kbps | Channels: 2 | Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz | 31.5 MB


Kevin Bloody Wilson - Manuel The Bandito

Kevin Bloody Wilson - Manuel The Bandito (Video)
Format: MPEG | Duration: 3:56.84 | Size: 384 x 288 | Bit Rate: 30412 kbps | Frame Rate: 25 fps
Audio Bit Rate: 224 kbps | Channels: 2 | Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz | 39.8 MB


Kevin Bloody Wilson - Manuel The Bandito (Video)

Kevin Bloody Wilson - Manuel The Bandito (Video)
Format: MPEG | Duration: 3:56.84 | Size: 384 x 288 | Bit Rate: 30412 kbps | Frame Rate: 25 fps
Audio Bit Rate: 224 kbps | Channels: 2 | Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz | 39.8 MB


[Explicit Lyrics] Kevin Bloody Wilson - The Second Kummin' of Kev (2001)

Title: The Second Kummin' Of Kev
Artist: Kevin Bloody Wilson
Label: Both Barrels
Genre: Adult Comedy
Released: 2001
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 192 Kbit/s
Size: 55 MB (incl. 10% Recovery record)


01 - The Local
02 - Kev's Wedding Waltz
03 - The Apprentice
04 - Ol' Langs Iron
05 - Chucka Browneye For Australia
06 - More Tea Vicar
07 - Pussy Tricks
08 - Don't Touch Your Sister (A Tasmanian Love Song)
09 - Don't Be A Bunny
10 - Nigel Krap
11 - Out Of Bounds


[Explicit Lyrics] Kevin Bloody Wilson - Your Average Australian Yobbo (1984)

Title: Your Average Australian Yobbo
Artist: Kevin Bloody Wilson
Label: Both Barrels
Released: 1984
Genre: Adult Comedy
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 192 Kbit/s
Size: 47 MB (incl 10% recovery record)

Your Average Australian Yobbo was the first album released by Australian singer/comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson. It started out as just a collection of songs on a tape which he sold at concerts but was later transferred to vinyl. ~Wikipedia

01 - Sunday Morning
02 - I Gave Up Wanking
03 - Cum Chin Mi Gurflen
04 - Arr F**k (The Instrumental)
05 - Country Bumkin
06 - That F**king Cat's Back
07 - Stack The Fridge
08 - Ailments Of The Eighties
09 - Wow, Did I Get Whacked!
10 - The Festival Of Life


[Explicit Lyrics] Kevin Bloody Wilson - Let's Call Him ... Kev! (1991)

Title: Let's Call Him ... Kev!
Artist: Kevin Bloody Wilson
Label: Both Barrels
Genre: Adult Comedy
Released: 1991
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 192 Kbit/s
Size: 57.6 MB (incl. 5% Recovery record)


01 - Me Dick (Just Dialled Your Number)
02 - Festival Of Farts
03 - Big Fat Bum
04 - The Potato Song
05 - The Perfect Ten
06 - Bali Belly Song
07 - Jacko Can't Get Up
08 - This One's Just For You
09 - Rockin' And Rootin'
10 - (The Ode To) Huey And Billy


MP3 Funtones - Wake Up Tones

MP3 Funtones - Wake Up Tones | 10 MB | ftpshare

Funny but really annoying! ;D

List :
~ Boot Camp Sergant - Time For Your Puschups!!
~ Crocodile Aussie - Good Morning Mate!
~ Disco Laila - Why Don't You Wake Up
~ Dj Dieter - Ich Liebe Das Telephone Call
~ Drömkören - Vakna - Vakna - Dags Att Stiga Upp!
~ Galen Indier - Ding, Ding, It's Time to Wake Up
~ Galen Morgonritual - Arga Indianer
~ Galen Smurfkör - Keep on Playing
~ Glen Killing I Manegen - Illern Göran Har Somnat
~ Hey Baberiba - Funtones - Victoria Silvstedt
~ Hey Baberiba - Silvia _oj Det Burrar I Fickan_
~ Japanese Style - Wax on - Wax Off
~ Kajjan (Hipp Hipp) - Rädda, Larma, Släck!
~ Lasse Kongo - Sova Sked Med Kongo
~ Metal Morgon - Deaf Man Walking
~ Morgonfanfar - En Sån Underbar Morgon!
~ Norrlänning - Undrar Va He Står - Sms
~ Norrlänningen - Hjälp Mig Laga Sparken
~ Norrlänningen - Låna Mjölk Hos Grannen
~ Sensuellt Uppvaknande - Hallå, Det Är Dags Att Vakna
~ Skåningen - Aha, Det Är Mobiltelefoni!
~ Skåningen - Stäng Av För Helvete!
~ Söltrut - Doktorn Doktorn Hjälp!
~ Som Farbror Frej - Lakrits
~ Som Hanky - Hi-Dee-Ho, Wake Up!
~ Som Ketchup Song - Vi Jagar Älg!
~ Som Melodikrysset - Bamse Är Sosse
~ Som Robin Hood - Ho-Dela-Di Hoppsan Vilken Dag!
~ Som Snövit Och Dvärgarna - Åh Hum Vår Sång Är Dum-Låten
~ Som Vanheden - En Evighet I Kumlabunkern
~ Sydstats-Cowboy - Boy, Get Your Leasy Ass Out of Bed
~ The King - Uh-Huh-Huh a-Wake-Up!
~ Tiffany (Hipp Hipp) - Var Är Gun_!
~ Tjatiga Filurer - Vaknavaknavakna!
~ Trolltyg - Mamma, Jag Har Fått Ett Sms
~ Trolltyg - Var Är Fjant
~ Trolltyg - ÿ Var Ringer Det Nånstans_
~ Trolltyg - ÿaj, Oh, Aj Du Kommer Inte Tro Mig
~ Varg-Sms - Ylande Varg

~ Download Here! ~

Explicit Lyrics] Kevin Bloody Wilson - My Australian Roots (1989)

Title: My Australian Roots
Artist: Kevin Bloody Wilson
Label: Both Barrels
Released: 1989
Genre: Adult Comedy
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 192 Kbit/s
Size: 62 MB (including 10% recovery record)

01 - You Orta' See Me (When I'm Pissed)
02 - Double Decker Dog
03 - The Great Roberto
04 - Me Dicks On The Dole
05 - The Featherbrain Championship
06 - The First Six Rows
07 - Ollie And Olga
08 - You Can Never Find One
09 - Flowers
10 - The Builder
11 - Amazing Grass


Rolf Harris - 1999-The Best Of

Rolf Harris - 1999-The Best Of
MP3 @128 Kbps | 1999 | 61 Mb | no password

01-Tie Me Kangeroo Down Sport.mp3
02-Jake The Peg.mp3
03-Football Crazy.mp3
04-I've Lost My Mummy.mp3
05-Nick Teen And Al K.Hall.mp3
06-Iko Iko.mp3
07-Sun Arise.mp3
08-Carra Barra Wirra Canna.mp3
09-Fijian Girl.mp3
10-Mud Mud.mp3
11-Three Blind Mice.mp3
12-A Pub With No Beer.mp3
13-Waltzing Matilda.mp3
14-Wild Rover.mp3
15-Maximillian Mouse.mp3
16-Court Of King Caractacus.mp3
17-Big Dog.mp3
18-Lay That Pistol Down.mp3
19-English Country Garden.mp3
20-That's What They Call The Didgeridoo.mp3
21-If I Were A Rich Man.mp3
22-Six White Boomers.mp3
23-Stairway To Heaven.mp3

MP3 @128 kbps | 61 MB | album art and ID3 tag set | no password

BOURVIL - Anthologie (1946-1970) 40 Titres

BOURVIL - Anthologie (1946-1970) 40 Titres
(mp3@256) 224 Mb

Bourvil - Les crayons (1946)
Bourvil - Pour sur (1946)
Bourvil - A bicyclette (1947)
Bourvil - C'est l'piston (1947)
Bourvil - La rumba du pinceau (1947)
Bourvil - La dondon dodue (1949)
Bourvil - Le pêcheur (1949)
Bourvil - La tactique du gendarme (1949)
Bourvil - Causerie anti-alcoolique (1950)
Bourvil - En revenant de la revue (1950)
Bourvil - Fredo le porteur (1952)
Bourvil - C'est la vie de boheme (1952)
Bourvil - Les haricots (1953)
Bourvil - Nous n'irons pas à Calcutta (1953)
Bourvil - Abonné au gaz (1955)
Bourvil - Ballade irlandaise (1958)
Bourvil - Berceuse … Frédéric (1958)
Bourvil & Georges Guétary - Casimir (1958)
Bourvil & Georges Guétary - Duo des célibataires (1958)
Bourvil - Elle faisait du strip-tease (1958)
Bourvil - C'est du nanan (1958)
Bourvil - Hay di ho (1959)
Bourvil - Les pruneaux (1959)
Bourvil - Ma p'tit' chanson (1959)
Bourvil - On a vécu pour ça (1959)
Bourvil - Salade de fruits (1959)
Bourvil - Tatane (1959)
Bourvil - Les papous (1960)
Bourvil - Mon frere d'Angleterre (1960)
Bourvil - C'était bien (Au petit bal perdu) (1961)
Bourvil - Bien... si bien (1962)
Bourvil - Un clair de lune à Maubeuge (1962)
Bourvil - Vieux frere (1962)
Bourvil - Vive la mariée (1952)
Bourvil - La tendresse (1963)
Bourvil - Bonjour Monsieur le maitre d'école (1964)
Bourvil - Je voudrais bien être (1965)
Bourvil - Mon village au clair de lune (1968)
Bourvil - Pouet pouet (1968)
Bourvil & Jacqueline Maillan - Ca (Je t'aime moi non plus) (1970)

224 Mb - Anthologie (1946-1970) 40 Titres FileHO!.html
No Pass

Coluche L'Intégral 7CD

Coluche L'Intégral 7CD
192 Kbps | 2 (Stéréo) | 44 kHz | CD Rip | 305 Mb














COLUCHE_-_Inédits_-_03_-_Reviens_vas_t'en L'Intégral 7CD.html

MUSIC-HALL Story - 20 Tracks

MUSIC-HALL Story - 20 Tracks
RIP+UP | Format ape | 08 Sept 2003 | WAGRAM Music | All Covers | 281 Mb

01 Singin' in the rain [KELLY, GENE]
02 Just a gigolo [ARMSTRONG, LOUIS]
03 Tea for two [SINATRA, FRANK & SHORE, DINAH]
04 Unforgettable [COLE, NAT KING]
05 My heart belongs to daddy [MONROE, MARILYN]
06 My way [JONES, TOM]
07 I can't give you anything but love [MARTIN, DEAN]
08 Let's face the music and dance [ASTAIRE, FRED]
09 Jezebel [LAINE, FRANKIE]
10 Smoke smoke that cigarette [DAVIS, SAMMY JR.]
11 Embraceable you [GARLAND, JUDY]
12 The more I see you [HAYMES, DICK]
13 Bye bye baby [MONROE, MARILYN]
14 Fools rush in [SINATRA, FRANK]
15 Dream dancing [ASTAIRE, FRED]
16 Over the rainbow [GARLAND, JUDY]
17 Mona Lisa [COLE, NAT KING]
18 Release me [JONES, TOM]
19 When a woman loves a man [WASHINGTON, DINAH]
20 Ain't no sunshine [JARREAU, AL]

Kevin Bloody Wilson - Kev's Kristmas (Santa's Kummin') (1996)

Kevin Bloody Wilson - Kev's Kristmas (Santa's Kummin') (1996)
Genre: Comedy Christmas | MP3 128 Kbps | 38.1 MB | 42:08
Warning 18+: This album contains explicit language and is not recommended for persons under the age of eighteen

01. Hey Santa Claus
02. Kristmas Without Snow
03. He Only Comes Once A Year
04. Ho Ho F*cking Ho
05. Santa's F*ckin Roadies
06. Kristmas On The Piss
07. Tattoo Of Santa
08. Roo Dog
09. Santa Was Stoned
10. Grandad's Finger
11. Amazing Grass
12. What About Poor Old Santa Claus

D/L Link:

The Beverly Hillbillies (1965) Original Cast

The Beverly Hillbillies (1965) Original Cast (TV shows)
MP3 | VBR | 128 Kbps | 1965 | 29:55 min | 27 Mb | Columbia Records Radio Station Service

Jed - Buddy Ebsen
Granny - Irene Ryan
Jethro - Max Baer jr.
Elly Mae - Donna Douglas
Jane - Nancy Kulp
Mr. Drysdale - Raymond Bailey

01 The ballad of Jed Clampett (Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs)
02 Beverley Hills (Entire Cast)
03 Vittles (Granny and Cast)
04 A long talk with that boy (Jed and Jethro)
05 Jethro's a powerful man (Jed and Jethro)
06 Elly's Spring song (Elly Mae and Cast)
07 Back home U.S.A. (Jed and Cast)
08 Critters (Entire Cast)
09 Doctor Granny (Entire Cast)
10 Lady lessons (Elly Mae, Jane and Cast)
11 Birds an' bees (Elly Mae and Cast)
12 Love of money (Jane and mr. Drysdale)
13 The ballad of Jed Clampett (end) (Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs)

Au Bonheur Des Dames - Métal Moumoute (2006)

Au Bonheur Des Dames - Métal Moumoute (2006)
Comic Rock | mp3@192 | All Covers | 9 Oct 2006 | FGL Prod | 76.5 Mb

01 Mets Ta Perruque
02 Cette Fille Là
03 Louis Louaille
04 La Chanson Du Cow-Boy Heureux
05 Ségolène
06 Sous Les Cocotiers
07 Il Va Péter Une Durite
08 Mets Ta Moumoute
09 Mon Ami Raciste
10 La Plouie
11 Elle Lit Des Livres (Que J'comprends Rien)
12 Robert-Alexandre Bourdin
13 Coquillette Et Spaghetti
14 Tente
15 Vive Le Progrès
16 Tape Dans Tes Mains
17 Métal Moumoute
18 T'en Mange Pas
19 Mes Funérailles

Raymond Devos-Intégrale

Raymond Devos-Intégrale
MP3 224 Kps | No Cover Sorry | Zip | 11 CD BoxSet

Je suis un imbécile

Dernièrement, j'ai rencontré un monsieur qui se vantait d'être un imbécile. Il disait : \"Je suis un imbécile ! \" Je lui ai dit : \"Monsieur ... c'est vite dit ! \" Tout le monde peux dire : \"Je suis un imbécile !\" Il faut le prouver ! Il m'a dit : \"Je peux ! \" Il m'a apporté les preuves de son imbécillité avec tellement d'intelligence et de subtilité que je me demande s'il ne m'a pas pris pour un imbécile !

CD 01-La mer démontée (1951-58)
•01 La vielle truie •02 Clémentine •03 Le dindon digne •04 You are my sunshine •05 La mer démontée •06 Le pied •07 Caën •08 J'en ris, j'en pleure •09 La jõta, c'est ca •10 Le plaisir des sens •11 J'ai des doutes •12 Le guide •13 Vacances •14 Bric à brac •15 Le si est là

CD 02-Ça n'a pas de sens (1959-60)
•01 Les 6 jours •02 J'ai du printemps dans les doigts de pieds •03 Hai hai •04 Mon temps à moi sur la terre •05 Métempsycose •06 Le petit pithec anthrope •07 Génèse délinquante •08 Passé décomposé •09 Mon petit train de vie •10 Ça n'a pas de sens •11 Si on m'avait aidé •12 À propos •13 Musique caressante •14 Le français conscient •15 En coup de vent •16 L'horoscope •17 Les contraventions

CD 03-Les pupitres (1961-63)
•01 Ouverture •02 Dissolution de l'orchestre •03 Le Pont Neuf •04 Le commissariat •05 Fin de la 1ère partie •06 Auditions •07 Le gala de la police •08 Le temps d'une révolution •09 Sursaut •10 Les langues étrangères •11 Le sens du ridicule •12 Chœurs de la police •13 Final

CD 04-Poète et paysan (1964-68)
•01 Il y a des choses bizarres •02 Ça fait déguisé •03 Sévère mais juste •04 L'accident assuré •05 Jeanne d'Arc •06 Poète et paysan •07 Sauvetage •08 Suicide spectaculaire •09 L'auteur critique •10 Le progrès c'est formidable •11 J'fous le camp •12 Le lever du roi •13 Le lion •14 Pour gagner la Marne

CD 05-L'état de poussière (1969-71)
•01 Parler pour ne rien dire •02 Les manifestations •03 Le courant d'air - Ma femme •04 Face au miroir - La grande Clémence •05 Les chansons que je ne chante pas •06 Le cri d'alarme- Il y'en a un de nous quatre •07 À la lumière des événements •08 La lecture des journaux - Dégoûtant personnage •09 Le rire physiologique •10 Sauver la face •11 Point de tête - Le flux et le reflux - Tout va trop vite •12 Jeux de mains •13 L'état de poussière

CD 06-Mon chien c'est quelqu'un (1972-74)
•01 Ouverture •02 Auto-présentation-Le portier-Et vous me demandez si ça va _-Faux pas •03 Minorités agissantes & le pot de grès •04 La leçon de guitare •05 Matière à rire •06 L'homme qui fait la valise •07 Mon chien c'est quelqu'un •08 Sens dessus dessous •09 L'anti-matière - Je suis un imbécile •10 À tort ou a raison •11 Le bout du bout •12 La course contre la montre - La télépathie •13 Les ombres d'antan •14 Tricherie - La nature est bien faite •15 La leçon du petit motard

CD 07-La part du fou (1974)
•01 Faites l'amour pas la guerre •02 En aparté •03 Jésus revient •04 La protection des espaces vides •05 Les neuf veaux •06 Les choses qui disparaissent •07 Le clou •08 Entre parenthèses •09 L'étrange comportement des mes plantes •10 Le possédé du percepteur •11 Les parcmètres •12 Mésaventure extra-terrestre •13 Regarde l'intelligence •14 L'homme existe, je l'ai rencontré •15 Y'a d'la joie sur fond de tristesse •16 La part du fou

CD 08-Je roule pour vous (1977)
•01 Ma deux boeufs •02 Je me suis fait tout seul •03 Le petit poussin •04 Les gens sont très marqués par ce qu'ils font •05 Le grimacier •06 Les oublis •07 La 4ème dimension •08 La dernière heure •09 La fils d'Abraham •10 Le manège •11 Le chanteur de charme •12 Je roule pour vous •13 Ouï-dire •14 Il y a quelqu'un derrière •15 Salut l'harpiste •16 Métempsychose •17 S'arrêter de vieillir •18 Les enfants

CD 09-Un ange passe... (1982)
•01 Où courent-ils _ •02 Le clairon •03 Le rire primitif •04 Le savoir-choir •05 Les objets inanimés •06 L'esprit faussé •07 La chute ascensionnelle •08 Un ange passe •09 Supporter l'imaginaire •10 Ça peut se dire, ça peut se faire

CD 10-L'artiste (1988)
•01 Show time rag •02 Ceinture de sécurité •03 Tours de clés •04 Dans un salon •05 Qu'est ce qui vous arrive _ •06 Qui tuer _ •07 Le vent de la révolte •08 Mourir pour vous •09 Le mille feuille •10 Le narcissisme •11 L'artiste •12 Le cavalier sur sa monture •13 Les adieux anticipés •14 Le parapsychologue et l'artiste •15 L'autonomie du nord
Le disque 10 est en 2 parties

CD 11-Je zappe (1992)
•01 Je déteste être chez moi •02 L'horoscope •03 Les poches sous les yeux •04 La porte •05 Gloire post-mortem •06 Je zappe •07 Le vieux Léon •08 Moi j'fous le camp •09 L'accident évité de justesse •10 Il a plus d'imagination •11 La fleuriste •12 Le thon •13 Napoléon •14 Le pied de vigne

Karaoke MP3G Monty Python

Karaoke MP3G Monty Python (9 Songs)
MP3+G | 128 Kbps | 44.100 kHz | Joint Stereo | 25.2 MB

Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Monty Python - Bright Side Of Life
Monty Python - Bruces Philosophers Song
Monty Python - Every Sperm Is Sacred
Monty Python - Galaxy Song
Monty Python - I Like Chinese
Monty Python - Lumberjack Song
Monty Python - Penis Song
Monty Python - Sit On My Face

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Explicit Lyrics] Kevin Bloody Wilson - DILLIGAF (2006)

Artist: Kevin Bloody Wilson
Label: Both Barrels
Genre: Adult Comedy
Released: Dec 04, 2006
Format: MP3
Bitrate: VBR, avg 197 kBit/s
Size: 55.6 MB (incl. 5% Recovery record)


02 - His C**k's Got Ribs
03 - Missin' The Missus
04 - Truckies Kid
05 - House Of The Rising Flood (Live)
06 - Nothing Funnier Than A Fart
07 - Shane Warne Song
08 - Missing You
09 - Hey GMH
10 - Nigel, F**kin' Legend
11 - Disgraceland


Peter Frankenfeld - Made in Germany

Peter Frankenfeld - Made in Germany
Deutsch | 192 kBit/s | 83.4 MB | Oldies | 2007

Hier mal wieder ein »Leckerli«, das ich mit Euch teilen möchte...

01. Widewidewitt Bumbum.mp3
02. Papi Geht's Gut (Sketch Mit Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).mp3
03. Der Angler (Sketch Mit Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).mp3
04. Der Ueberzieher.mp3
05. Wetterkarte (Sketch Mit Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).mp3
06. Mit Der Uhr in Der Hand.mp3
07. Die Buergschaft (Sketch Mit Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).mp3
08. Der Gewissenhafte Marer.mp3
09. Amt Einsamkeit (Sketch Mit Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).mp3
10. Ein Bisschen Arbeit Muss Der Mensch Doch Haben.mp3
11. Ballistik (Sketch Mit Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).mp3
12. Nehm' Sie 'n Alten.mp3
13. Der Wanderclub (Sketch Mit Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).mp3
14. Erna Oder Paula (Sketch Mit Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).mp3
15. Wie Reizend Sind Die Frauen.mp3
16. Der Fleckstift (Sketch Mit Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).mp3
17. In 50 Jahren Ist Alles Vorbei.mp3

PW: HaukeHaien


Bombes 2 Bal - Bal indigène

Bombes 2 Bal - Bal indigène
Variété Française | 2007 | MP3 | 320 kbps | 47.23 min | 62.3 Mo

Tracklisting :

1. L'amour toujours l'amour
2. Je mentirais
3. Bienvenue à Toulouse
4. Estrangièra
5. A l'ostal
6. Je fais la sieste
7. Regret pour l'enterrement du papet
8. Mon papet
9. Si tu veux
10. Vau al horn
11. Ieu foèri
12. Lauragais
13. Aval a la ribèra
14. L'amour, toujours l'amour


(Humour) COLUCHE - Enregistrement Public 2

(Humour) COLUCHE - Enregistrement Public 2
RIP+UP | mp3@320 | Reedit 1997 | SONY Music | All CD Covers & Sticker | 105 Mb

Textes de Coluche
Editions Paul Lederman
Arrangements & Direction d'Orchestre Xavier Thibault

01 J'suis l'andouille qui fait l'imbécile
02 Le flic Coluche
03 L'auto-stoppeur
04 Je suis un voyou
05 Le blouson noir
06 L'ancien combattant Coluche
07 "Tel" père et fils (Gérard)
08 The blues in Clermont-Ferrand
09 Le schmilblick
10 Music-Hall parade

DELETED again !!!

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[Soundtrack] RATATOUILLE (2007)
Soundtrack | mp3@160~192 | 26 juin 2007 | Label Walt Disney/thx to O.U. | 81.7 Mb

Compositeur : Michael Giacchino
Chef d'orchestre : Tim Simonec

01 Le Festin
02 Welcome to Gusteau's
03 "This Is Me."
04 Granny Get Your Gun
05 100 Rat Dash
06 Wall Rat
07 Cast of Cooks
08 A Real Gourmet Kitchen
09 Souped Up
10 Is It Soup Yet?
11 A New Deal
12 Remy Drives a Linguini
13 Colette Shows Him Le Ropes
14 Special Order
15 Kiss & Vinegar
16 Losing Control
17 Heist To See You
18 The Paper Chase
19 Remy's Revenge
20 Abandoning Ship
21 Dinner Rush
22 Anyone Can Cook
23 End Creditouilles
24 Ratatouille Main Theme

Cuentos y Canciones de Cri-Crí - Francisco Gabilondo Soler

Cuentos y Canciones de Cri-Crí - Francisco Gabilondo Soler
Colección | MP3 CBR 192 kbps | 500 Mb
Original 9 LPs: 1963
Re-Released as a Box with 5 CDs

Disco 1
1.Tema musical de Cri-Crí
2.Un grillito convertido en señor
3.Dí por qué
4.Desacuerdo de Cri-Crí
5.Ché Araña
6.Arte de reír
7.Negrito bailarín
8.Tema de Cri-Crí (Polka)
9.Encuentro con un publicista
11.Los negocios imposibles
12.El teléfono
13.Triste fin de una promoción
14.Bombón I

15.Tema de Cri-Crí (Cingaresca)
16.Tratado de la lluvia
18.¿Quien dijo aburrirse ?
19.Jota de la "J"
20.Una damita difícil
22.Tema de "Los cuatro invencibles"
23.Cuatro barbajanes
25.Aventura chinesca interrumpida
26.La mariposa
27.Cri-Crí, poeta fracasado
28.Casamiento de los palomos

Disco 3
29.Tema de Cri-Crí (Vals)
30.Modo de flotar en el agua
32.Un mundo submarino
33.El burrito
34.Valor de la fantasía
35.Marcha de las letras
36.Tema de Cri-Crí (Blues)
37.Una familia metódica
38.El ropavejero
39.Más equivocaciones de Cri-Crí
41.Final inesperado
42.Las brujas

Disco 4
43.Tema de Cri-Crí (Capricho telegráfico)
44.Cosa de millones
46.Los ensueños de Cri-Crí
47.El jicote aguamielero
48.Mecanismos y preocupaciones
49.Gato de barrio
50.Tema de Cri-Crí (Tango)
51.Soñador en gira
52.Fiesta de los zapatos
53.Tratado del ruido
54.La patita
55.Reciedumbre del sexo débil
56.Cochinitos dormilones

Disco 5
57.Tema de "Los cuatro invencibles"(Variación)
58.Más barrabasadas de los cuatro invencibles
59.El ratón vaquero
60.Conmoción en el país de los cuentos
61.La merienda
62.Expulsión musical de ingratos
63.La maquinita
64.Tema de "la cacería"
65.Cazadores antipáticos
66.El venadito
67.Cri-Crí busca un empleo
68.Mi burrita
69.Editores inaccesibles
70.El soldadito cojo

Disco 6
71.Tema de Cri-Crí (Balada)
72.Estupenda quietud del bosque
73.¿Como le vá ?
74.Cri-Crí se complica la vida
75.El comal y la olla
76.Retorno a la casa sin techo
77.Juan Pestañas
78.Tema de Cri-Crí (Galop)
79.Un viaje de Cri-Crí
80.La muñeca fea
81.Otro país que no está en el atlas
82.Vals del trompo
83.Inconvenientes de ser callado
84.Negrito sandía

Disco 7
85.Tema de Cri-Crí (Vals en re)
86.Náutica ínfima
87.El marinero
88.Conozca usted el mundo !
89.Papá elefante
90.Atleta oficinista de record único
92.Tema de Cri-Crí (Arrullo del río)
93.Mañanitas mojadas
94.El chorrito
95.Gustos de Cri-Crí
96.Baile de los muñecos
97.Más confesiones sentimentales
98.El fantasma

Disco 8
99.Tema de Cri-Crí (Gallegada)
100.Atardecer campestre
101.El perrito
102.Una noche desastroza
103.Vals del Rey
104.Ventajas de la Sordera
105.El Chivo Ciclista
106.Tema de Cri-Crí (Tropical)
107.Cri-Crí Fisico
108.El Carrusel
109.Cri-Crí Botanico
110.La Guacamaya
111.Cri-Crí Zoologo
112.Marcha de las Canicas

Disco 9
113.Tema de Cri-Crí (Chiapaneca)
114.Un Documento Interesante
116.Consejos Dificiles de Seguir
117.Caminito de la Escuela
118.Final Tragico, sin Tango
119.Los Caballitos
120.Tema de Cri-Crí (Marcha)
121.Receta de la Felicidad
122.El Ropero
123.Geografia Ingenua
124.Chong Ki-Fu
125.Atenta Despedida de un Servidor
126.Tango Medroso
128.Saltarina en sol bemol

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Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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Hoppla! Wir leben! Töne aus dem Kabarett 1901-1933

Hoppla! Wir leben! Töne aus dem Kabarett 1901-1933
Deutsch | VBR ~128 kbps | 2004 | 71,11 MB | Länge: 76'32

1. Erich von Wolzogen spricht »Das Philisterparadies« ca. 1904 [Entstehungszeit: 1901]

2. Alles weg'n de Leut. Otto Reutter, ca. 1909
Text/Musik: Otto Reutter

3. Fritz Grünbaum conferiert, 3.11.1931 [Entstehungszeit: 1908/9]

4. Einbruch bei Tante Klara. Claire Waldoff, 27.10.1930 [Entstehungszeit: 1916]
Text: Hans Hyan. Musik: Käthe Hyan

5. Kurt Schwitters liest An Anna Blume, 5.5.1932 [Entstehungszeit: 1919]

6. Walter Mehring liest »Heimat Berlin« (Berliner Tempo 1919)

7. Das Currendemädchen. Blandine Ebinger, 10.7.1926 [Entstehungszeit: 1921]
Text/Musik, am Klavier: Friedrich Hollaender

8. An die Berlinerin. Paul Graetz, 22.6.1932 [Entstehungszeit: 1922]
Text: Kurt Tucholsky. Musik: Hans Bund. Orchester unter der Leitung von Hans Bund

9. Joachim Ringelnatz liest »Das Turngedicht zum Wegräumen der Geräte«, 1924

10. Raus mit den Männern aus dem Reichstag. Claire Waldoff, 29.6.1926
Text/Musik: Friedrich Hollaender

11. Hoppla, wir leben. Ernst Toller in dem Ausschnitt »Karl Thomas spricht zu den Kindern«, ca. 1930 [Entstehungszeit: 1927]

12. Kaddisch. Paul O'Montis, 26.6.1928
Text: Kurt Robitschek. Musik: Otto Stransky. Am Klavier: Ralph Erwin

13. Karl Kraus singt »Das Schoberlied«, 24.3.1930 [Entstehungszeit: 1928]

14. Lene Levi. Kate Kühl, 1928
Text: Alfred Lichtenstein. Musik, am Klavier: Friedrich Hollaender

15. Sex Appeal. Margo Lion
Text: Marcellus Schiffer. Musik: Friedrich Hollaender

16. Die kleine Stadt. Trude Hesterberg, 13.11.1928
Text: Walter Mehring. Musik: Werner Richard Heymann. Am Klavier: Franz Wachsmann

17. Ich weiß, das ist nicht so. Willy Prager, 2.6.1928
Text: Marcellus Schiffer. Musik; am Klavier: Mischa Spoliansky

18. Loblied auf Italien. Trude Hesterberg, 13.11.1928
Text: Arthur Rebner. Musik: Willy Engel-Berger. Am Klavier: Franz Wachsmann

19. Die Großstadtinfanterie. Kurt Gerron, März 1930
Text: Friedrich Hollaender. Musik, am Klavier: Rudolf Nelson

20. Der Rote Wedding. Der Rote Wedding, 1929
Text: Erich Weinert. Musik: Hanns Eisler

21. Der Gesang der Latscher. Erich Weinert, 1930
Text/Musik und Laute: Erich Weinert

22. Erich Kästner liest »Kennst du das Land, wo die Kanonen blühen?«, 1930

23. Die Ballade vom Nigger Jim. Ernst Busch, 1931
Text: David Weber. Musik: Hanns Eisler. Orchester unter der Leitung von Hanns Eisler

24. Die Ballade vom Soldaten. Ernst Busch, 26.10.1932
Text: Bertolt Brecht. Musik: Hanns Eisler. Orchester unter der Leitung von Hanns Eisler

25. Der Song von den brennenden Zeitfragen. Die vier Nachrichter, 13.5.1932
Text/Musik: Die vier Nachrichter

26. Mascha Kaléko liest »Langschläfers Morgenlied«

27. Wenn ich zwei Vöglein wär. Die 3 Katakomben Jungens, 1933
Text: Joachim Ringelnatz. Musik, am Klavier: Edmund Nick

28. Es weht ein frischer Wind. Katakomben-Ensemble, Ende April 1933

Hoppla! Wir leben!


320kbps | MP3 | 87 Mb

01. Esma Redzepova Chaje Shukarije
02. Fanfare Ciocarlia - Born to Be Wild
03. Borat - When I Buy My Wife [Excerpt]
04. Kocani Orkestar - Siki Siki Baba
05. Jony Iliev & Band - Gypsys Kolo
06. Borat - What Kinda Music You Listen To [Excerpt]
07. Stefan de la Barbulesti - Eu Vin Acasa Cu Drag
08. Sacha Baron Cohen - In My Country There Is Problem
09. Erran Baron Cohen - Grooming Pubis
10. O.M.F.O. - Magic Mamaliga
11. Borat - I Like you. Do You Like Me [Excerpt]
12. O.M.F.O. - Money Boney
13. Sacha Baron Cohen - You Be My Wife
14. Goran Bregovic - Ederlezi (Scena Durdevdana Na Rij
15. Borat - Pep Talk [Excerpt]
16. Mahala Rai Banda vs. Shantel - Mahalageasca (Bucovina Dub)
17. Borat - They Get Out And Hang 'Em [Excerpt]
18. Erran Baron Cohen - O Kazakhstan

Scissor Sisters - She's My Man (Deluxe)

VideoClip Scissor Sisters - She's My Man (Deluxe)
XVID | 512 x 336 (4:3) | 192 Kbps | 04:02 | 44 Mb | Dance

VideoClip Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Brits-2007)
MPG | 480 x 576 (4:3) | 192 Kbps | 04:21 | 77 Mb | Dance

Le roi soleil - intégrale 2cd

Le roi soleil - intégrale 2cd
Taille: 110 Mo | 48 Min | mp3 296 minimum



Bart Simpsons

Bart Simpsons
320kbps | Mp3 | 96 Mb

1. Love?
2. Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves
3. Funny How Time Slips Away
4. Twenty-Four Hours A Day
5. Ten Commandments Of Bart
6. I Just Can't Help Myself
7. She's Comin' Out Swingin'
8. Anyone Else
9. Every Summer With You
10. Hail To Thee, Kamp Krusty

The Instant Monty Python CD Collection

The Instant Monty Python CD Collection
MP3 | VBR | 435 MB

Six CD volume set; includes "Another Monty Python Record," "Monty Python's Previous Record," "Matching Tie and Handkerchief," "Live at Drury Lane," "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," "Contractual Obligation Album," "Life of Brian," and "Meaning of Life".

Download from Rapidshare folder.


Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung | 3 CDs

Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung | 3 CDs

EAV - Geld oder Leben
Austro Pop | MP3 CBR 192 kbps | 62 Mb
Audio CD (25. Juni 1986) | Label: EMI (EMI)

EAV - Liebe, Tod und Teufel
Austro Pop | MP3 CBR 192 kbps | 82 Mb
Audio CD (6. November 1987) | Label: EMI Austri (EMI)

EAV - Im Himmel ist die Hölle los
Austro Pop | MP3 192 kbps | 72 Mb
Audio CD (25. August 1997) | Label: Electrola (EMI)

EAV - Geld oder Leben
Austro Pop | MP3 CBR 192 kbps
Audio CD (25. Juni 1986) | Label: EMI (EMI)

01 - Geld oder Leben
02 - Johnny 1 - Fahrscheine
03 - Ba-Ba-Banküberfall
04 - Johnny 2 - Zuckerwatte
05 - Heiße Nächte (in Palermo)
06 - Einsamkeit
07 - Fata Morgana
08 - Märchenprinz
09 - Johnny 3 - Bullen
10 - Helden
11 - Johnny 4 - Feuer
12 - Küss' die Hand Herr K. (Kerkermeister)
13 - Johnny 5 - WC
14 - Es g'winnt a jeder
15 - Morgen ...

Download - 62 Mb

EAV - Liebe, Tod und Teufel
Austro Pop | MP3 CBR 192 kbps
Audio CD (6. November 1987) | Label: EMI Austri (EMI)

01 - Drei verliebte Pinguine (1)
02 - Liebe, Tod & Teufel
03 - Küss die Hand, schöne Frau
04 - Der Tod
05 - An der Copacabana
06 - Yes, That's Jazz
07 - Tarzan & Jane
08 - Burli
09 - Auf der Nepperbahn
10 - Sandlerkönig Eberhard
11 - Ohr-Troubles (Prinz Charles)
12 - Drei verliebte Pinguine (2)
13 - Küss die Hand, schöne Frau (unzensierte Maxi - Version)

Bonus Tracks:
14 - Einmal möchte ich ein Böser sein
15 - Neandertal
16 - Samurai

Download - 82 Mb

EAV - Im Himmel ist die Hölle los
Austro Pop | MP3 192 kbps
Audio CD (25. August 1997) | Label: Electrola (EMI)

01 - Guten Morgen
02 - Im Himmel Ist Die Hölle Los
03 - Blöd
04 - Gebot (Töten)
05 - Schau Wie's Schneit
06 - Die Russen Kommen
07 - Bongo Boy
08 - Gebot (Stehlen)
09 - Konkurs
10 - A Jodler & A Stromgitarr'
11 - Der Teufel
12 - Tanzen
13 - Gebot (Begehren)
14 - Möpse
15 - David & Goliath
16 - Wo Ist Die Kohle
17 - Ja Ja Der Alkohol
18 - Das Leben Das Ist Kurz
19 - Elftes Gebot

Download - 72 Mb

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Der Wahre Heino - Dem Deutschen sein Lied

Der Wahre Heino - Dem Deutschen sein Lied
German Comedy | MP3 192 kbps CBR | Single | 6 Mb
(Weisser Terror/Scheissladen 79066, 7")

01 Dem Deutschen sein Lied
02 Dem Deutschen sein Lied *Live*

"Laut Gerichtsbeschluß (LG Bonn, AZ: 14 O 122/85) dürfen wir den Namen des Interpreten dieser Schallplatte nicht nennen. Wir weisen deshalb ausdrücklich darauf hin, daß es sich nicht um den aus diversen Medien berüchtigten Herrn Heinz-Georg Kramm handelt, sondern um den aus Funk und Fernsehen bekannten Kunstfurzer Norbert Hähnel aus Berlin."

Republikaner und Monarchisten: Bitte dies hier NICHT downloaden...

Norbert Hähnel, a friend of Die Toten Hosen and owner of the Berlin punk-shop Scheissladen used to disguise as Heino and mime to Heino's records pretending to be the "real" Heino and not the Doppelgänger Heino who was created by his record company when he, the real Heino, refused to tour through Namibia to entertain the old Nazis there. Hähnel had quite a lot of publicity with his satirical act so Kramm sued him and won of course.
Funnily some time later Kramm started to act like Hähnel releasing teutonic techno-versions of his songs.
Hähnel also had some independent records released and this one is very special: he's farting the German national anthem!


Danny Kaye - The Best of Danny Kaye: 18 Wonderful Songs (1995)

Danny Kaye - The Best of Danny Kaye: 18 Wonderful Songs (1995)
Genre: Oldies-Comedy | MP3 128 kbps | 53 MB | 56 min.

For any fan of Danny Kaye this is a must. 18 of his best loved tracks including many memorable tunes from his fabulous films such as The Ugly Ducking from Hans Christian Andersen and The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing from White Christmas (still brings a tear to my eye whatever time of year it's on!). Classic tongue turning lyrics in tunes such as Tongue Twisters and the Maladjusted Jester, mixed in with Danny's dulcet tones on Happy Times and Anywhere I Wander. A delight for young and old alike. :
~ Amazon Customer Comment

Track Listings
01. Ballin' The Jack
02. Bloop Bleep
03. It's A Quiet Town - Kaye, Danny & The Andrews Sisters
04. Happy Times
05. Ugly Duckling
06. Anywhere I Wonder
07. No Two People - Kaye, Danny & Jane Wyman
08. Inchworm
09. King's New Clothes
10. I Belong To Glasgow/Good Ol' 49
11. Best Things Happen While You're Dancing
12. Tongue Twisters
13. Life Could Not Better Be
14. Maladjusted Jester
15. Outfox The Fox
16. Little White Duck
17. Triplets
18. Tubby The Tuba

D/L Link:

Various - Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Christmas Novelty CD of All Time

Various - Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Christmas Novelty CD of All Time
Genre: Classical - Humour/Christmas | FLAC - Lossless with Cue and Log | 4 files 314 MB | Complete Scans - 300 dpi | RS

The title might be immodest, but it's accurate. Just about every holiday song parody and comedy sketch you can imagine is jimmied onto this hilarious, sprawling collection. While you'll find a smattering of well-known Christmas wackiness (including "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer" and the Singing Dogs' "Jingle Bells"), the Doctor's specialty is unearthing the obscure, such as Wild Man Fischer's weirder-than-weird "I Am a Christmas Tree." You'll never listen to "The 12 Days of Christmas" quite the same way after hearing the spins put on the tale by both Allan Sherman and Bob and Doug McKenzie, and you're likely to check your Christmas cookie for "special ingredients" after hearing Cheech & Chong's "Santa Claus and His Old Lady." --David Sprague

Audio CD (July 31, 1989)
Original Release Date: 1989
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Rhino / Wea
ASIN: B00000348G

1. The Chipmunk Song - Chipmunks
2. All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
3. Jingle Bells - Singing Dogs
4. Twelve Gifts of Christmas, The - Allan Sherman
5. I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas - Gayla Peevey
6. Nuttin' For Christmas - Stan Freberg
7. A Christmas Carol - Tom Lehrer
8. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - Elmo & Patsy
9. I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas - Yogi Yorgesson
10. Twelve Days of Christmas, The - Bob and Doug McKenzie
11. Green Christmas - Stan Freberg
12. I'm A Christmas Tree - Wild Man Fischer
13. I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus - Kip Addotta
14. Santa Claus And His Old Lady - Cheech & Chong
15. Christmas At Ground Zero - Weird Al Yankovic
16. Christmas Dragnet - Stan Freberg & Daws Butler

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Hey Hey Big Songs For Little People 2007-Kids

Hey Hey Big Songs For Little People 2007-Kids
MP3 | 166 Kbs | Va, Kid, Comedy | 57 Mb | 2007

1. Bob The Builder - Can We Fix It ?
2. Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends - Theme
3. LazyTown - Welcome To LazyTown (Theme)
4. Balimory - Theme
5. Postman Pat - Theme
6. Charlie & Lola - Theme
7. The Gruffalo - The Gruffalo Song
8. Fifi & The Flower Tots - Fifi's Lemonade
9. The Wiggles - Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
10. Tweenies - Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play (Theme)
11. Me Too - Theme (Riverseafingal)
12. Pocoyo - Theme
13. Tommy Zoom - Theme
14. Mr Ray - Family Ride
15. Arnie & Barnie Worm - The Wiggle Song
16. Engie Benjy - Engine Man (Theme)
17. Fireman Sam -Theme
18. Numberjacks - Numberjacks Are On Their Way Medley
19. Jim Jam & Sunny - Theme/The Wriggle Song
20. Fimbles - Theme
21. Maisy - Original Theme
22. Finley The Fire Engine - Theme
23. Mr Ray - Gimme A Hi-5 !
24. Bob The Builder & Elton John - Crocodile Rock
25. Rupert The Bear - Follow The Magic (Theme)
26. Teletubbies - Say Eh Oh !

Otto Waalkes - Otto die Erste 1973

Otto Waalkes - Otto die Erste 1973
German Comedy | MP3 CBR 128 kbps | 30 Mb

01 - Der Tarzanruf
02 - Der Würger von Wolfenbüttel
03 - Wanderin Star
04 - Father Bull
05 - Grabsteininschrift
06 - Die Gabel des Teufels
07 - Das Gewitter
08 - Tommy
09 - Er war einsam, aber schneller
10 - Das Gebet
11 - Manna Manna
12 - Chiquita Banana
13 - Es wird Nacht, Senorita
14 - Otto-Versand
15 - Tip toe through the tulips
16 - Die Vogelpastete
17 - Kaninchen-Spruch
18 - L'Important c'est la rose
19 - König Erl
20 - Die Klapperschlange
21 - The Viper
22 - Dreckschwein
23 - Deflora
25 - Nasdrovje womm


Otto Waalkes - ... einen hab ich noch 1998
German Comedy | MP3 CBR 128 kbps | 40 Mb

01 - Jetzt geht's los
02 - Ich bin Ostfriese
03 - Gastgedicht
04 - Zehn kleine Ottifanten
05 - Plörr Bräu
06 - Der Kaffee ist fertig
07 - Pro Homo
08 - Bacardi Rum
09 - Dolly Buster- Das Attraktivste
10 - Pummela Andersrum
11 - Blues- Geburtstagsurkunde Selbstmord
12 - Johann Jansen
13 - Der Inselpfarrer
14 - Dummasack
15 - Arabisch- 'schwanger'
16 - Sportangler
17 - Talkshows
18 - Tiergedichte
19 - Schublade
20 - Schluempfe 2
21 - Dolly Buster- Der Unterschied
22 - Hänsel Und Gretel
23 - Uns're Hex'
24 - Eltern Sind Schwein
25 - I Wanna Pfefferkuch
26 - Hexe
27 - Samba De Janeiro


Dick Grande & The Dirty Danglers - Raunchiest Barroom Songs

Dick Grande & The Dirty Danglers - Raunchiest Barroom Songs
MP3 | 192 Kbps | 40 MB | RS
Genre: Comedy

After 30 years of biker bars, stripper clubs and seedy roadhouses, the raunchy barroom songs of Dick Grande have emerged as beloved anthems of barflies and truckers all over the world. What's surprising is the underground swell of bootlegged copies that have popped up in panty drawers of upper-class housewives and the demurest of debutantes. Not only have these insidious ditties infiltrated the common man but have also reached the pinnacle of political culture. After a member of Clinton's secret service slipped him a copy, he was heard humming "Don't Leave Her Lipstick on Your Dipstick" in the halls of Congress on several occasions.

Track Listing
She Came Like A Racehorse
Don't Leave Her Lipstick on Your Dipstick
Balls, Balls, Balls
A Foot Long Dog
Hang Low Sweet Johnny Brown
Don't Take Your Member for Granted
To Put It In
She Would Prefer to Wear Gloves
Size Really Matters (featuring Virginia Ham)
The Nipples of Sarah Sarong

"Explicit Language"

Dick Grande & The Dirty Danglers - Girls Gone Raunchy

Dick Grande & The Dirty Danglers - Girls Gone Raunchy
MP3 | 192 Kbps | 44 MB | RS
Genre: Comedy

"Girls Gone Raunchy" is a compilation of songs by Virginia Ham, exotic dancer and Doctor of Musicology.
While attending the University of Louisiana she financed her education by headlining at "Johnny's Jug's Emporium", a local gentleman's club.
Virginia also did extensive research on the "Uti Uti" tribe in the south pacific. Dr. Ham noted the natives would sing humorous ditties while cavorting like bunnies to the erotic beats being played by young naked pubescent boys.

It was at Johnny's that she documented the tribal beats of her co-workers laments mixed with the music of the " Uti Uti" into this latest album.
A world renowned pole jockeys anthem is " I Love the Penis" used by lap dancers nationwide.
Assisted by her world famous husband, Dick Grande of " Raunchiest Bar Room Songs" fame, Dr. Ham has crafted an album that is destined to make it into the Smithsonian as a fine example of pyscho-sexual commentary.
"Girls Gone Raunchy" is a combination of outrageous funny and down and dirty raunch.

Track List
1. I Love The Penis
2. Katy And Twig
3. My Vagina
4. Big Ass Sal
5. Grande Huevos
6. Trailer Trash Slut
7. High And Dry
8. Marian The Vagitarian
9. Back Door Lover
10. Girls Gone Raunchy

"Explicit Language"

Rodney Carrington - Greatest Hits

Rodney Carrington - Greatest Hits
MP3 | CBR 192 Kbps | 54+73 Mb | 2 Cd's | RS
2004 | Genre: Comedy

Country comedian and comic singer Rodney Carrington hasn't had any hits, greatest or otherwise, in the conventionally accepted sense of the term. But Greatest Hits is a two-disc compilation drawn from four albums — Hangin' With Rodney Morning Wood, Live: C'mon Laugh You Bastards, and Nut Sack.
The first disc features Carrington's non-singing standup comedy, the second songs.

Disc: 1 (Stand Up)

1. Country Bar - Mechanical Sheep
2. Going to Heaven Drunk
3. Good Woman - "Lucky"
4. Wife at Garage Sales
5. Growing Up Poor - Toughskins Jeans
6. Deer Hunting - Snake Hunting
7. Walmart
8. Bobby Trap
9. Baptist Revival
10. People Piss Ya Off
11. Rodney Scared
12. The Weenie Story
13. Chucky Cheese
14. Japanese Restaurants
15. Vacation
16. Hypochondriac
17. Tips on Marriage
18. Helicopter



Disc: 2 (Music)

1. All the Reasons
2. Don't Look Now
3. That Awful Day
4. Carlos, Man of Love
5. It's Too Late
6. The Night the Bar Close Down
7. Letter to My Penis
8. Titties and Beer
9. In Her Day
10. Gay Factory Worker
11. A Dozen Roses
12. Carlos
13. Morning Wood
14. More of a Man
15. Pickup Truck
16. Carlos
17. Grandpa
18. Sing You Bastards/Burning Sensation
19. Little Things
20. Dancing With a Man
21. Fred
22. Letter to My Penis
23. Put Your Clothes Back On
24. Things We Didn't Know


Snatch: Stealin' Stones & Breakin' Bones [SOUNDTRACK]

Snatch: Stealin' Stones & Breakin' Bones [SOUNDTRACK]
VA | 2000 | Genre: VA | FLAC + CUE,lossless | 360MB

Track Listings
1. Diamond - Klint
2. Vere Iz da Storn? - Benicio Del Toro
3. Supermoves - Overseer
4. Hernando's Hideaway - The Johnston Brothers
5. Zee Germans - Jason Statham
6. Golden Brown - The Stranglers
7. Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc
8. Kosha Nostra Theme
9. Avi Arrives - Dennis Farina
10. Cross the Tracks (We Better Go Back) - Maceo & the Macks
11. Disco Science - Mirwais
12. Nemesis - Alan Ford
13. Hot Pants (I'm Coming Coming I'm Coming) - Bobby Byrd
14. Lucky Star - Madonna
15. Come Again - Alan Ford
16. Ghost Town - The Specials
17. Shrinking Balls - Vinnie Jones
18. Sensual Woman - The Herbaliser
19. Angel - Massive Attack
20. RRRRR... Rumble


The Simpsons - Testify OST 2007

The Simpsons - Testify OST 2007
MP3 | 163kbps VBR | 85MB | RS.COM


1. The Simpsons - "The Simpsons" Main Title Theme 1:23
2. The Simpsons - Testify 1:41
3. The Simpsons - The Very Reason That I Live 2:28
4. The Simpsons - He's The Man (Feat. Shawn 2:02
5. The Simpsons - Stretch Dude And Clobber Girl 0:45
6. Los Lobos - "The Simpsons" End Credits 0:41
7. The Simpsons - Ode To Branson 2:01
8. The Simpsons - Sold Separately 0:47
9. The Simpsons - Island Of Sirens 0:53
10.The Simpsons - They'll Never Stop The Simpsons 1:16
11.The Simpsons - You're A Bunch Of Stuff 1:50
12.The Simpsons - What Do I Think Of The Pie? 0:39
13.The Simpsons - Baby Stink Breath 0:31
14.The Simpsons - Tastes Like Liberty 1:14
15.The Simpsons - Jellyfish 1:40f
16.The Simpsons - Homer & Marge (Feat. Weird Al 1:49
17.The Simpsons - "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders" 4:11
Medley (Feat. David Byrne)
18.The Simpsons - I Love To Walk 1:27
19.The Simpsons - Marjorie (Feat. Jackson Browne) 2:19
20.The Simpsons - "The President Wore Pearls" 6:01
21.The Simpsons - Glove Slap (Feat. The B-52s) 1:24
22.The Simpsons - O Pruny Night 0:47
23.The Simpsons - America (I Love This Country) 1:07
24.The Simpsons - America Rules 1:25
25.The Simpsons - Welcome To Moe's 1:16
26.The Simpsons - We Are The Jokeys 1:36
27.The Simpsons - Song Of Shelbyville 1:104,
28.The Simpsons - "A Star Is Torn" Medley 4:31
29.The Simpsons - Who Wants An Haircut? (Feat. 1:07 y
Baha Man)
30.The Simpsons - "My Fair Laddy" Medley 6:25 d
31.The Simpsons - Springfield Blows 0:36
32.The Simpsons - "King Of The Cats" Itchy & 3:40
Scratchy Medley
33.The Simpsons - Lady (Feat. Ricky Gervais) 1:36
34.The Simpsons - You Make Me Laugh 0:26
35.The Simpsons - Lady Riff (Feat. Ricky Gervais) 0:35
36.The Simpsons - Poppa, Can You Hear Me? 0:49
37.The Simpsons - "Yokel Chords" Medley 3:55
38.The Simpsons - Hullaba Lula (Feat. Kelsey 0:52
Grammar) (Unaired Bonus Track)
39.The Simpsons - Song Of The Wild Beasts 0:52f
(Unaired Bonus Track)
40.The Simpsons - Dancing Workers' Song (Unaired 1:15
Bonus Track)
41.The Simpsons - Oldies And Nudies (Unaired 1:11
Bonus Track)
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