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Sunday, September 27, 2009

AnFX ver.

AnFX ver. | 3,10 MB
AnFX empowers both professionals and newbie web developers with a truly intuitive and efficient web authoring technology to create high impact menus, movies, presentations and export them as either Flash movies (.swf) or Java applets. Wizards make it easy to create impressive text effects, menus and buttons.

Text Effect, Menu and Button Wizards make it all so easy
AnFX comes complete with a set of wizards to allow fast, easy creation of Text effects, menus and buttons.

Scene Management
AnFX is unique in its support for managed scenes. Scenes have been an integral part of the AnFX product architecture from day one. Quickly create links that jump from one scene to the next from menu items or buttons or from any other object.

Slide Show Capability
Combine common foreground and background layers with AnFX's scene management and you have an excellent tool for creating animated slide shows. Create online tutorials for your products, walk visitors through a process, provide online educational courses. With AnFX, everyone's an expert!

Break free of HTML's limited capabilities
Now anyone including individuals at home, graphic artists or corporate web developers can harness the power of Flash™ or Java™ to create incredible effects and express their creative ideas much more freely.

Compact, Highly Optimized export files mean Fast Download and satisfied site visitors
Some other tools generate extremely bulking .swf files that take users on 56K modems a long time to download. With AnFX whether you choose to export your designs to Flash (.swf) format or Java (.afx) you can be sure that our advanced optimizing technologies have produced a very compact .swf or .afx file to allow for fast transfer over the internet. Many other tools promise the world but make your visitors wait a lifetime to see the result! AnFX delivers powerful effects, FAST!

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Boris Continuum Complete v5.0.1 for multiple hosts | 241 MB

Boris Continuum Complete v5.0.1 for multiple hosts | 241 MB
Continuum Complete is an expansive plug-in filter set that lets you create effects from the practical to the inspired directly in your native host interface for unprecedented workflow. Over 150 filters include advanced keying, matting, compositing, image processing, distortion, temporal effects and motion tracking. These filters provide the creative freedom to animate your graphical elements or video at any speed, acceleration, or position you want.


endorphin 2.5.2

naturalmotion endorphin 2.5.2(including crack) | 65.9MB (74.5MB on extract)

endorphin is the industry's first Dynamic Motion Synthesis software.At the heart of endorphin are its Adaptive Behaviours, which - unlike animation data - are completely interactive. With Adaptive Behaviours, 3D characters essentially animate themselves. Move two Football players close to each other and one will automatically tackle the other one, realistically trying to grab hold of his legs and bringing him down. Or not. It really is up to you. endorphin allows animators to direct scenes in real-time in a way they have never been able to do before. You can change parameters or change behaviours and see the results instantly on the screen in front of you. When you're done, export animation data in one of the many formats, ready for use in your game or VFX shot. though this is an earlier ersion, you can still get a better glimpse of the application info on the home page

password - wobsy

TVPaint Animation v8.5.4

TVPaint Animation v8.5.4 | 54 MB
TVP Animation Pro is the best professional solution for the creation of 2D bitmap animation! It is nothing but the favorite tool of professionals who want the best of digital animation: an environment consisting of the traditional animation workflow combined with all the advantages of the digital world. Because artists can now paint, animate and effect in one single application, the first significant result is that you will increase your productivity like never before.And you will paint using a drawing engine that allows you to create any type of content. Your style won't be limited like it is when using a vector application; you're free to bring to life any kind of graphic content! Your style first! – Whether it's blue-lined sketches, scanned or imported graphics or original art made using a graphic tablet, everything can be animated using TVP Animation Pro.

A tool to create your art – Because it's raster based, TVP Animation won't impose any type of drawing on the artist; it's the contrary. Your style is free to go in any direction, and it's more fun like that, isn't it?

Digital and traditional animation? – Yes, with TVP Animation, we’re offering a program that is able to satisfy the traditional animator as well as the hobbyist or the animator student who all have different needs, but the very same love for animating.

Animation is timeline-based for easy handling and timing – Using a timeline to create your animation eases your work since you can easily copy/cut/paste your images or sequence and duplicate them if you need to re-use them. Animation layers work with frame instances so that timing the animation is very intuitive.
Animation is also XSheet based for traditional animators - Traditional animators will love the XSheet as a complement to the timeline to create animation in the traditional way! Using the XSheet view to manage the animation will also allow the artist to add written comments to his animation as well as the audio track to create a perfect lipsync!
Add special effects to your animation – TVP Animation Pro contains effects like the ScanCleaner FX, the ToonShading FX and the Multiplane Camera FX. Not only will the set of effects ease your work, but all of the effects are animatable! These effects will also help the artist to create complex animated effects like particles or lightings.
Additional Video Effects - include the RotoTracking effect for complex rotoscoping effects, Volumetric lights, 6 Keying effects to remove Green/Blue screens for easy integration (including Cross Keyer, new since version 1.5), Optical Flow, Healing (Clone tool) tracker, and 7 Transition effects.
Share custom contents with the TVPaint Community – Using a system of CustomPanel, every user can store, export and share his custom tools and scripts. Each user can also share papers and plugins, thanks to the TVPaint SDK which allows the user to develop new functionalities for the TVPaint applications.
Add sound to your projects – TVP Animation Pro also allows the user to import sound and to add it directly to his project. Supported formats are WAV and MP3.
Wacom tablets support - Because Wacom tablets offer the widest possibilities with a stylus, the TVPaint products fully support the Wacom products. The Size, Opacity, and Angle of your tools can be connected to the Pressure, Direction, Orientation, Speed, Altitude or even to the Rotation of your stylus if you are using the Intuos3 Art Maker pen.
Export and share – The application provides many possibilities to export your project, like, for example, a sequence of single pictures or a video file. You can also export your project into a sequence of PSD files if you want to work on it in a different application later.

Flash Menu Factory v1.0

Flash Menu Factory v1.0
Windows | patch include | 20 Mb | English
Flash Menu Factory™ is a new software application that allows you to create stylish an dimpressive navigation for your website. FMF requires zero Flash knowledge. Creating a flash menu is a matter of defining your menu’s text and the corresponding links, the rest is job of FMF. Flash Menu Factory™ comes bundled with 106 high quality menu designs. In addition using our free FMF Skin Creator™ you can create your own menu designs. With so many menus the only problem is deciding which one to use!

TOON BOON Studio 4 (Cygnus) Bi-Language

TOON BOON Studio 4 (Cygnus)
Software | Windows XP & Vista | English & French | 40 Mb

Toon Boom Studio v4.0.9946 (c) Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Toon Boom Studio 4 is ideal for individuals looking for an all-in-one animation software. From drawing digitally, scanning hand-drawn animations or seamlessly importing existing artwork, Studio 4 enables you to lip-sync your animation, setup the action in a 3D space and publish your animation projects for TV, HDTV, the Web and iPod!

All-In-One Animation Software:
Covering the entire animation workflow from sketching to final publishing, you will find Toon Boom Studio to be a great tool to create or learn animation.

Create any styles of animation:
Toon Boom Studio offers true animation features designed to facilitate the creation of any styles of animation, including traditional frame-by-frame animation, key-frame animation, cut-out and photo animation.

Beatware Mobile Designer v2.0

Beatware Mobile Designer v2.0 | 16.3 MB
Beatware Mobile Designer is a complete authoring tool for creating interactive Flash and SVG content for cell phones, PDA's and the Web. With Beatware Mobile Designer, you can create graphics, animations and interactive Web sites then output those in Flash, Flash Lite, SVG, SVG Tiny, and BlackBerry file formats.

The Flash AdCreator v1.5

The Flash AdCreator v1.5
Windows | 38 Mb | English
The Flash Ad Creator makes creating Flash animations fast and simple. Script-free and affordable, with an easy way to change text and graphics! The Flash Ad Creator is the Flash animation solution for everyone, from first-time Flash users to advanced Flash designers (we've provided all of the native .fla templates for you inside the package!). The Flash Ad Creator puts you on the fast track to exceptional, fast-loading flash creation.

Additional Features:
* Easy-to-Use Interface
* Preview with a single click
* 100 pre-made .templates to modify (no Flash experience nesassary).
* 100 native .Fla files. If you have Flash, you can alter these pre-made Flash ads even further!
* Quickly add professional looking banners to your web sites.
* Use the templates to create flash-based pointers to other pages on your
* Add life to existing site content in half the time .
* Browse Directly for Content
* Built in browser feature allows you to quickly find images
* Add images with One Click
* Place text with one button click.
* Text Tool
*Easily add text with complete control over color

No mirrors please

CoffeeCup Flash Photo Gallery v5.6

CoffeeCup Flash Photo Gallery v5.6
Windows | 7 Mb | English
CoffeeCup Flash Photo Gallery is an awesome and easy to use image gallery for your Website. It supports all major image formats from .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, .BMP and more. No HTML or Flash knowledge required! Simply point the program to photos on your computer and you are all set ! Flash Photo Gallery will automatically optimize your images and upload them with sliding flash thumbnails. It's very cool looking too!

CoffeeCup Flash Photo Gallery is a great way to put photos on your Website. Photos can be sorted into separate albums and you can add captions to each image to describe the picture. The design of the gallery can be completely customized to match your Website too. Add backgrounds, colors, sound and more. There is no limit to what you can to with CoffeeCup Flash Photo Gallery.

No mirrors please

Goldshell FlaX v4.0

Goldshell FlaX v4.0 | 1.8 MB

FlaX creates text effects for Adobe/Macromedia Flash, and does that real-time! With its intuitive approach, it has raised the standards for Flash text effects.

FlaX comes equipped with 143 predefined effects, subdivided into 52 highly adjustable categories, which you can tweak using sliders and buttons, thus being able to create tens of thousands of unique effects.

Any adjustment made takes effect immediately, which makes FlaX a productivity tool that you can't afford to miss out on. Creating high quality ShockWave material has never been so simple.

Effects which were virtually impossible to create by hand in Flash have now become reality!

FlaX will export your effect in Flash format, so you can import it into Flash for inclusion in your other work, or you can use the effect straight on your web site.

Link :

BluffTitler DX9 v6.14 Multilingual

BluffTitler DX9 v6.14 Multilingual | 6.17 MB
Create dazzling 3D titles for your videos with BluffTitler DX9 The new version of BluffTitler features a browser panel, can download media files from the internet, introduces hyperlinks, successive shows, the sketch layer and fully supports unicode! Want to impress your friends and clients with cool 3D titles? But don't want to spend a fortune on professional 3D animation and video titling software? BluffTitler is the easiest way to add spectacular 3D text animations to your photos and videos!

Special Effects
BluffTitler supports DirectX effect files for advanced material, lighting and animation effects.
Innovative vertex and pixel shader effects include reflection mapping, bump mapping, cube mapping and tonal art mapping.

With BluffTitler you can create spectacular 3D text animations.

The result can be played in realtime by the BluffTitler player or exported to video and picture formats for further processing in DVD authoring tools including: Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Ulead VideoStudio, MAGIX Video, Canopus Edius and Adobe Premiere.

BluffTitler is the ultimate tool for creating 3D text animations for use in your:
:: Videos (alpha channel export supported)
:: Broadcast Graphics
:: Web Graphics
:: Computer Presentations (check out the powerful command-line options of the player)
:: digital Kiosks
:: IPTV Solutions
:: VJ Performances (MIDI keyboard supported)

With dynamic content you can automate tedious editing work, turn BluffTitler into an RSS news feed reader, a photo browser or even create internet controlled


150 - Flash Clocks

150 - Flash Clocks
Size~2.05 MB | RAR | RS, MU & DF
150 .swf files
150 beautiful flash clocks for web users...

Lucky Monkey Designs FlashyEffects v1.3.1 (Retail)

Lucky Monkey Designs FlashyEffects v1.3.1 (Retail) | 2.68 MB
Designed to let you be productive and get results in minutes, FlashyEffects (a lite version of KoolMoves) focuses on text and image effects. FlashyEffects is ideal for non-professional web designers who do not require the advanced features of KoolMoves. Featuring a wizard-driven user interface, no knowledge of Flash is required to create your animations.

Import images and sounds
71 action script based text/image effects
100 stylish text effects templates
343 clip art items and buttons
Wizard for adding Flash animation to web page
Capture frames for gif animation
Easy to use customizable preloaders
Many unique views of the animation
Slide show wizard
Banner wizard

Atani ver.4.32

Atani ver.4.32 | 1,43 MB
Create professional animated GIF or AVI for 5 steps! Animations can be quickly assembled both from imported images (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, EMF, WMF) and from images that created by using embedded graphic editor. More than 60 filters with their settings (antialias, fish eye, oil paint, blur, gamma, spatial, swirl, wind, plasma, pixelate...) are available for applying. Embedded effects, such as alpha-blending, creeping line, flying text, help you to create magnificent banners!

Key Features:

* Creating of AVI and animated GIF files.
* Built-in the frames editor.
* Preview.
* Testing of animated GIF with the help Internet Explorer.
* Converting an AVI file into animated GIF file.
* Saving only selected frames of an AVI file into animated GIF file or AVI file.
* A group saving the selected frames of an AVI file into BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG files.
* Changing of a codec for an AVI file.
* For making of frame is used the following file's formats: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, ICO, PNG, WMF.
* Creating the AVI and GIF files, you can:
o add frame(s) (there is the support of adding multiple files and drag and drop technic)
o insert frame(s) (there is the support of inserting multiple files and drag and drop technic)
o delete frame(s)
o refresh frame(s)
o change the frames order
o set the duration for every frame (animated GIF)
o set the image disposal for every frame
o apply more than 80 filters (antialias, spatial, twist, moire, sketch, sphere, water, wind, noise, marble, fish eye, rain drops, oil paint, ripple, shadow, gamma, greyscale, inverse, plasma, Gauss blur, puzzle, pixelate, texturized, tile, fractal, ribbon, watermark...)
o customize the color settings for every frame to reduce it size (animated GIF)
o add the frames with running text
o add the frames with alpha blending
o flip any frame
o clone any frame
o create the frame with simple or gradient fill
* Adding of a sound (for AVI).
* Creating of a GIF or AVI file via capturing by a user of a selected part of the Screen.
* Creating of an animated GIF with tween effect for 3 steps.
* Preview for every frame of AVI file with possibility of saving (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG).
* There is a support of hotkeys.
* The settings is stored into project file with the MCP extension.
* The MCP extension is registered in OS Windows that allow to load the project files in this program from Explorer by double click.
* etc.

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Caricature Photo To Cartoon v1.2.2757.17759

Caricature Photo To Cartoon v1.2.2757.17759 | 4.5MB
Photo to Cartoon converts photographs into cartoons with a click of a button. Use it to sign emails and letters, make greeting cards and party announcements, or create a unique art gift for your friend. A caricature makes an original and amusing present that even that person who has everything would be happy to get.

Download from Depositfiles | Download from RapidShare

Longtion FlashDemo Pro ver.

Longtion FlashDemo Pro ver. | 5,20 MB

FlashDemo Pro is a very powerful tool that lets you create professional demos and tutorials without programming knowledge. There are no complicated interfaces and your demonstration or presentation could be ready in just minutes. FlashDemo Pro works by taking a series of screenshots of a running application. It records the actions being taken on the application and so is able to demonstrate a simulation of these actions. Each screenshot taken by FlashDemo Pro constitutes a Scene that can then be edited to suit your required demo/tutorial.

After recording a running application and the actions taken on that application, add detail, annotations and explanations to your movie by adding Objects and visual aids and manipulating the time sequencing for Scenes, objects and visual aids in the Editing Window.

FlashDemo Pro is extremely flexible and easy to use. The Editing tools available allow total control of scene behaviour and all visual aids and objects within the scene.

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FlashSpring Pro v2.0.2

FlashSpring Pro v2.0.2
Windows | patch include | 10 Mb | English

FlashSpring Pro is an easy and fast PowerPoint add-on for high quality Flash content creation. With FlashSpring Pro, you can easily create Flash content in a PowerPoint environment with just a few clicks.

With no special skills, you can create portable Flash presentations, making them available to millions of users with different computer platforms and web browsers.

All FlashSpring’s functions are easy to access through the PowerPoint toolbar. FlashSpring Pro creates high quality Flash content that retains all visual parameters of your PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint animation effects are also translated to Flash in your presentation.

FlashSpring Pro is an add-in that allows you to convert powerpoint to flash.

The extremely compact Flash clips generated by FlashSpring Pro make them ideal for use on the Internet. By choosing different compression ratios, you can reduce Flash presentation file size even more. FlashSpring Pro is constantly being improved, at least once a month a new version is released.

Mediator 7.0 pro of Matchware ISO 579Mb

Mediator 7.0 pro of Matchware | ISO | 579 Mb

Create Flash®, HTML and CD-Rom Presentations. Mediator 8's icon-based editing allows you to drag-and-drop your way to Flash®, HTML and interactive CD's quicker than with any other web or multimedia tool. Combine text, images, sounds and videos. Apply transitions and interactivity -no programming needed! Then simply use the "one click" export to Flash®, HTML or CD-Rom. It has never been this easy to create complete websites in Flash®. Make your own website or make use of the templates in the Multimedia Catalog. Use animations, variables or input objects - it's all included. Perfect for CBT creation.

Mediator 7 Pro offers a complete multimedia and web solution for corporate, educational and designer usage. Operating through a simple, yet highly effective drag and drop interface, Mediator 8 Pro creates HTML, Flash® and CD-Rom Presentations. Work quickly and effectively with text, pictures, video, Flash® movies, animation paths and much more. No programming required!

How Mediator works

Mediator works as a four stage process to create compelling and effective multimedia or web pages:

1. Create the pages you need.
2. Add your objects to each page
(e.g.: text, backgrounds, videos, images etc.).
3. Create interactivity
(e.g.: start video, show/hide objects, go to another page, or insert hyperlinks, etc.).
4. Distribute your project to CD-Rom, HTML or Flash® with a few mouse clicks.

With its slick new Office® 2003 user interface, Mediator 8 offers drastic improvements to its predecessor Mediator 7. The advanced docking allows you to combine dialogs such as the Page, Properties and Object lists as tabs of the same panel, therefore maximizing the workspace available for designing.

Mediator 8 Pro now allows multiple users sharing a network to work concurrently on the same project in multi-user mode. If you are working in a team, you can allocate different pages of your project to different team members so that the whole project is created simultaneously, each member working on their own specific area.

The integrated Drawing tool lets you create high-end vector based graphics within your Mediator projects. While working in the Drawing tool, the Mediator page is grayed out in the background enabling you to see how your drawing fits on the page. When you return to Mediator, the drawing is inserted on the Mediator page as any other object. Drawings can also be exported as standard picture formats EMF, SWF, PNG, JPG and BMP to be used outside of Mediator.

The Multimedia Catalog has been entirely redesigned. Its contents are more contemporary, professional and easier to use. Over a 1000 new illustrations are organized in subject-based categories. All contents are royalty free and can be used in Mediator projects without any copyright issues.

Mediator 8 comes with an advanced spellchecking function. You can choose between a variety of languages, use and edit the AutoCorrect lists supplied and maintain your own dictionaries.

All the Mediator wizards have been completely redesigned. Pre-programmed for highly effective projects, they are also much easier to use.

The most powerful and exceptional feature Mediator has to offer is certainly its range of distribution options. Not only does it include the standard export options, such as HTML, CD-Rom, Screen Saver, EXE or Flash® (.swf files), but it lets you create applications, games and presentations which will auto-install on the host computer. All export options, including the Mediator Player, are royalty free.

Mediator 8 Pro makes short work of highly complex multimedia or web based projects – no programming or scripting necessary. Simply drag and drop your way to compelling and impressive HTML, Flash® or multimedia presentations.

Download Link:

SWiSHmax Unicode Enu Build 24.05.2007

SWiSHmax Unicode Enu Build 24.05.2007 | 12 MB
The Ultimate in Flash Authoring. With 230 new effects, a Javascript-like scripting language and support for dynamic content and input forms, SWiSH Max has everything you need to create fully interactive Flash animations. At only $99.95, SWiSH Max is outstanding value! Bundled with over 230 built-in effects.

230 Visual Effects
Hundreds of new effects can be applied to text, graphics and images. You can also author and distribute your own effects

SWiSHscript Language
Advanced scripting environment supports Guided and Expert editing-modes and powerful debugging tools.

Drawing Tools
Create stars, arrows, polygons, cubes, buttons and more with these easy to use tools. User Interface
A simple yet powerful interface means ANYONE can make stunning Flash animations in minutes.

Import/Export Options
You can easily export your SWF movies complete with HTML, AVI movies and Flash Projectors. Input Forms
Attach script to input text and post data to a web server to create intelligent input forms

Dynamic Content
Load images, text and data from a web-server, and control your SWiSH movie with a server-side script

BluffTitler DX9 v7.06

BluffTitler DX9 v7.06 | 6.11 MB
Create dazzling 3D titles for your videos with BluffTitler DX9. Want to impress your friends and clients with cool 3D titles? But don't want to spend a fortune on professional 3D animation and video titling software? BluffTitler is the easiest way to add spectacular 3D text animations to your photos and videos! Other 3D programs always seemed too hard to learn and too expensive to justify. But thanks to BluffTitler, I can finally create all of the cool animations I only dreamed of before!

Effects that can be created with BluffTitler include:

-golden beveled titles
-blood dripping titles
-JPG textured titles
-MPG textured titles
-slimy titles
-hairy titles
-exploding titles
-reflection mapped titles
-twisted titles
-cartoon shaded titles
-golden glowing titles
-spooky lightened titles
-titles with silver spikes
-jumbling titles
-inverted titles
-bouncing titles
-powerfield emitting titles
-titles with flying hearts
-pumping titles
-plasma backgrounds
-background videos morphing into donuts
-particle effects
-MP3 audio
-morphing JPG pictures
-exploding video backgrounds
-fractal backgrounds

Autodesk Maya Unlimited 8.5 SP1

Autodesk Maya Unlimited 8.5 SP1 | 572 Mb
Autodesk Maya® (formerly Alias Systems Corporation) - Academy Award® winning software is the world’s most powerfully integrated 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering solution. Because Maya is based on an open architecture, all your work can be scripted or programmed using a well-documented and comprehensive API (Application Program Interface), or one of two integrated scripting languages. This, combined with an industry-leading suite of 3D tools, means Maya enables you to realize your creative ideas. Maya also adds to the quality and realism of 2D graphics. That’s why Autodesk Maya is used by film and video artists, game developers, design visualization professionals, and students to create engaging, lifelike digital images, realistic animation, and extraordinary visual effects.

The ultimate version of Maya—Autodesk® Maya® Unlimited—is the choice of digital artists who are looking to make their 3D projects stand out. Maya Unlimited includes all the functionality found in Autodesk Maya Complete and provides professional artists and animators with additional industry leading-innovations such as Maya Fluid Effects, Maya® nCloth, Maya Hair, Maya Fur and Maya Live, for the creation of superior digital content.

Create breathtaking 3D with Autodesk® Maya® 8.5 software. Quickly direct and control cloth in entirely new ways with Maya® nCloth. Use Python, one of the two Maya embedded scripting languages, to manipulate, customize and automate Maya. Maya 8.5 also delivers Intel®-based Macintosh® computer support and productivity-enhancing tools that let you complete complex animation tasks faster.

Highlights of the new product and feature offerings for Autodesk Maya 8 include:

- 64-bit support for Windows and Linux platforms
- Multi-threading and algorithmic speed-ups to boost performance
- File referencing enhancements
- Enhanced polygon modeling and UV tools and workflows
- Transfer of UVs and other attributes between models
- Updated mental ray 3.5 core
- Enhanced interoperability between Maya and other Autodesk products, including MotionBuilder, 3DS Max and Toxik.

Autodesk Maya Complete:

- Intuitive User Interface
- Data and Scene Management Tools
- Polygon Modeling
- NURBS Modeling
- Subdivision Surface Modeling
- General Animation
- Character Animation
- Deformers
- Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics
- Particles and Fields
- Maya Paint Effects
- Toon Shader
- Maya Artisan
- 3D Paint
- Multiple Rendering Options
- Rendering Controls and Effects
- Maya API/SDK
- Connectivity and Integration

Autodesk Maya Unlimited contains everything in Autodesk Maya Complete, plus:
- Maya Hair
- Maya Fluid Effects
- Maya Cloth
- Maya Fur
- Maya Live

* Maya Fluid Effects™ - Simulate and render a huge variety of atmospheric, pyrotechnic, viscous liquid, and open ocean effects. Maya Fluid Effects overcomes one of the greatest barriers in computer animation.
* Maya Fur - Easy creation of realistic fur, short hair, wool and grass on NURBS or polygonal models. Incredibly realistic styling and rendering of short hair and fur, with Maya Artisan brush interface for painting fur attributes.
* Maya Cloth - The fastest and most accurate software solution for simulating a wide variety of digital clothing and other fabric objects. Any cloth object can be animated including sails, skins, tents, drapery, bedding, etc.
* Maya Live - Sophisticated matchmoving combines 2D live-action with 3D elements. Maya Live provides greater flexibility, a fast integrated 2D tracker and an interactive root frame solver. Maya Live also allows you to reconstruct live-action elements as 3D geometry plus output to external applications.
* Maya Hair - Tools for the creation, styling and rendering of fully dynamic long hair on NURBS or polygon objects. Make any NURBS curve dynamic for use in advanced character rigging and effects. Create a wide range of other “non-hair” effects too.

Easy Banner Creator ver.1.0

Easy Banner Creator ver.1.0 | 1,30 MB
Easy Banner Creator is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create animated or static banners in seconds without graphic skills.Your own banners will make your website successful and will attract new visitors.

Here are some key features of "Easy Banner Creator":

· creates animated and static banners with standard or any sizes;
· defines style of background fill: Color, Gradient, Picture;
· loads background picture for created banners from BMP, JPEG (JPG), GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, ICO - files and Windows Metafiles;
· defines text by parameters: color, font, size, shade color and depth;
· builds animation on the base of animation effect "Running text";
· defines animation parameters: direction, count of frames, delay;
· optimizes size of created GIF- file and displayes its size in Status bar;
· exports created banners to GIF- files;
· saves animation scripts in EBC- files.

Download Rapidshare

AiO Flash Mixer ver.3.6

AiO Flash Mixer ver.3.6 | 5,78 MB
AiO Flash Mixer provides a new way to create your SWF easily. You can merge several SWF, text and pictures into a new SWF by dragging and dropping. It is very simple to use, just pick existed Flash and drop them into your own Flash.

You can move, resize, rotate and displace the Flash you added. The final Flash is exactly the same as it displayed in working area. You can set the picture or music as the background. For advance user, timeline can help you to set the display time of the Flash you added.
The professional Flash banner, Flash album, Flash animation and Flash slide show can also be created by Flash Mixer.
We provide more Flash ClipArts, All you need to do is dragging and dropping them into your new Flash.

Full features list

* Professional Flash effects
* Add Flash by dragging and dropping the mouse
* Exceed WYSIWYG
* Super Compatibility
* Modify the inserted Flash
* Various ClipArts
* Build-in Photo Editor
* Add background pictures available
* Add background music available
* Export Flash file(SWF) and execution file(EXE)
* Newly added features: add timeline, text editor and picture

Download Rapidshare

KoolMoves ver.6.1.2

KoolMoves ver.6.1.2 | 7,32 MB
KoolMoves is a web animation authoring tool that creates Flash movies and frames for animated gifs. Used by both professionals and novices to create rich interactive content for web sites, KoolMoves is a popular Flash authoring tool with rave industry reviews!
As Flash has developed into the standard for animation on the web, KoolMoves has emerged as an advanced but low cost alternative to Flash. Combining ease-of-use with a wealth of powerful animation effects, KoolMoves makes it easy and inexpensive to create professional quality Flash movies for web sites.

KoolMoves is an affordable Flash authoring tool that is full featured and easy to use. It is ideal for creating a wide range of web content with high impact visuals, MP3 and WAV sound. Create text effects, import vector clipart, attach wav audio, fill shapes with color gradients or bitmaps, add actions to text buttons and frames, plus more.

- Import images and sounds
- 71 action script based text/image effects
- 100 stylish text effects templates
- 343 clip art items and buttons
- Wizard for adding Flash movie to web page
- Capture frames for gif animation
- Easy to use customizable preloaders
- Many unique views of the animation
- Slide show wizard
- Banner wizard
- 28 web interface templates
- 4 skill levels (wizards to cartooning)
- Import Flash movie as object or editable
- Import FLV Flash video
- Full set of drawing/shape manipulation tools
- Dynamic text
- Flash 8 action scripting (AS1)
- Flash 8 filter/blend effects
- 10 interface components (e.g. content pane)
- Masking
- Import/export SVG
- Variable line width
- Character animation bones

Changes in Version 6.1.2, 07/5/07:
* Fixed problem introduced in 6.1.1 with motion script behavior with text.
* Fixed error message in Numeric Transform if -0.0 is entered for x or y position.
* Fixed error in Numeric Transform with "absolute all frames" checked if Apply pressed more than once.
* Changed behavior of script selection in Add Text screens so selection changes to script of user's country on font change.

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Flash Album Creator v2.1.4.1477

Flash Album Creator v2.1.4.1477

Flash Album Creator v2.1.4.1477 | 1528 KB |Windows 98/Me/2000/XP | eng
After Flash Album Creator starts, you can see the user interface as below: Part 1 is the "Slide List" which displays all currently available slides. Part 2 is the preview window for movie preview. Part 3 is composed of 5 panels, the "Global" panel contains properties for the whole slide show, and the rest panels contain the properties for the current slide.

The program + keygen dREAM TEAM

Devastating Fighting Secrets

"Devastating Fighting Secrets"
English | DivX 5 720x544 25.00fps | MPEG 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps | 1 hr | 1.11 Gb

Devastating Fighting Secrets is the one video you'd want to watch if you were going into the meanest, roughest prison the next morning!

Although I teach in a friendly and fun manner, this DVD is not for the feint of heart. It's full of the "end-it-quick" and "for-survival-only" lethal and devastating fighting moves and tactics, which are demonstrated in a way that is easy to understand.

Passive, Medium and Lethal Force are covered, as well as the most damaging and painful measures to stop a bigger, stronger more experienced attacker, or multiple attackers, and even an MMA Fighter!

The moment you pop in my new DVD you'll instantly discover....

* How To Instantly End A Fight In One Move (Regardless of Their Size or Skill!)
* How To Snap A Terrorists Neck Or Tear Out His Throat As Easy As Popping Open A Soda
* Pain, Damage or Death - All In One Inch!
* Disable Shots: How To Instantly Disable Your Attacker Without Killing Him
* Simulated Attack: Watch Me Pulverize Multiple Attackers While Empty-Handed
* How To Beat A Groundfighter Instantly (Not for those who can't handle BLOODY GORE)
* Role Reversal: How To Easily Take His Knife or Gun When You're Empty-Handed!
* 2 Last Minute Firing-Line Ways To Save Your Life And Snatch Victory From Certain Death!
* 3 Ways To INSTANTLY DESTROY A Bigger, Stronger, More Experienced Attacker
* 8 Joint Cranks To Seize And Control Anyone- Even Make The Hulk Whimper Like A Bitch!

A Martial Artist since the age of 9, Scott Bolan received his first Black Belt in Shito-Ryu Karate. Mr. Scott received his Law Enforcement Continuum certification at the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in San Diego, CA, and holds 3 Instructor Certifications from world-renowned Jeet Kune Do authority Paul Vunak (under guro Dan Inosanto).
A Martial Artist since the age of 9, Self-Defense Group Founder and Head Instructor Scott Bolan received his first Black Belt in Shito-Ryu Karate.

He went on to master other arts such as Atemi Jiu-Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, etc, continuing further to achieve Advanced Instructor Degrees in Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's Fighting Art) and Hock Hochheims's Close Quarter Combatives Group. Scott was also hand-trained and certified Black Belt by Head Martial Arts Instructor to the South African Military Ben Mangels.

Mr. Bolan received his Law Enforcement Continuum certification at the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in San Diego, CA, and holds 3 Instructor Certifications from world-renowned Jeet Kune Do authority Paul Vunak (under guro Dan Inosanto).

At the National Law Enforcement Institute, Mr. Bolan was certified as a Close Quarter Combatives Group Instructor.

"CQC Group Instructors" are Hock Hochheim's handpicked, highest trained, tested and certified Instructors in all 6 levels of each Close Quarter Combatives category: Hand, Stick, Knife and Gun.

To constantly improve, perfect and stay abreast of developments in the Combative Arts, Mr. Bolan continues to train every year with the "who's who" of the Martial Arts, Safety & Law Enforcement Tactics world.

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Cold Steel Training DVD -Warriors Edge

Cold Steel Training DVD-Warriors Edge | 2.5Gb
As many of you know, I am not enamored with the oft repeated saying: "If you get in a knife fight, expect to be cut." The reason is that this saying condemns even the highly skilled knife fighter to be wounded, disfigured, disabled or even killed if ever forced to put his training with a blade to the test. This is why for the past ten years, I have spent an enormous amount of time in full contact sparring with my training partners to develop a knife fighting method that allows the properly trained fighter to vanquish his enemy with minimal risk of being cut or stabbed in the process. During this developmental period I have borrowed heavily from Western Fencing, and Filipino Martial Arts, including Lameco Escrima, Japanese Ken Jitsu, and Western Boxing as well. I have even added techniques and methods that are entirely my own.

The result of this effort is a knife fighting method which stresses the avoidance of close range in favor of long range techniques aided by footwork, rhythm, timing, speed and superior tactics and strategy. Recognizing that many of my customers can't attend our seminars on this subject, I have condensed our basic course onto 3 DVD's so you can now study, and train in the comfort and convenience of your own home. What's more, I guarantee that if you study them faithfully and practice diligently with a training partner you will gain the skill and ability necessary to give you a huge advantage if ever forced to defend your life or a loved one's with a fighting knife.

Volume 1,Introduction to Long Range Knife Fighting:
Subjects covered will be three ranges of knife fighting, and the types of knives you may encounter and demonstrations of their cutting and piercing power. Other topics include, how knives may concealed, how to make a Cold Steel® style training knife, why your knife must be strong and sharp, and how to grip the fighting knife.
Disc One: 1 hour 52 minutes
Download links:
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Volume 2, On Guard Stance & Footwork:
This tape teaches the clock concept, our basic on guard stance, common mistakes made in assuming the fighting stance, and footwork, including forward, backward, lateral, diagonal, and circular movement as well as the replacement step, lunge, flechè and leaping attack. This is an absolute must have DVD as there are no knife fighters of any consequence out there who don’t possess superior footwork.
Disc Two: 3 hours 18 minutes
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Volume 3, Thrusts & Slashes:
How to use the point of your fighting knife to execute the rake, speed jab, power stab, and épée thrust as well as elliptical and circular stabbing methods. Also taught on this volume will be how to use the edge of your knife to slash cut, chop, hack, snap cut and vertical whip as well as the 12 angles of attack.
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Volume 4, Defense:
How to use defensive footwork, defend against attacks on your knife hand, evasion patterns and techniques, parrying, stop hitting, counter slashing and stabbing and blocking with your knife edge. Also taught will be the use of the empty hand to stop-hit, beat, parry, block, tap, and chop with, and the concept of Mai, or judging distance will be covered.
Disc Three: 1 hour 55 minutes
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Volume 5, Offense:
How to recognize and exploit the 21 common openings or weaknesses in your opponent’s defense.The five principles in creating openings and the 11 pillars of strategy.
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Volume 6, Training Drills and Sparring:
How to perform training drills that will develop the skills and attributes you need before proceeding to spar. Also actual sparring instruction and demonstrations.
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British Free Fighting Academy : Survive The Street

"British Free Fighting Academy : Survive The Street"
English | Xvid 640x464 25.00fps | MPEG 48000Hz stereo 140Kbps | 1 hr | 755 Mb

SURVIVE THE STREET is the British Free Fighting Academy instructional DVD release on the most effective street self defence.
In this DVD Andy Hopwood teaches the viewer how to fend off violent attacks even if they have no martial arts experience.

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The Keysi Fighting Method

"The Keysi Fighting Method"
English | MPEG4 Video (H264) 768x432 | AAC 32000Hz Stereo 1024Kbps | 48 Min | 661 Mb

Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) is a method of self defense that is based on natural fighting instincts and several street fighting techniques, developed by Justo Diéguez Serrano from his fighting experiences in the streets of Spain. The system was founded with the help of Andy Norman.[1] Both founders, Justo Diéguez and Andy Norman, are certified Jeet Kune Do instructors under Dan Inosanto[2]. The Keysi Fighting Method became famous after it was used in the fighting choreography of the movies Batman Begins and its sequel, The Dark Knight.

KFM is NOT a martial art. It was not born or reinvented in the 'dojo'; KFM was born on the streets of Spanish gypsy origin. It has grown, developed and matured on the streets and the KFM Instructor Development Program is now a direct consequence of real events, experiences and subsequent years of investigation. KFM is an amazing multi dimensional journey into the world of self-discovery.

KFM was born in the 1950's and therefore old and primitive traditions do not bind it, nor do they limit the never-ending process of evolution. If we are to truly grow and develop as human beings then we must first break free from all past conditioning. Learning is non accumulative, therefore we cannot store learning as we can knowledge, learning occurs on a daily basis and once we have 'learnt' something it becomes Knowledge which is now of the past.

KFM is an art form dedicated towards the study and investigation of survival of the modern day streets. It is in a state of constant evolution, never standing still and fuelled by research and investigation. You must allow yourself to evolve and grow on a daily basis if you are to truly absorb the essence of KFM and KFM lives in the blood and not in the collection of techniques.

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Cisco Networkers 2009 - CCNA Wireless

Cisco Networkers 2009 - CCNA Wireless | 432MB
This is a Networkes 2009 session that will prepare students for the "Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials" (IUWNE) (640-721) exam for the CCNA Wireless certification.

Winstructor - ISA Server 2006

Winstructor - ISA Server 2006 | 216MB
In this series of ISA Server 2006 Training Videos, we'll show you how to Install, Configure and Secure your Network using the popular ISA Server 2006 Firewall and Caching Server from Microsoft. Learn ISA Server 2006 today!

With this Training Package You'll Discover:
- ISA Server Hardware and Software Requirements
- How to Install ISA Server 2006
- Managing the Firewall
- Configuring the Interfaces
- Backup and Restoring your ISA Server
- Configuring Firewall Rules
- Publishing Applications
- Configuring VPN's
- Caching Data
- Content Download Jobs
- ISA Server Roles
- Configuring Logging
- Alerts
- Domains vs Workgroups

School of Wrestling Technique

Granby School of Wrestling Techniquepart2 (2004)
Dvix | avi | 26 Mins | English | 640x480 | 25 fps | MPEG 192 kbps | 122 MB
Live Lessons

Very interesting lessons from the wrestling with a detailed description.part2

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Brotherhood In Islam

Brotherhood In Islam (Khalid Yasin) | 1.4GB
English |vedio:DivX V4 , 720*576 , 25 fps , 2.4 Mbps | Audio:MPEG Layer-3 , Stereo , 48 KHz , 64 Kbps
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "You do not truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself". In this lecture, Shaykh Khalid Yasin gives beautiful examples of what it means to really love for your brother what you love for yourself. He advises us of the qualities or actions that we are lacking in, so that we may increase the brotherhood in Islam.


Fighting Folders: The Works With Michael D. Janich

"Fighting Folders: The Works With Michael D. Janich (3 DVD Set)"
English | DivX 6 720x480 29.97fps | MPEG 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps | 3.5 GB

The complete set of three powerful DVDs from veteran knife instructor Michael D. Janich
Michael D. Janich is one of the foremost modern authorities on handgun point shooting and one of the few contemporary instructors to have personally trained with the late close-combat legend Col. Rex Applegate. In addition to making his own martial arts equipment, noted martial arts author and instructor Michael Janich has designed and engineered everything from blowguns to knives, including the highly acclaimed Masters of Defense Tempest folding knife.

FIGHTING FOLDERS : The Definitive Guide to Personal Defense with Tactical Folding Knives

This DVD takes a focused look at the folding knife as a defensive weapon and provides detailed instruction in the secrets of knife selection, carry methods, proper grip and split-second one-handed openings. It also presents a step-by-step tutorial in the critical skills of folding knife tactics, including cutting and thrusting methods, defensive responses, high-speed combination cutting and the realities of knife stopping power. In the process, it explains the importance of “Defensive Zones” and how understanding them allows you to instantly classify any attack coming at you. Finally, it teaches the fundamental reflex training drills (aka “flow” drills) of the Filipino martial arts, how to optimize them to function with small folding knives, and how to use them to develop and reinforce razor-sharp defensive reflexes that are the key to surviving any real street encounter.

ADVANCED FIGHTING FOLDERS : State-of-the-Art Training and Tactics for the Defensive Use of Tactical Folding Knives
This video builds on the foundation of knowledge and technique established with Fighting Folders. Following the same logical, step-by-step progression, it presents detailed instruction in knife fighting footwork, live-hand tactics, high-speed knife-to-knife disarms and advanced reflex training drills and concepts. It then shows how to extract the conditioned reflexes and patterns of movement developed by the drills to create high-performance defensive applications called “Speed Stops.” This dynamic presentation also teaches how and when to deploy your knife in the midst of a fight and when caught in a disadvantaged position. Featuring more than two hours of detailed instruction and numerous overhead and slow-motion sequences, this video sets a new standard in defensive edged-weapon tactics.

MASTERING FIGHTING FOLDERS : Secrets of Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting and Advanced Folding Knife Tactics
Building upon the foundation of the first two volumes in the Fighting Folders series, this video presents a complete course in reverse-grip (aka “ice pick”) knife tactics. It begins by using the standard-grip knife skills learned in the first two videos to explore the body dynamics of reverse grip. It then presents step-by-step instruction in combat-oriented variations of the classic Filipino reverse-grip training drills, including “Trap and Roll,” “Cover and Slash,” Palisut and Hubud-Lubud. Based on the reflexes and movement patterns developed by these drills, you then learn how to extract the appropriate skills so you can instantly and reflexively respond with the most effective technique in any defensive situation. This video also reveals the secrets of getting “up close and impersonal” with your knife work, integrating never-before-seen instruction in pentjak silat footwork and throwing technique with all the skills of the Fighting Folders series to create total-body edged-weapon fighting system that also translates into the use of improvised weapons like flashlights, ballpoint pens, and kubotans. For academic study only.

Systema : The Master of Fighting by Mikhail Ryabko & Vladimir Vasiliev

"Systema : The Master of Fighting by Mikhail Ryabko & Vladimir Vasiliev"
English | DivX 5 720x528 25.00fps | MPEG 44100Hz stereo | 1 hr 15 min | 612 Mb

Systema is an ancient Russian martial art used by Russian knights that was adopted by certain of the most elite units of Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces). It is elegant in it’s simplicity and devastatingly effective in it’s application. Systema is fluid and flowing and yet generates enormous power while adapting easily to each individuals body type and mental makeup. This ancient knowledge is now being made available to those outside of the elite Spetsnaz community due to the efforts of Mikahil Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev.
Mikhail Ryabko trained by one of Stalin’s Falcons from the age of five and beginning his operational career in the Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces) at the age of 15, Mikhail Ryabko was not only given the secrets of this ancient art, he was put in the position of repeatedly applying both the art and its principles in life and death combat on, what for much of his early life, was a day-to-day basis. This System, taught by Mikhail Ryabko, is not a shadow of what once was, it is a living practical art that even now is being applied by warriors in combat. When working with Mikhail and his foremost student, Vladimir Vasiliev, one is struck by the calm depth of these men. Enormous knowledge and ability taught with calm, deep conviction.

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Inayan Reactive Knife

"Inayan Reactive Knife"
English | MPEG1 Video 29.97fps | MPEG 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps | 55 min | 555 Mb

In this video Suro Mike Inay will teach you an easy to learn system against a knife attack, that he has taught for many years to Police and Law enforcement instructors all over the U.S.A. It is based on natural reactions and reflexes and proven to be functional on the streets of America. Specially suited for Police and Law Enforcement Officers.

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Counter Knife Tactics with Demi Barbito

"Counter Knife Tactics with Demi Barbito"
English | DivX 5 720x480 29.97fps | MPEG 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps | 1 hr 07 min | 530 Mb

This DVD covers tactics and training for unarmed knife defense. All serious self preservation programs should include empty hands vs knife in their training. This is the same material that Demi worked with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
DVD-Rip | English | AVI (XviD) | 704x368, 884 kbps | MP3, 64 kbps | No subtitles | 698 Mb
Genre: Comedy, Crime


Quick Change (1990)

Quick Change (1990)[/b]
DVD-Rip | English | AVI (XviD) | 608x336, 1149 kbps | MP3, 64 kbps | No subtitles | 697 Mb
Genre: Comedy, Crime

Tagline: The bank robbery was easy. But getting out of New York was a nightmare.

Directed by: Howard Franklin & Bill Murray

Starring: Bill Murray, Dale Grand, Bob Elliott, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid and Phil Hartman

File Summary:
Format: AVI
Size: 697 Mb
Language: English (no subtitles)
Duration: 01:24:54.4

.:: Video ::.
Resolution: 608x336 pixels
Bitrate: 1149 kb/s
Frame Rate: 25.00 fps
Codec: XviD

.:: Audio ::.
Codec: MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
Bitrate: 64 kb/s
Channel: Stereo
Sample Rate: 48,000 hertz

The Dark Corner ( 1946 )

The Dark Corner ( 1946 )
Xvid | 512*384 | 25fps | 96min | 118kbps JS LAME | Eng with srt Eng subs | 700mb
Crime / Film-Noir / Drama

Directed by
Henry Hathaway

Writing credits
Jay Dratler (screenplay)
Leo Rosten (story)

Crime / Film-Noir / Drama

Save your lipstick, girls, he plays for keeps.

Plot Outline:
Secretary tries to help her boss, who is framed for a murder.

User Comments:
I'll take the Donatello. Wrap it up!

Cast(Complete credited cast)

Lucille Ball ... Kathleen
Clifton Webb ... Hardy Cathcart
William Bendix ... Stauffer, alias Fred Foss
Mark Stevens ... Bradford Galt
Kurt Kreuger ... Anthony Jardine
Cathy Downs ... Mari Cathcart
Reed Hadley ... Lt Frank Reeves
Constance Collier ... Mrs. Kingsley
Eddie Heywood ... Himself (as Eddie Heywood and His Orchestra)

Infernal Affairs (DVDRip -2002)

Infernal Affairs (DVDRip -2002)
a.k.a. Mou Gaan Dou, Wu Jian Dao
Crime/Action/Drama | 700 – 7 files| AVI XVid 672x288 | 135 kbps mp3 | 100 min | Cantonese | Fragment rlz |
Subtitle (.srt): English , Portuguese/Brazil , Spanish, Dutch

The movie:

Cowboy Bebop - The Movie ( 2001)

Cowboy Bebop - The Movie ( 2001)
(aka Cowboy Bebop : Knockin' on Heavens Door / Tengoku no tobira )
690 mb| 512 x 288 | xvid |25 fps |192 kbps JS mp3 |111 min | English
Genre: Animation / Action / Crime / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Infernal Affairs 2(DVDRip -2003)

mou gaan dou 2

Infernal Affairs 2 (DVDRip -2003)
a.k.a. Mou Gaan Dou II, Wu Jian Dao 2
Crime/Action/Drama | AVI XVid 640 x 272 | AC3 384 kbps | 119 min | Cantonese | iMBT rlz | | Subtitle (.srt): English | 1.3 GB – 14 files

The movie:

So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)

So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller
English (no subtitles) | 700 Mb


Infernal Affairs 3(DVDRip -2003)

Infernal Affairs 3 (DVDRip -2003)
a.k.a. Mou Gaan Dou III : Jung gik mou gaan, Wu Jian Dao 3 , Infernal Affairs 3: End Inferno
Crime/Action/Drama | 1.3 GB – 14 files| AVI XVid 800 x 336 | AC3 384 kbps | 119 min | Cantonese | WAF rlz |
Subtitle (.srt): English

The movie:

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
DVD-Rip | English | AVI (XviD) | 352x240 | 44100 Hz, Stereo, 192 kb/s | 718 Mb
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Crime, Family, Fantasy, Mystery

Roger Rabbit is a cartoon character who (along with many others) co-exists with real humans. Eddy is a private-eye who has seen better days and has been on the skids since the death of his brother at the hands of a Toon (cartoon). Rogers' boss hires Eddy to see if his sexy wife has other male interests, but things get out of hand as Roger is framed for murder with no one but the Toon-hating Eddy to depend on for help.
Sorry, no subtitles are included with this movie

Tagline: It's the story of a man, a woman, and a rabbit in a triangle of trouble.

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis

Awards: Won 3 Oscars and 4 Academy Awards.

Detailed Summary:
Format: AVI
Duration: 01:41:59.2
Bitrate: 984 kb/s

.:: Video ::.
Encoder: XviD
Codec: MPEG-4
Resolution: 352x240 pixels
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps

.:: Audio ::.
Codec: MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
Sample Rate: 44,100 hertz
Channel: Stereo
Bitrate: 192 kb/s

The movie is split into 8 WinRAR archives.

RAR Password:
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