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Monday, September 28, 2009

Suitcase Fusion 12.1.4 Retail

Mac OS: Suitcase Fusion 12.1.4 Retail | 47 Mb

Fusing the power of Font Reserve with the award-winning usability of Suitcase, Suitcase Fusion is the next-generation professional font manager and the only one to provide the industrial-strength features to ensure hassle-free, reliable font management no matter how many fonts you use, how many documents you work with or how demanding your workflow.

Top Reasons Why You Need Suitcase Fusion
Eliminate the guesswork in working with fonts
Ensure that you have the exact version of the font you need
Eliminate unnecessary font conflicts
Avoid potential font wrecks (missing fonts, corrupt fonts, etc.)
Stop duplicate font issues from interrupting your workflow
Achieve reliable, stable and hassle-free font management

Expanded auto-activation support
Using Font Sense, Suitcase Fusion offers precises font matching and auto-activation in additional design and publishing applications, including:
Adobe InDesign CS2 & CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS 2 & CS3
QuarkXPress 7

Macintosh System Requirements
Current Version: 12.1.4
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher for PowerPC-based systems
Mac OS X v10.4.4 or higher for Intel-based systems
1GHz or faster CPU
256MB RAM (512MB recommended)
30MB or more font storage
CD-ROM for installation

Download from
Download from

PTGui Pro v7.0 (Retail)

PTGui Pro v7.0 (Retail) | 3.73 MB
PTGui is panoramic stitching software for Windows and Mac OSX. Originally developed as a Graphical User Interface for Panorama Tools (hence the name), PTGui now is a full featured photo stitching application.
Use PTGui to stitch any number of photos into a panoramic image. Some benefits of PTGui, when compared to other stitching software:

* PTGui can stitch multiple rows of images
* Create 360 degree cylindrical panoramas, 'flat' partial panoramas and even spherical 360x180 degree panoramas
* No need to keep the camera level: PTGui can stitch rotated and tilted images
* Virtually unlimited output size: create Gigapixel panoramas from hundreds of images!
* Layered output allows full control over the final stitched result
* PTGui stitches most panoramas fully automatically, but at the same time provides full manual control over every single parameter. This enables stitching of 'difficult' scenes, where other programs fail.
* Full 16 bit workflow for best image quality

Photo to Movie 4.0.8

Mac OS: Photo to Movie 4.0.8 | 5,2 Mb

Photo to Movie can turn your digital photos into spectacular QuickTime movies. It will literally change the way you look at your photos forever. Photo to Movie will gently zoom and pan across your photos, blending them together while moving from one photo to another. Your photos will come alive in a way that will engage and impress your audience. Forget the traditional static slide show -- use Photo to Movie to bring your photos alive, focusing attention on the important part of the photo.

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REALVIZ Stitcher Unlimited 5.6.1

Mac OS: REALVIZ Stitcher Unlimited 5.6.1 | 135+17 Mb

Stitcher is a photo stitching and image stitching software for the creation of panoramas and 360° virtual tours. Stitcher enables the creation of high-quality panoramas and virtual tours, starting from digital images, which have an area of overlap (approx. 30%), thanks to its central automatic stitching engine. Stitcher is the most effective and widely recognized stitching software on the market. The software has many potential uses. It can be used by photographers to produce large-format prints, for example. Or by real estate agents and tourism offices for the creation of virtual tours.

New from version 5.6 (May 2007)
- Full HDR compatibility (High Dynamic Range)
- Create projects, which combine under- and over-exposed areas in the same panorama.
- Complete interoperability with the external tools available on the market for image tone mapping.
- Compatibility with the most commonly used HDR image file formats: OpenEXR, and Radiance RGBE (.hdr).
- Universal Binary for Macintosh, as well as a Toolkit change
- New template flash, easier to use. You can use it directly without any HTML code modifications

• You need to have version 5.6 installed (must be in /Applications/ folder).
• The "launcher patch" still works.
• Stitcher Unlimited 5.6 is a Universal Binary application.
• No previous version required. Each disk image contains the demo installer (registration required to access download on dev's web site)
plus a "grace patch" and a "launcher patch" enabling 8 hours* of full use at every launch.
* 8 hours is plenty... if you don't like it, you need to get out more!
• The "grace patch" requires admin password in order to copy the required folders/files and set the proper permissions.
• The patches are NOT the same as for previous 5.5.x version.
• The patches do NOT enable the DS ("Double Shot") - 2 shot fisheyes feature. Other than that, the application is fully functional.

REALVIZ Stitcher Unlimited 5.6 (UB) English demo + grace patch + launcher patch

Download from
Part 1 Part 2

Download from
Part 1 Part 2

REALVIZ Stitcher Unlimited 5.6.1 Update (UB)

Download from
Download from

Fontographer v4.7

Mac OSX: Fontographer v4.7 - 6,6 Mb

Easily expand existing fonts to include fractions, symbols, foreign characters, and logos in Type 1, Type 3, and TrueType fonts, or create an entire typeface from scratch. Fonts created with Fontographer can be used in any program with a font menu on Windows and Macintosh platforms. Fontographer is now integrated into the FontLab line of digital typography tools.

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SmartDraw 8.17

SmartDraw 8.17 with 150 templates and 20.000 symbols and shapes | 42 Mb

SmartDraw is the easy-to-use stand-alone program that lets anyone draw great looking charts and diagrams. You don't have to be an artist to ge great results with SmartDraw. Create professional flowcharts, floor plans, org charts, technical diagrams, or calendars using our easy to use SmartTemplates. Plus, SmartDraw works hand in hand with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other tools.

Creating the right business graphic is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. PICK a template. There are over 150 professionally designed SmartTemplates™, so it's easy to look like an expert!
2. DRAG shapes, lines, and symbols to where you need them. Choose from a library of over 20,000 standard symbols and shapes.
3. ADD text and you're done! Just type, save, print. Or, copy into other programs with one click


- Works seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint - move files and data with just a click
- Easily use Microsoft clip art
- Export and import images in popular graphics formats including WMF, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, and many others
- Save your drawings as PDF files for almost universal sharing
- Save your drawings for the web as GIF, JPG, or HTML files - HTML files automatically have working hyperlinks
- Email a drawing to others in a single click
- Advanced Import/Export Filters: Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), AutoCAD (DXF and DWG)*, Adobe Illustrator®, Acrobat®, CorelDraw®, and other popular formats (*Test your files for compatibility with the trial version of SmartDraw. SmartDraw imports DWG to ACAD 13 and DXF to ACAD 14)
-Compatible with Windows XP, 2000 and Vista.

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Nineblock Software BetterHandles v1.0.1 for Adobe Illustrator 10-CS3

Nineblock Software BetterHandles v1.0.1 for Adobe Illustrator 10-CS3 | 0.83MB
If you work with curves in Illustrator, you need BetterHandles:
* Select multiple handles, and collectively move, extend, rotate, or retract them
* Extend or retract handles without changing their angles
* Edit points numerically: anchor, in handle, out handle
* Convert multiple points from corner to smooth or vice versa
* Automatically extend new handles on multiple points
* Intuitively reshape path segments, optionally constraining handle directions
* Use slow-drag to divide the cursor movement for extremely precise moves
* Equalize a point\'s handles
* See all the handles on a path while editing it
* Split a path at one or more points
* Delete one or more points and close the path around them
* See when the cursor is over a handle, point, or path — without having to use Smart Guides.
* And more!

BetterHandles Change Log (Version 1.01 of 12 July 2007):
* Now compatible with Illustrator CS3
* New feature: When clicking/dragging a path or anchor point, already-selected paths will take precedence over unselected paths, even if they lie below them in the stacking order
* New feature: Shift-Option/Alt clicking on a blank area of the document is a shortcut for palette pop-up menu item Select handles of selected points
* New feature: Reverse path direction menu item
* Improvement: Select handles of selected points palette pop-up menu item can be modified with Option/Alt and Command/Ctrl to select only in or out handles
* Bug fix: Units properly update in multi-handle-mode palette

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Nineblock Software SnapMeasure v1.7 for Adobe Illustrator 10-CS3

Nineblock Software SnapMeasure v1.7 for Adobe Illustrator 10-CS3 | 1.1MB
If you've ever measured something three or four times and gotten different numbers each time, you'll love SnapMeasure. Unlike the native measure tool, it utilizes Smart Guides when they are on for clear, easy snaps. Even without Smart Guides, it can snap to points, handles and paths with a red highlighting ring, making it even easier to be sure you're getting the right value on the first try.

Especially on larger monitors, locating and squinting to read the Info palette wastes valuable time. SnapMeasure can put its measurement values right where your eyes are: next to the cursor. Display the values continuously during a measure or only afterwards. Show as much or as little data as you wish. Customize its appearance by changing the size, color, and more.

If you\'re constantly taking measurements and making trips to the preference dialog to set the constrain angle or keyboard increment, SnapMeasure is for you. Set the angle and/or increment (choose which using the Option/Alt key) with two clicks of the mouse. Optionally reset both preferences with one click.

On certain backgrounds — particularly those with midtone grays — the measuring line can be frustratingly hard to see. SnapMeasure offers you the ability to measure in a bright red, non-reversing line, for excellent visibility.

SnapMeasure Change Log (Version 1.7 of 23 March 2007)
* New feature: User-selectable highlighting icons
* New feature: User-selectable measurement data fields, including delta-x and delta-y
* New feature: HoverMeasure – ability to see information about a path segment or point (including type of point, point number, and point coordinates) while simply holding the cursor over the item in question
* New feature: While shift-constraining with Snap To Guides enabled, a constrain line is drawn which allows you to measure to the intersection with another object
* Change: Preferences window reorganized and split into four sections
* Bug fix: Snap to grid now works properly again
* Bug fix: Rulers will not be drawn over (Mac CS2 version only)

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Video Snapshots Genius ver.1.5

Video Snapshots Genius ver.1.5 | 2 MB
Video Snapshots Genius allows you to quickly and easily captures your favorite movie scenes to single picture files or thumbnail galleries.

Video Snapshots Genius allows you to quickly and easily captures your favorite movie scenes of MPEG, AVI, WMV, DivX, RealMedia, QuickTime and DVD files to single picture files or thumbnail galleries in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF types of files.

Video Snapshots Genius supports the many kinds of captures method. You can set up capture specified number of shots or take sanpshots from the movies at set time intervals. Besides, handy navigational controls let you quickly browse movies and snag the frames you need. Taking a snapshot is as easy as clicking a button.

With Picture Viewer and Picture Editor, You can view, modify or adjustments brightness and contrast for shots etc. Video Snapshots Genius is useful for home users, especially those with online video collections.

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Mystik Media Context Convert Pro v3.1

Mystik Media Context Convert Pro v3.1
Size~11 MB | RAR | RS, MU & DF

Convenient, powerful, and highly configurable Windows application for converting among nearly all conceivable multimedia formats.

Tightly integrated with the Windows interface, ContextConvert Pro provides immediate conversion capability from any Windows context (right-click) menu. Simply right-click on any audio, image, or video file, and you can immediately convert it to any other supported format.

You can predefine the folder that will contain your converted files, allowing you to complete your file conversions with a single click. Comprehensive settings and properties are available for complete output control, including audio frequency, bitrate, and channels; AVI codecs; MPEG types (MPEG-1 standard, MPEG-1 with VCD extensions, MPEG-2 standard, MPEG-2 with Super VCD extensions, and MPEG-2 with DVD extensions), WMV profile, image quality, and image color depth.

Multi-page image conversion support is extensive. You can convert from one multi-page format to another, extract multi-page images and create a set of individual files, grab the first page only of a multi-page file, or build a new multi-page file from selected images.

Two-way conversions are supported among Audio CD Tracks (CDA), MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV. Conversion from VOX, RAW, MPC, G.726, G.723, G.721, AIFF, and AU to any of the above mentioned formats is also supported.

For video, conversions between AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, and ASF are provided.

System Requirements:
Pentium-class 266+ Processor, 128 MB RAM, 15 MB HD

Cartoon Maker 3.97

Cartoon Maker v3.97 | 1.2 MB

Make funny and amazing cartoons.
• You can create personalized cartoons of your friends, family or famous people.
• Add a sketch effect to a cartoon photo.
• Making cartoons is simple.

Intocartoon Professional ver.2.3.0

Intocartoon Professional ver.2.3.0 | 2,30 MB
Intocartoon is a software application that allows you to convert photo into cartoon or other graphic representations.By this software, you can make out a exquisite cartoon or a illustration from a photo in few seconds. Sometimes people couldn't figure out whether it's computer art or hand-drawn.

Please visit our website, if it's the first time you visit, maybe it will surprise you.

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BlackMagic v2.84

BlackMagic v2.84
Windows | 3 Mb | English
BlackMagic is a photo coloring software for PC Windows, released as shareware; it is used to colorize Black & White, Restore damaged old phoptos , Sepia , IR (infrared) photos , or to Color-correct ones with faded or inappropriate colors. Being extremely simple to use, its a software that transcends age and professional boundaries, providing an immense sense of achievement, pride and satisfaction for kids and adults alike. The resulting Colorized photos have optimally saturated and consistent, correct hues - giving the appearance as if the photo had originally been 'shot' in color! BlackMagic delivers such professional grade results with the minimum of fuss, and just a few minutes worth of effort.

BlackMagic incorporates "TimeBrush™ RLC [RealLifeColour]™" standard. The TimeBrush RLC technology was specifically created for colorizing black & white motion pictures of the Hollywood fame. This feature provides BlackMagic the ability to render superb, rich, vibrant looking colors, that are not under/ over saturated, yet look completely natural.

Colorizing Photos - the ISSUES

Colorizing black & white photos can get quite involving, depending upon the quality and sophistication of the results desired. The process involved can be very tedious and challenging, taking a day [often several] to completely colorize a single black & white photograph to professional grade quality. The typical 'paint' computer programs usually require the operator to select individual hue [color], opacity [transparency], etc., for coloring a specific portion of the photo. This is further compounded by the need to 'guess' the right hue/ saturation values to color a certain object, which can take several hit-and-trial iterations, with no guarantee of a 'best' match.

The whole process may need to be repeated hundreds of times over to finish a single photograph...even then, the results often leave much to be desired, and rarely resemble the 'real life colors' that we are used to seeing in color photographs Even with all the professional care and sophistication, it is common to get results depicting improper color matches, over saturated colors, dull/ faded colors, or over-emphasized/ blurred edges.

The BlackMagic Difference

BlackMagic resolves all of the above problems associated with colorizing black & white photos, and more. The system uses state-of-the-art Neural Net algorithms to provide dynamic parameterisation. This means that the user is not required to pick specific color hues or the associated values/ parameters - she/ he works by simply identifying the 'type of object' to be colored. BlackMagic then automatically performs the needed calculations to continuously vary all required parameters, based on the content of the photograph/ region being colorized - all done in the background transparent to the user. This process ensures consistent as well as optimal selection of hue, brightness, saturation, opacity, etc. for colorizing any object/ region of the image, without the guess work that would otherwise have been required.

BlackMagic provides several tools, to most expeditiously apply RealLifeColor palettes to a monochromatic image. It is available in several versions, to suit every budget and need.

No mirrors please

LiangZhu Software Sketch Studio ver.2.5

LiangZhu Software Sketch Studio ver.2.5 | 1,12 MB

Sketch Studio is a drawing program designed for children. At first glance the user interface may seem simple but that was the intention. The number of toolbar buttons and menu items has been reduced while the size of the toolbar buttons was increased. The most powerful feature is how easy and natural it is to draw with Sketch Studio. There are two drawing modes: Sketch mode and Smudge mode. While in Sketch mode the user can draw with three different sizes brushes and easily select colors from an advanced color palette. While in Smudge mode the user can blend/smudge colors together. In order to teach a child how to use the two drawing modes Sketch Studio contains 14 built-in drawing lessons. The lessons feature two cartoon characters “Sketch and Smudge” who draw pictures in a series of steps. After each step in the lesson Sketch and Smudge wait for the child to copy what they drew.

Sketch Studio Features

All drawings are recorded so that they can be replayed with the free Sketch and Smudge Screensaver. This is a great way to use your child's art as your screen saver. Learn more

Sketch Studio works with a mouse or a pressure sensitive pen & tablet.

When you install Sketch Studio 14 drawing lessons are also installed. Learn more

You can create coloring pages like those found in a child's coloring book. One way is to use clipart images found on the internet. You simply download the images and then select them as the background for your drawing.

Use photos and images (.jpg, .bmp, .gif...) as "trace images". You'll be able to quickly trace the images in order to help you draw a picture.

You can save your finished drawings in standard image formats (.jpg, .bmp...).

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Panorama Tools Pro ver.

Panorama Tools Pro ver. | 3,90 MB
ADG Panorama Tools is a panorama stitching software for Internet publishing, printing and interactive viewing. It automatically combines a series of individual photos so seamlessly that they together form impressive 360-degree panorama composition. Just watching the Auto Stitching process is a lot of fun. The program shows in live action how it connects the images by tilting and sliding them a little. This digital panorama is displayed in a web browser and allows the viewer to scroll through the image. No additional plug-ins required.

No need to learn digital editing or HTML coding! Just use your digital camera, take several pictures around you, load them to ADG Panorama and let it do the rest. ADG Panorama in seconds automatically aligns, stitches these images together to form the panorama and even creates the web page for you.

ADG Panorama Tools Pro contains the following additional features:

* Hotspots GUI for Virtual Tur creation. You can add up to 250 visible or (and) invisible HotSpot-links to each of panoramic composition. You can create custom HotSpot images and control its position, size and transparency individually.
* Command line stitching in batch files and stand-alone applications. You can automate the stitching process by calling ADG Panorama Tools Pro from other application.

Minimum System Requirements

* Intel Pentium (R) - class PC
* Microsoft Windows (R) 95/98/2000/XP/Vista
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1, Netscape Communicator 4.0 or higher
* Microsoft DirectX 6.0 or higher
* 128 MB of RAM
* 10 MB of available hard drive space
* 3D accelerator recommended for the best performance


* Creates 360-degree panoramas
* Automatically aligns images (Auto-stitching)
* Automatically warps images into true cylindrical view
* Automatically blends & corrects colors (Auto-blending & color-matching)
* Automatically corrects brightness along panoramic image
* Automatically corrects contrast of panoramic image
* Automatically calculation of optimal output image resolution
* Automatically lens detection
* Automated panorama embedding into the web page
* Automatically calling of stitching and Web preview
* Adjustment of panoramic image resolution
* Adjustment of panoramic image compresson
* Adjustment of images order and rotation.
* Interactive 3D Editor for photos alignment and lens/tilt adjustment
* Output files format: ADG, QTVR, JPEG
* Source files format: JPEG, TIFF, TARGA, BMP, GIF
* Single panoramic image import
* Input image EXIF format support
* TWAIN-32 import from scanners and digital cameras
* No restrictions on single size of all input images
* Saves projects to work on later
* Customized user interface
* Output image bilinear filtration
* Vertical camera movement perspective correction
* Mouse, wheel and keyboard control
* Javascript control
* 3D hardware support
* Hotspots GUI for Virtual Tur creation (Pro version only)
* Command line stitching in batch files and stand-alone applications (Pro version only)

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ReaCompressor ver.1.8

ReaCompressor ver.1.8 | 2,36 MB
Images ready for the web in a SNAP! Select from JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIF. For years people have been complaining about how hard it is to find software for what should be a simple job - compressing images in compact formats, ready for the web. While big software companies provide some 'nice' answers, the truth is even their tools have many drawbacks: You need to buy a much larger (and expensive) package of software to get the few features you need. Even then, the software treats the user like a child, providing ready-made settings, instead of allowing the user total control over the image.

Then there are the 'shareware' programs that 'try'. We received stories about image professionals as far away as Australia, testing as many as seven different programs - and the one they chose was ReaCompressor! So we worked even harder, having people work full-time on the product, until all the needs of today's image professionals were met. That's right: ALL THE NEEDS!

With the release of version 1.8, ReaCompressor has now become a major talking point among professionals around the world, offering a wealth of 'most requested' features such as:

JPG region specific compression.

340+ input files formats.

Multipage GIF/TIFF files support (easy navigation between pages to optimize).

TWAIN devices support (get images from your scanner or digital camera).

Double pane view of both input and output image.

More picture view than ANY other compression/optimization utility (we don't clutter your screen with unnecessary toolbars or superfluous menus!).

The ability to drag your image around the screen using the click on 'hand' mover.

Our unique 'floating' compression control panel!

Instant preview of web-ready output images.

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PicturesToExe ver.5.02

PicturesToExe ver.5.02 | 4,20 MB
PicturesToExe Deluxe has a simple and intuitive interface that makes creating a slide show very easy. All you need to do is choose your images and add some music if you wish. The Slide show produces sharp, clear pictures and the smoothest playback of Pan/Zoom effects you have ever seen! You can place objects (images or text labels with drop shadow) on a slide and customize complex animations. Moreover, you can use a variety of cinematographic transition effects between slides, add background music and add sound and text comments to each slide. You can also precisely synchronize slides to music. VideoBuilder in PicturesToExe Deluxe allows you to quickly and easily burn DVD-Video discs from your slide shows. You can adjust DVD menus and customize many parameters of your DVD disc. You may also create AVI video files. If desired, you can protect your slide show with a password and also assign an expiration date. No additional programs (including PicturesToExe itself) are needed to run the resulting slide show because the program produces a stand-alone EXE file. The slide show will work under Windows XP, Vista, 95, 98, ME, 2000 or 2003. A DVD-Video disc created in PicturesToExe Deluxe can be played on any DVD player, on a PC or Mac, or on your DVD player attached to a television.

Key features of version 5.0

* New graphical engine which uses all power of your video card.
* Burning of DVD-Video disc with your slide shows right in PicturesToExe.
* Pan/Zoom/Rotate effects in real-time with high quality. Sharp picture and smooth animation. Special option "Perspective correction for Zoom" to reach natural looking zooming.
* Completely new editor of objects and animation. Proportionally scalable objects. Improved Text objects, drop shadow or glow can be applied for any object. Seven skins for Button objects.
* New cool view of Navigation bar.
* Tree of folders in main window of PicturesToExe.
* Improved quality of music player.
* Improved support of Windows Vista (in main program of PicturesToExe).
* PNG images support.

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Xara Xtreme Pro v3.2.2.2228 DL

Xara Xtreme Pro v3.2.2.2228 DL | 43 MB
Producing vector illustrations is quick and easy using the comprehensive drawing tools, but many of the advanced features which Xara pioneered - such as transparency and real-time anti-aliasing - can be applied to both vector and bitmap images. Rather than falling into the bloatware trap that is common with graphics products, Xara has concentrated on creating the world's best implementation of the essential toolset that designers really need, in order to ensure that working with Xara X can be both highly creative and very productive. As well as all the drawing tools you would expect, Xara X offers options such as automated shadows, bevels and contours, pressure sensitive brush stroking, multi-stage graduated fills and feathering.

Xara Xtreme can produce compact, highly optimized graphics, making it an ideal choice for creating web graphics, and with this in mind we have added a tools to aid in creating graphics for the web, such as a NavBar tool, image slicing capability and Dreamweaver integration. As the name suggests Pro includes additional features most likely to be used by professional designers.

• Animated Flash Export
• Multi-page documents
• Adobe Photoshop® PSD import and export
• PDF/X and other PDF export improvements
• Color separation support
• PANTONE® color support
• Levels XPE plug-in
• Enhanced text tool
• Short cut key configuration

• Speed
• Compatibility
• Direct Action Tools
• Drag & drop
• Solid object dragging
• Undo / redo
• Zoom
• Anti-aliasing
• Color support
• Printing
• PDF Export
• The Clipart Gallery
• Bitmap Tracer
• Profiles
• Name gallery
• Templates

• The XPE Photo Editor
• Single click auto-enhance
• Crop & Rotate
• Red Eye Removal
• Maintain photo quality
• Magic undo
• Third party plug-ins
• Photo Compression
• Advanced photo work

• Drawing tools
• Transparency
• Blending
• Feathering
• Contours
• Bevels
• Fills
• Shadows
• Brushes
• Molds / envelopes
• Text handling
• ClipView
• Pressure sensitivity
• Live Effects

• Navigation buttons
• Flash export (.swf)
• Animation
• Dreamweaver integration
• Hexadecimal RGB web color
• Image slicing
• Image maps
• Exporting and optimizing
• Linked stretching

What's new in Xara Xtreme Pro:
- Animated Flash export
- Multi-page documents
- Enhanced text tool. Along with multi-page documents comes an enhanced text tool providing high-end DTP-like features, such as:
• Margin and tab control (left, center, right and decimal tabs)
• 1st line indent or outdent control provides support for hanging indents, such as numbered or bulleted lists
• Three types of text object: Simple text, text columns and text frames
• Linked flowing text stories across frames and pages (including text stories flowing from any to any page, even backwards) Shown opposite.
• Word and character count of text stories.

- Adobe Photoshop® PSD import and export
- PDF/X and other PDF export improvements
Xtreme Pro now includes class leading PDF support including these features:
• Choice of PDF version from version 1.3 through to version 1.6, as well as PDF/X-1a 2001, x-1a 2003, X3-2002, and X-3 2003 standards.
• Full support for vector transparency (PDF version 1.4 or later)
• Font embedding and font subsetting options
• Export any selected page range
• Optional down-sampling of large bitmaps (reduces the size of PDFs for designs containing large photos)
• Full control over bitmap embedding options and compression (native, Flate, JPEG)
• Full control over bitmap transparency flattening, bitmap effect rasterization, to any required resolution and compression type
• Embedding of native JPG files for lossless JPEG transfer
• Support for Adobe Reader Layers. For PDF 1.5 and above you can now output and control Xtreme's layer visibility in Adobe Reader
• File embedding. You can embed .xar files into your PDF and launch them from Adobe Reader
• Full pre-press PDF/X support including:
• Embedding page crop and printer's marks
• ICC color profiles, including all the common paper stock options (e.g. US Web coated, ISO, etc)
• Embedding of custom ICC profiles
• Document encryption, with full control over document permissions:
• Password protect any PDF file, with 40 or 128-bit encryption
• Control over exact permissions, e.g. allow / disallow printing or commenting or text copying or extraction.

- PDF import
- TIFF import
- Color separation support
- Pantone® color support
- Levels control
- Short cut key configuration
- Many other improvements and fixes requested by existing owners of Xtreme:
• Name gallery improvements - Improved so that it shows more detail on the fonts used in a document, using the full font name as shown in the font gallery. It also shows variations of a font as a separate selectable font name, as well as the font family (e.g. "Arial Bold", "Arial Italic", "Arial Regular"). It shows at a glance which fonts have had to be synthesized and which are not installed.
• Improved clipboard compatibility with MS Office and other applications - e.g. You can just copy and paste direct into Outlook and it embeds a JPEG
• Print dialog completely re-designed
• Document Info dialog improved
• Error handling improved so that in the event of a program crash you’ll normally get the chance to continue and save your work
• Automatic zoom out when importing photos, so the whole image is instantly visible
• New '100% zoom' operation added to zoom toolbar and key short-cut of Ctrl+Shift+1
• Improved support for using Xtreme with multiple monitors
• Improved support for accented characters, Unicode and non US keyboards
• Frame (animation) gallery order reversed, so it now shows first frame at the top
• Line width now shown in pix if the page unit is Pix
• The main toolbar should automatically show small icons on small screens
• Dragging a file onto the title bar no longer opens MDI windows
• Copy / Paste attributes on text now works more reliably. You can more easily create 'text styles' using small snippets of text.
• New option in Grid & Ruler to allow the ruler origin to be top left and coordinate values to increase downwards
• Improved compatibility withMicrosoft Windows Vista
• And the most significant feature improvements of the lot - the caret in the text tool now blinks!

Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion Toolkit ver.2.97.43

Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion Toolkit ver.2.97.43 | 1,97 MB
AlgoLab Raster to Vector Conversion Toolkit converts architect, mechanical and various technical drawings, maps and other types of line artwork including black and white graphics for books and journals from raster to vector formats. This means that a paper drawing can be scanned, line artwork automatically recognized and represented in a vector format that then can be imported to your CAD or drawing program .

Professionals in Cutting, Engraving, Sign Making and other CAD/CAM systems may want to take a very close look at Toolkit due to it's ability to create fine lines and outlines. Toolkit incorporates a new advances Fine Line Technology that helps to create perfectly looking shapes and designs. Toolkit has the unique special feature to refine curves. So with a proper choice of parameters a vectorized drawing composed of curves normally looks better than the original one. See samples. Toolkit is also tailored to digitize drawings including mathematical graphs for further use in MS Excel, Mathematica, Lotus 1-2-3 and other mathematical programs.

Download Rapidshare

ProPoster v2.01.15

ProPoster v2.01.15 | 1.46 MB
ProPoster is software for big banner printing, sign printing, poster printing, mural printing, wall photo printing. ProPoster does not require special plotters, it simply prints on standard printers. Any picture, digital photo, Microsoft word document, Excel spreadsheet can be used as a source for the multipage poster. Also, it is possible to print a poster from a scanner.

You can use some powerful graphic program for poster printing, if you have special knowledge and skills. But ProPoster is convenient, simple and intuitive poster software that will free you from unnecessary work. Simply select an image and the software will automatically divide it into the necessary number of pages. To create a poster, you will also need glue, scissors and a bit of skill.

Make a great poster yourself! It should not necessarily be your favorite picture or digital photo, advertising banner or any tables and graphics. Just use your imagination. Let it be something unique, maybe even the result of your creativity. Show your own poster to your friends, they will be amazed for sure.

Large poster printing with the size up to 10 x 10 meters.
Supporting various image formats (bmp, gif, jpg, wmf, emf).
Supporting copying data from standard Windows applications.
Acquiring images from Twain-sources (digital camera).
Previewing posters in real scale with high quality (1 : 1).
Supporting Metric and Imperial measurement units (mm, cm, inch).
Multilingual interface.
Standard poster format templates (DIN A0, A1, A2).
Automatically orienting pages and adjusting the poster size to fit paper sheets.
Printing out the necessary part without the whole poster printing.

Better JPEG ver.

Better JPEG ver. | 803 KB
The JPEG image format is inherently lossy. Because of this, each edit and subsequent recompression of JPEG images in general purpose image editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, results in a progressive degradation of image quality. Fortunately there is, in most cases, a way to avoid this unnecessary recompression. If you just need to quickly process a group of JPEG photos from your latest vacation - rotate, crop, remove red-eye, imprint date or comments - you do not need to compromise on image quality. Better JPEG is a batch JPEG editor that can do all of this without unnecessary loss of image quality.

Main Program Features:

* Lossless Transformations - Rotation, Flip
* Lossless Crop (free, fixed aspect, fixed size, predefined and user-defined aspects and sizes), composition guidelines (diagonals, golden mean, rule of thirds)
* Lossless Canvas Enlargement
* Highly Customizable Lossless Date/EXIF Info/Text insertion (position, font, size, color, background, language, format, etc.)
* Advanced Lossless Red Eye Removal (anti-aliasing, adjustable size, sensitivity, darkening)
* Copy/Paste to and from an external editor for local retouching without full recompression (lossless)
* Batch image processing
* Multi-level Undo/Redo
* Metadata preservation
* Compression optimization

Download Rapidshare

Photo to Color Sketch v3.79

Photo to Color Sketch v3.79 | 3.6 MB

It's easy to make sketch from photo. Convert your photo into pencil sketch, pen sketch, kryptol, pen-and-ink. Now, your photo become fine line art, even indistinguishable from an artist work. And, you can color up for the Black and White sketch. Convert your photo into realism, pop art, abstract, water color. Creation of artistic looking hand-drawings derived from photos. Make your photo with color filter, color panel, color blocks, brume. The usage is very easy

Photoshop QuickTips with Justin Seeley

Photoshop QuickTips with Justin Seeley | 364 Mb

Justin Seeley is an Adobe Certified Expert, Adobe Community Expert and an Adobe User Group Manager. Justin is an industry-recognized Photoshop trainer with nearly a decade's worth of experience in the creative media industry.

Download from Rapidshare

Download from Depositfiles Pshop_QTips_nk2join.part8.rar Pshop_QTips_nk2join.part7.rar Pshop_QTips_nk2join.part6.rar Pshop_QTips_nk2join.part5.rar Pshop_QTips_nk2join.part4.rar Pshop_QTips_nk2join.part3.rar Pshop_QTips_nk2join.part2.rar Pshop_QTips_nk2join.part1.rar

Droppix Label Maker v

Droppix Label Maker v
Windows | 21 Mb | english

With Droppix Label Maker, you can easily create and print high-quality labels for your music compilations, your video discs, as well as your CD and DVD file archives...


· Brand-new graphical interface even more intuitive and user-friendly!
· Windows Vista-ready !
· Powerful WYSIWYG graphic creation module
· Shipped with a variety of templates, background images, ClipArt's and fonts
· Import any image or photo (JPG, WMF, PSD, BMP, TIF, GIF and PNG)
· Layer management with transparency adjustment
· Easily import your song information from iTunes or Windows Media Player
· Automatically import CD-Audio information (album title, artist name, cover art, track names) with CD-Text and CDDB support (Online Disc Recognition)
· More than 50 different types of field available to create you own label templates
· Retrieve information from any data disc, disc image or CSV database
· Simple creation of circular texts
· Support for non-Latin character sets (such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc.)
· Integrated online support and free online upgrades
· 100% free support
· Works with any LightScribe-enabled drive or with any desktop color printer
· Compatible with most CD/DVD printers: Canon Pixma IP series, Epson 900, 960, R200, R300, R320 et R800, Primera, Rimage, etc.

No mirrors please

Colour-Science Image Editor v2.4.3

Colour-Science Image Editor v2.4.3 | 9.4MB
The Colour-Science Image Editor is used to produce the best possible print quality on any digital printer. Two main features assure high print quality. The Colour-Science Color Management combined with our excellent i2e image enhancement.
The Image Editor is designed for very fast work. You work much faster with Image Editor then with traditional software like Photoshop or similar. Images are already precorrected and all additional correction and image saving can be made very fast with the minimum of human movements possible. So corrections can be made using the mouse-wheel over different image parts and saving is made using the right mouse button.

- automatic color, contrast and density enhancement
- local brightness enhancement in the shadows and highlights
- memory color enhancement of skin-, sky- and vegetation colors
- Color Management

RapidShare | Depositfiles | Easy-Share

Stephen Vincent MeshUtils v2.5 for Adobe Illustrator

Stephen Vincent MeshUtils v2.5 for Adobe Illustrator | 550kB
Mesh Utils adds eight filters and one tool to create, colour, and otherwise manipulate gradient meshes. The Radial Mesh tool allows you to create a polar mesh from existing closed paths while the Stroke To Mesh filter turns the stroke of a path into a gradient mesh. The Apply to Gradient Filter colours a mesh with an Illustrator gradient, and the Colour from art filter colours a mesh according to the underlying art. Other filter are available to densify and split the mesh and also to create outlines and paths from the mesh.

Download from Depositfiles | Download from Easy-Share

Pixarra TwistedBrush ver.13.5

Pixarra TwistedBrush ver.13.5 | 21,4 MB
Performance: Pixarra's attention to performance is a top priority. As an artist draws and paints the tools should disappear from thought and allow focus on the creative process rather than waiting for the tool to finish its job. In addition the responsiveness of the brush tools should be quick and show marks on the page instantly to allow the artist to enter the "zone".

High Precision 64 Bit Brush Engine: Most graphic programs offer at most 32 bits of color resolution. TwistedBrush represents all image data internally at a full 64 bits of color resolution. This allows for super smooth color mixing and alpha blending.

Brushes: TwistedBrush has over 1500 diffferent brushes included. These range from very simple color dots to realistic representations of natural artist tools to very wild brushes. Here is a very small sampling of some of the brushes that are available.

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Mary Gauthier - Dixie Kitchen (1997)

Mary Gauthier - Dixie Kitchen (1997)
Genre: Alt-country | MP3 320 Kbps | 83.2 MB | 36:27
01. Ways Of The World
02. I Don't Know Nothin About Love
03. The Other Side Of Free
04. Goddamn HIV
05. Old Love Never Dies
06. You're All I Wanna Do
07. Ever Easy
08. Skeleton Town
09. Rock And Roll Lies
10. Mama Louisiana

D/L Link:

Lucinda Williams - West (2007)

Lucinda Williams - West (2007)
Genre: Alt-country | MP3 320 Kbps | ZIP x 2, 78.0, 79.3 MB | 68:38
“She wears heartache beautifully”
01. Are You Alright?
02. Mama You Sweet
03. Learning How To Live
04. Fancy Funeral
05. Unsuffer Me
06. Everything Has Changed
07. Come On
08. Where Is My Love?
09. Rescue
10. What If
11. Wrap My Head Around That
12. Words
13. West

D/L Links:

Rascal Flatts – Me And My Gang (2006)

Rascal Flatts 2006

Rascal Flatts – Me And My Gang |2006|
Genre: Country |Styles : Contemporary Country/Country Pop | Label : Lyric Street| front cover + sfv | 3% recovery | source: CD-DA
EAC + LAME MP3 | preset: extreme > 320 |44.1 kHz | JS |Quality:extreme |avg bitrate: 255 kbps | 98 mb|
EAC + FLAC | preset at 8 | 3 x 96 mb + 1 x 84 mb |


1. Stand
2. What Hurts The Most
3. Backwards
4. I Feel Bad
5. My Wish
6. Pieces
7. Yes I Do
8. To Make Her Love Me
9. Words I Couldn't Say
10. Me And My Gang
11. Cool Thing
12. Ellsworth
13. He Ain't The Leavin' Kind

All (RS) links in textfile through ftp2share:

Download text file 298 b

Thunder Road - Tracks Inspired by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen (2005)

Thunder Road - Tracks Inspired by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen (2005)
Genre: Alt-country | MP3 192 Kbps | 78.4 MB | 57:56
Track List
01 The Cash Brothers - Nebraska 03:48
02 Tom Russell - I'm On Fire 02:59
03 Dave Alvin - California Snow 03:59
04 Cowboy Junkies - You're Missing 04:09
05 Delbert McClinton - Down Into Mexico 04:34
06 Jeff Finlin - Just Like Everyman 03:21
07 Marah - East 04:14
08 Jeffrey Foucault - Northbound 35 05:05
09 John Hiatt - Thunderbird 04:03
10 Jon Dee Graham - Sleep Enough To Dream 04:10
11 Slobberbone - Some New Town 04:56
12 Mary Lou Lord - Thunder Road 05:00
13 Slaid Cleaves - Last Of The V8S 03:21
14 Steve Wynn - State Trooper 04:17

D/L Link:

Mary Gauthier - Filth & Fire (2002)

Mary Gauthier - Filth & Fire (2002)

Genre: Alternate Country / MP3 320 Kbps / 76.4 MB, 33.4 MB / 46:10

Track Listings
01. Walk Through the Fire
02. Long Way to Fall
03. Sugar Cane
04. Merry Go Round
05. Good-Bye
06. Camelot Motel
07. After You're Gone
08. The Ledge
09. Christmas in Paradise
10. For Rose
11. Sun Fades the Color of Everything

RS Links:

Keith Urban – Love,Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing (2006)

Keith Urban 2006

Keith Urban – Love,Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing |2006|
Genre: Country |Styles : Contemporary Country/Country Pop | Label : Capitol| front cover + sfv | 3% recovery | source: CD-DA
Release Date : 7 November 2006
EAC + LAME MP3 | preset: extreme > 320 |44.1 kHz | JS |Quality:extreme |avg bitrate: 249 kbps | 62 + 53 mb|
EAC + FLAC | preset at 8 | 4 x 91 mb + 1 x 73 mb |


1. Once In A Lifetime
2. Shine
3. I Told You So
4. I Can't Stop Loving You
5. Won't Let You Down
6. Faster Car
7. Stupid Boy
8. Used To The Pain
9. Raise The Barn (Featuring Ronnie Dunn)
10. God Made Woman
11. Tu Compañía
12. Everybody
13. Got It Right This Time

All (RS) links in textfile through ftp2share:

Download text file 432 b

Chet Atkins - Almost Alone

Chet Atkins - Almost Alone

Chet Atkins - Almost Alone
EAC-APE | 1996 Year | Label: Sony | 1CD | 190 Mb


1. Bigfoot
2. Waiting For Susie B.
3. A Little Mark Musik
4. Jam Man
5. I Still Write Your Name In The Snow
6. Pu Vana Kulu
7. Happy Again
8. Sweet Alla Lee
9. Maybelle
10. Mr. Bo Jangles
11. Cheek To Cheek
12. You Do Something To Me
13. Ave Maria

Passwd: fuckriaa

Tom Jans - The Eyes Of An Only Child (1975)

Tom Jans - The Eyes Of An Only Child (1975)
Genre: rock | Flac lossless 250 Mb 3 rar-files | 320 Kbps VBR MP3's 95 Mb
Ripped from vinyl record -> AIFF -> Flac -> MP3

The players:
David Lindley (Guitar), Chuck Rainey (Bass), Jesse Ed Davis (Guitar), Valerie Carter (Vocals), Lowell George (Guitar), Jim Keltner (Drums), Tom Jans (Guitar, Piano), Colin Cameron (Bass), Sam Clayton (Conga), Lovely Hardy (Vocals), Harvey Mason Sr. (Drums), Jerry McGee (Guitar), Jeff Porcaro (Drums), Bill Payne (Piano), Herb Pedersen (Vocals), Fred Tackett (Guitar), Mike Utley (Organ).

Flac files:


Hayseed Dixie


Hayseed Dixie - "Let There Be Rockgrass" - 2004
MP3 320 Kbps | 138 Mb | APE+CUE| 347 Mb
Genre: | Styles:


1. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
2. Fat Bottom Girls
3. Whole Lotta Rosie
4. You Shook Me All Night Long
5. I Believe In a Thing Called Love
6. Ace of Spades
7. Detroit Rock City
8. Corn Liquor
9. Feel Like Making Love
10. Walk This Way
11. Touch Too Much
12. Centerfold
13. I'm Keeping Your Poop
14. Highway To Hell
15. Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Download Lossless:

Part 01 - 87Mb
Part 02 - 87Mb
Part 03 - 87Mb
Part 04 - 87Mb

Download mp3:

Part 01 - 37Mb
Part 02 - 41Mb
Part 03 - 53Mb

Music from Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

Music from Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus [Soundtrack] (2005)
Soundtrack cum Alt-country | MP3 320 kbps | ZIP x 2| 54.6 MB, 48.8 MB | 51 min.

01. Stories - Harry Crews
02. Still Waters - Jim White
03. My Sister’s Tiny Hands - Handsome Family
04. Crossbone Styles - Cat Power
05. Last Kind Deal - David Johansen
06. The Wound That Never Heals - Jim White
07. Wayfaring Stranger - David Eugene Edwards
08. Small Tow N - Mayor
09. Black Soul Choir - Sixteen Horsepower
10. Little Maggie - Lee Sexton
11. First There Was - Johnny Dowd With Maggie Brown
12. Coo Coo Bird - Clarence Ashley And Doc Watson
13. Amazing Grace - Melissa Swingle
14. Christmas Day - Jim White
15. Essential Truth - Jim White

D/L Links:

Redwing - Redwing (1971)

Redwing - Redwing (first album 1970)
Countryrock | flac lossless 270 Mb | 320 Kbps MP3's 91 Mb | Covers
This album was recorded from a vinyl LP > AIFF > Flac > MP3

Flac lossless:



Martina McBride – Waking Up Laughing (2007)

McBride - Laughing

Martina McBride – Waking Up Laughing (2007)
Country | mp3 VBR 192 kbps | JS 44.1kbps| 57 mb |rlz 3.Apr.2007|


1. If I Had Your Name
2. Cry Cry (Till The Sun Shines)
3. Tryin' To Find A Reason
4. For These Times
5. Anyway (Album & Digital Single Version)
6. How I Feel
7. I'll Still Be Me
8. Beautiful Again
9. Everybody Does
10. House Of A Thousand Dreams
11. Love Land

Soft Rock - Gold (2007)

VA - Soft Rock - Gold (2007)
MP3 | 320 kbps VBR | Rock | 2 CD Set | Size: 161.6 MB

Disc: 1

1. Daniel - Elton John
2. Wild World - Cat Stevens
3. Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels) - Jim Croce
4. Summer Breeze - Seals & Crofts
5. Melissa - The Allman Brothers Band
6. (Find A) Reason to Believe - Rod Stewart
7. Stuck in the Middle with You - Stealers Wheel
8. Drift Away - Dobie Gray
9. Someone to Lay Down Beside Me - Karla Bonoff
10. Sentimental Lady - Bob Welch
11. Longer - Dan Fogelberg,
12. We Just Disagree - Dave Mason
13. You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker
14. More Than Words - Extreme
15. One of Us - Joan Osborne

Disc: 2
1. Sara Smile - Hall & Oates
2. Tempted - Squeeze
3. Lotta Love - Nicolette Larson
4. Nassau/Baby, I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton
5. Magnet and Steel - Walter Egan
6. Into the Night - Benny Mardones
7. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
8. So into You - Atlanta Rhythm Section
9. Fooled Around and Fell in Love - Elvin Bishop
10. Baby Come Back - Player
11. Things We Do for Love - 10cc
12. Biggest Part of Me - Ambrosia
13. Your Wildest Dreams - The Moody Blues
14. In the House of Stone and Light - Martin Page
15. Cry - Godley & Creme

Dayna Kurtz - Another Black Feather (2006)

Dayna Kurtz - Another Black Feather (2006)
Genre: Alt-country | MP3 VBR kbps | 43.8 MB | 43:40
01. From the bottom up
02. Nola
03. Venezuela
04. Another Black Feather
05. Banks of the Edisto
06. It's the day of Atonement, 2001
07. Showdown
08. Right for Me
09. All Over Again
10. Hope She'll be Happier
11. The Miracle

D/L Link:

Mary Gauthier - Drag Queens in Limousines (1999)

Mary Gauthier - Drag Queens in Limousines (1999)
Genre: Alt-country | MP3 192 Kbps | 73.1 MB | 41.48 + 19.59

01. Drag Queens In Limousines
02. Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars
03. Karla Faye
04. I Drink
05. Evangeline
06. Lucky Stars
07. Different Kind Of Gone
08. Slip Of The Tongue
09. Lifetime
10. Jackie's Train

Pt. A
I Ain't Leaving (5.00)
Can't Find A Way (5.50)

Pt. B
Same Road (5.47)
Sideshow (3.22)

D/L Link:

The Last Town Chorus - Wire Waltz (2006)

The Last Town Chorus - Wire Waltz (2006)

Genre: Alt-country / MP3 VBR kbps / 51.4 MB / 37:43

01. Wire Waltz
02. You
03. Modern Love
04. Caroline
05. It's Not Over
06. Understanding
07. Boat
08. Huntsville, 1989
09. Wintering in Brooklyn
10. Foreign Land

D/ L Link:

Set List

"Wire Waltz"
"Modern Love"
"Change Your Mind"
"It's Not Over"

D/L Link:

Charlie Louvin - Charlie Louvin (2007)

Charlie Louvin - Charlie Louvin (2007)
256 Kbps MP3 | 1 zip-file 73 Mb
1. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face (w. George Jones)
2. Great Atomic Power (w. Jeff Tweedy)
3. Blues Stay Away From Me (w. Bobby Bare Sr. & Tom T. Hall)
4. The Christian Life (w. Eef Barzalay of Clem Snide)
5. When I Stop Dreaming (w. Elvis Costello)
6. Waiting For A Train (w. George Jones)
7. Kneeling Drunkard's Plea (w. Alex McManus of Bright Eyes)
8. Worried Man Blues (w. Kurt Wagner of Lambchop)
9. Grave On The Green Hillside (w. Tift Merritt & Joy Lynn White)
10. Knoxville Girl (w. Will Oldham)
11. Ira
12. My Long Journey Home (w. Paul Burch)

k.d. lang: Drag

k.d. lang: Drag
Label: Warner Bros/Wea | Date: 1997 | MP3 320 Kbps Stereo - 110 MB | APE & CUE - 269 MB
Genre: Country

1. Don't Smoke In Bed
2. The Air That I Breathe
3. Smoke Dreams
4. My Last Cigarette
5. The Joker
6. Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls
7. Your Smoke Screen
8. My Old Addiction
9. Till The Heart Caves In
10. Smoke Rings
11. Hain't It Funny?
12. Love Is Like A Cigarette


Tompall Glaser - The Outlaw (1977)

Tompall Glaser - The Outlaw (1977)
192 Kbps MP3 | 91 Mb zip-file | covers included Glaser.html

Rattlesnakin' Daddies - Rattlesnakin' Daddies [2006]

Rattlesnakin' Daddies - Rattlesnakin' Daddies
Original Release Date: 2006 | MP3 |256Kbps| 70 MB
Genre: Country/Blues

01 Summerside Blues
02 Let's Be Friends
03 Poor Howard
04 Don't Wake Up
05 Jilly Bean Rag
06 Down And Out
07 Too Long A Day
08 New Jinx Blues
09 Muddy Crick Blues
10 Gunning Shore Rag
11 People Hate To Work

Darrell Scott - Aloha from Nashville (1998)

Darrell Scott - Aloha from Nashville (1998)
Genre: Alt Country | MP3 VBR, Avg. 200 kbps | 65 MB | 46 min.

01. Head South
02. Banjo Clark
03. You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
04. It's A Great Day To Be Alive
05. I Wish
06. The Ballad Of Martha White
07. It's The Whiskey That Eases The Pain
08. Spelling Bee Romance
09. Life Is Cheap
10. Heartbreak Town
11. Title Of The Song

D/L Link:

Mary Gauthier - Between Daylight & Dark (2007)

Mary Gauthier - Between Daylight & Dark (2007)
Genre: Alt-country | MP3 VBR. Avg. 173 kbps | 62 MB | 50 min.

01. Snakebit
02. Can't Find the Way
03. Between the Daylight And the Dark
04. Last Of the Hobo Kings
05. Before You Leave
06. Please
07. Same Road
08. I Ain't Leaving
09. Soft Place To Land
10. Thanksgiving

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