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Monday, September 21, 2009

London (DVDRip - 2005)

London (DVDRip - 2005)
DVDRip | XviD 640 x 272 | 1h34 | 23.976 fps | 128 kbps | 700 Mb
Genre: Biography / Drama / Romance |

London is a drug laden adventure that centers on a party in a New York loft where a young man is trying to win back his ex-girlfriend.



El Cantante (WP - 2007)


El Cantante (Workprint - 2007)
English | 116 min | XVid 640x304 | 138 kbps vbr mp3 | 23 fps | 700 mb | CAMERA rlz
Genre : Drama/Biography| + ftp2share mirrors

The Doors (1991)

The Doors (1991)
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music

Tagline: The Ultimate Story of Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll

Written by: Randall Jahnson

Directed by: Oliver Stone

Starring: Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Michael Madsen, Billy Idol, Kathleen Quinlan and John Densmore

Budget Estimate: $38 Million

Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA | Mojave Desert, California, USA | Death Valley National Park, California, USA | New York City, New York, USA | Paris, France | Pulgas Water Temple, Canada Road, Redwood City, California, USA | San Francisco, California, USA

Detailed Summary:
Format: AVI
Duration: 02:20:28.4
Bitrate: 697 kb/s

.:: Video ::.
Encoder: XviD
Codec: MPEG-4
Resolution: 608x272 pixels
Frame Rate: 23.98 fps

.:: Audio ::.
Codec: MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
Sample Rate: 48,000 hertz
Channel: Stereo
Bitrate: 112 kb/s

The movie is split into 7 WinRAR archives.

RAR Password:

Charlotte Valentine (pitstop) - Video Diary

Charlotte Valentine (pitstop) - Video Diary
29 MB | 05:26 mins | English | mpeg1 320x240 | mp2 128 kbps | RAR |

Download -

Recovery Record: YES

Charlotte Valentine (pitstop) - Video Diary

Clint Eastwood Presents Thelonious Monk - Straight, No Chaser 1988

Clint Eastwood Presents Thelonious Monk - Straight, No Chaser 1988
DVD-Rip | Video size: 608x448 | Audio: 48000hz, 16bps, 2ch | Length: 1:29:21 | Bitrate: 1024kbps | Size : 654 MO
SONY 1989

The 10 Commandments

The Ten Commandments (2007)
DVDRIP | Language: English | XviD 576x336 | 167 mins | 29.9 fps | 192 kbps | 700 Mb
Genre: Action / Adventure / Biography / Drama / History / War |
When an oracle prophesizes that a child will become Prince of Egypt, a time of danger approaches the kingdom. The Egyptian Pharaoh (Paul Rhys, From Hell) orders the massacre of all newborn males. But one child, Moses-the son of a Hebrew slave-escapes certain death when he is set adrift on the Nile. As years pass, he is raised in a royal Egyptian household and, with no memory of his family, rises to the stature of prince. Upon discovery of his true heritage, and inspired by a fiery message from God, Moses (Dougray Scott, Mission: Impossible II) embarks upon a noble and desperate fight to reclaim his destiny as the leader and liberator of the Hebrew people. With a stellar cast that includes Mia Maestro (TV's Alias) and Golden Globe® winner Omar Sharif (Lawrence of Arabia), The Ten Commandments is unsurpassed in its vision-both intimate and grand.


Becoming Jane


Becoming Jane (2007)
English | Subtitle: English | 115 min | XVid 576x320 | 122 kbps vbr mp3 | 25 fps | 700 mb | AFO rlz |
Genre: Biography/Drama | & ftp2share 5 mirrors

Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man (2006)
DVDRip | Language: English | XviD 656x272 | 144 mins | 29.9 fps | 192 kbps | 700 Mb
Genre: Biography / Drama / Sport |

I Am a Sex Addict

I Am a Sex Addict (DVDrip 2005)
DVDRip | XviD 544x304 | 98 mins | 29.9 fps | 192 kbps | 750 Mb
Genre: Biography / Comedy |


The U.S. vs. John Lennon

The U.S. vs. John Lennon (2006)
DVDRip | Language: English | XviD 576x320 | 96 mins | 29.9 fps | 192 kbps | 750 Mb
Genre: Documentary / Biography |

Truth or Dare / In bed with Madonna

(Document) Truth or Dare / In bed with Madonna [DVDrip]
RIP+UP | XviD-1034 | 608x336 | mp3@128 | English (French hard subbed) | DVD Cover | 2h00 | 1.00 Gb
USA 10 May 1991
Directed by Alek KESHISHIAN

Cast/Avec Madonna, Pedro Almodóvar, Antonio Banderas, Warren Beatty, Sandra Bernhard, Luis Camacho, Christopher Ciccone, Martin Ciccone, Silvio Ciccone ...
No Pass

I’m Not There (2007)


I’m Not There (DVDrip - 2007)
English | 129 min | XVid 672x288 | 192 kbps AC3 | 25 fps | 1,4 Gb | DMT rlz
Genre : Biography/Musical Drama |

All links are interchangeable
5% Recovery Record inotltd07DMT-1.part1.rar inotltd07DMT-1.part2.rar inotltd07DMT-1.part3.rar inotltd07DMT-1.part4.rar inotltd07DMT-1.part5.rar inotltd07DMT-1.part6.rar inotltd07DMT-1.part7.rar inotltd07DMT-1.part8.rar inotltd07DMT-2.part1.rar inotltd07DMT-2.part2.rar inotltd07DMT-2.part3.rar inotltd07DMT-D2.part4.rar inotltd07DMT-D2.part5.rar inotltd07DMT-D2.part6.rar inotltd07DMT-D2.part7.rar inotltd07DMT-D2.part8.rar

Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel

[BBC Special] Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel 2007
Documentary | XViD | 640x352 | 59 Mins | 25 fps | 715 MB | MP3 132kbps | English | RAR |

Download =

RAR Recovery Record: YES @ 5%

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Talk To Me

Talk To Me (2007)
DVDRIP | Language: English | XviD 672x288 | 118 mins | 29.9 fps | 192 kbps | 700 Mb
Genre: Biography / Drama / History |


Password: areg

Swing Guitar: The Genius of Django Reinhardt

Swing Guitar: The Genius of Django Reinhardt

Swing Guitar: The Genius of Django Reinhardt
Language: English | 720x480 | 25 fps | XviD | Mp3 128kbps | 459 Mb | 45:14 min


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Password: reinhardt

The Great Hunger - The Life & Songs of Shane MacGowan

The Great Hunger - The Life & Songs of Shane MacGowan TV rip 1997
English | 59:44 | 1002 kb/s | 25 fps | 512x384 | MP3, 128 kbit/s | 470 MB
Documentary/Biography | Optional subtitles: None

Ross McElwee - Bright Leaves

Ross McElwee - Bright Leaves (2003) [DVDrip]
English | Subtitles: none (sadly...) | 1:47:10 | 704x416 | 23.97fps | Xvid | Audio: MP3 - 128kbps | 990 MB


The New World - Il Nuovo Mondo

The New World - Il Nuovo Mondo (2005)
Italian/English | Subtitle: ITA/ENG | 02:06:45 | 656x272 | PAL (25fps) | XviD | Audio MP3: 160kbps | 1438mb
Genre: Adventure / Biography / Drama / History / Romance


Master TXT


Crumb - DVD rip 1994
English | 2:00:00 | Video Bitrate: 709 kb/s | Framerate: 23.97 | 640x480 | mp3, 96 kbit/s | 700 MB
Documentary/Biography | Optional subtitles: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Ross McElwee - Time Indefinite (1994)

Ross McElwee - Time Indefinite (1994) [DVDrip]
English (sadly, no subtitles) | 1:54:08 | 624x432 | 29.97fps | XviD | Audio: MP3 - 128kbps | 952 MB


Control (2007)

Control (2007) - Genre: Biography / Drama / Music

English | 1:57:00 | 640 x 352 | PAL (25fps) | XviD | Audio: AC3 - 192kbps | 701 + 695 MB
Genre: Biography / Drama / Music

Into The Wild


Into The Wild (DVDrip - 2007)
English | Subtitle: English/French/Spanish | 140 min | XVid 640x272 | 448 kbps 5.1AC3| 23 fps | 1,4 Gb | FLAiTE rlz
Genre : Adventure/Biography/Drama | rs/mu

All links are interchangeable
5% Recovery Record

Disc 1 : part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | sfv file
Disc 2 : part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | sfv file

Disc 1: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8
Disc 2: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8

Breaker Morant

'Breaker' Morant - DVD rip 1980
English | 1:42:36 | Video Bitrate: 890 kb/s | Framerate: 25 | 640x272 | mp3, 128 kbit/s | 700 MB
Biography/Drama/History | Optional subtitles: Spanish

The Great McGonagall [1974]

The Great McGonagall [1974]
DVDRip | XVid | 720x544 | fps 25 | MP3 128 Kbps | 684 Mb | English | 84 min
Genre: Biography / Comedy | Release date: 1974


Pass: silva

The Arturo Sandoval Story

The Arturo Sandoval Story
DVD-Rip | AVI 448x256 | Audio: 48000hz, 16bps, 2ch | Length: 2:00:02 | Bitrate: 813kbps | FPS: 23.98
Director Joseph Sargent | 1991 | Language English with French subtitles | 698 MB | November 2000

Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 4 wins & 13 nominations

Elizabeth: The Golden Age


Elizabeth: The Golden Age (DVDrip - 2007)
English | Subtitle: English/French/Spanish | 115 min | XVid 640x352 | 162 kbps vbr mp3 | 23 fps | 700 mb | DiAMOND
Genre: Drama/History/Biography | 5% Recovery Record | ftp2share (4 interchangeable mirrors)

All links are interchangeable
5% Recovery Record
Download from ftp2share folder

A Man for All Seasons (1966)

A Man for All Seasons (1966)
DVDRip | Xvid | 720x402 | fps 25 | MP3 128 Kbps | English | 691 Mb | 116 min
Genre: Biography | Drama l Studio: Sony Pictures l DVD Release Date: January 26, 1999


Pass: silva


Ingles | Subtitulos:Españo l Vídeo Códec:XVID | Audio Códec=MPGA | Resolución:624x478 | Duración:0:55:30 | AVI | 702 MB

Vídeo Códec:XVID|Audio Códec=MPGA|Resolución:624x478|Duración:0:53:05|AVI|741 MB (778,032,876 bytes)

-Crimen Organizado-Racketeers-
Vídeo Códec:XVID|Audio Códec=MPGA|Resolución:624x478|Duración:0:59:08|AVI|702 MB (736,550,438 bytes)

Vídeo Códec:XVID|Audio Códec=MPGA|Resolución:624x478|Duración:0:53:40|AVI|701 MB (736,011,946 bytes)

-Crímenes sin resolver-Unsolved-
Vídeo Códec:XVID|Audio Códec=MPGA|Resolución:624x478|Duración:0:57:30|AVI|701 MB (736,017,938 bytes)

-Crímenes a sangre Fría-Cold Blooded Murder
Vídeo Códec:XVID|Audio Códec=MPGA|Resolución:624x478|Duración:0:55:30|AVI|702 MB (736,312,818 bytes)

-Alegatos de Demencia-By Reason Of Insanity
Vídeo Códec:XVID|Audio Códec=MPGA|Resolución:624x478|Duración:0:52:30|AVI|702 MB (736,241,754 bytes)|

American Splendor (2003)

American Splendor (DVDrip - 2003)
101 min | DviX 5 720x400 | 1225 kb/s | 160 kb/s mp3 CBR | 23.97 fps | B-VOP | 980 MB + 3% recovery record
English | Subtitles: Spanish, Portuguese and French .srt | Genre: Biography/Comedy |


The Miracle Worker (1962)

The Miracle Worker (1962)
DVDRip | XVid | 720x428 | fps 23.97 | MP3 128 Kbps | 914 Mb | English | 106 min
28 July 1962 l Genre: Biography | Drama

Pass: silva

Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)

Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)
English | 576x336 | DivX | MP3 - 128kbps | 898 MB
Genre: Drama
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Rapget Friendly Links:

Rapidshare folder : (password - zeus)

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - Exclusive Theater Edition Release

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - Exclusive Theater Edition Release
AVI 544x240 | XVID 777 kbps | MP3 129 VBR | 3h36 | Audio:English | English SRT | 1.36 GB
Genre: War, Biography

PWD accatone

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - Exclusive Theater Edition Release

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - Exclusive Theater Edition Release
AVI 544x240 | XVID 777 kbps | MP3 129 VBR | 3h36 | Audio:English | English SRT | 1.36 GB
Genre: War, Biography

PWD accatone

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Disney version of Lewis Carroll's Children's story. Alice becomes bored and her mind starts to wander. She sees a white rabbit who appears to be in a hurry. She chases it into its burrow and then a most bizarre series of adventures begins.

pass: shadowfawkes

Its A Wonderful Life 60th Anniversary Edition (2006)

Its A Wonderful Life 60th Anniversary Edition 2006

DVD-Rip XVID | 23.976 fps | 720x480 | 256 Kbps, 44100 Hz, 2 channels | Original B&W | 130:28 min | 1.2 GB | English |

This is director Frank Capras classic bittersweet comedy/drama about George Bailey (James Stewart)the eternally-in-debt guiding force of a bank in the typical American small town of Bedford Falls. As the film opens, it's Christmas Eve, 1946, and George, who has long considered himself a failure, faces financial ruin and arrest and is seriously contemplating suicide. High above Bedford Falls, two celestial voices discuss Bailey's dilemma and decide to send down eternally bumbling angel Clarence Oddbody (Henry Travers), who after 200 years has yet to earn his wings, to help George out. But first, Clarence is given a crash course on George's life, and the multitude of selfless acts he has performed: rescuing his younger brother from drowning, losing the hearing in his left ear in the process; enduring a beating rather than allow a grieving druggist (H.B. Warner) to deliver poison by mistake to an ailing child; foregoing college and a long-planned trip to Europe to keep the Bailey Building and Loan from letting its Depression-era customers down; and, most important, preventing town despot Potter (Lionel Barrymore) from taking over Bedford Mills and reducing its inhabitants to penury. Along the way, George has married his childhood sweetheart Mary (Donna Reed), who has stuck by him through thick and thin. But even the love of Mary and his children are insufficient when George, faced with an $8000 shortage in his books, becomes a likely candidate for prison thanks to the vengeful Potter. Bitterly, George declares that he wishes that he had never been born, and Clarence, hoping to teach George a lesson, shows him how different life would have been had he in fact never been born. After a nightmarish odyssey through a George Bailey-less Bedford Falls (now a glorified slum called Potterville), wherein none of his friends or family recognize him, George is made to realize how many lives he has touched, and helped, through his existence; and, just as Clarence had planned, George awakens to the fact that, despite all its deprivations, he has truly had a wonderful life. Capra's first production through his newly-formed Liberty Films, Its A Wonderful Life lost money in its original run, when it was percieved as a fairly downbeat view of small-town life. Only after it lapsed into the public domain in 1973 and became a Christmastime TV perennial did it don the mantle of a holiday classic.
This version came out in 2006 in Dolby Digital and Full Screen. Every year I look foward to seeing this movie at Christmas time . So I really wanted to have this on DVD, problem was finding something you could watch on a TV , that dosent look like an old VHS tape and the whole family would enjoy. Well ,..if you want to get something done have to do it yourself. So now you too can enjoy this Christmas Classic!! My recommendation is to ConvertXtodvd, slow burn, TV screen Automatic, then to 4.7GB disc.I wanted to see how well the file came out so thats what I did when I finished it....Beautiful!!..youve got a real Full Screen keeper now! Happy Holidays to all...


Walt Disney's Pluto

Walt Disney's Pluto
19 episodes
DivX | 512 x 384 | 25fps | 64kbps mono | 9min | Size : 50 MB -90 MB | No Language required

Fist Of The North Star Manga Anime

[RS] Fist Of The North Star Manga Anime (Adult)

Fist Of The North Star Manga Anime (Adult rating)


SUMMARY : After a nuclear holocaust tears the world apart, mankind is forced to the harshness of not only the oppression of others who are much more powerful, but the dead earth which seems to be getting worse with every passing moment.
But a savior has risen from the ashes, a man who will defeat those who would torment the weak and make the world a habitable place once more. A man named Kenshiro ,(aka "Fist of the North Star") has been chosen as the worlds saviour. Thwarted at every attempt by jealous rivals,Jagi ,Raoh and Shin Ken fights to re-astablish peace and rescue his kidnapped fiancee julia. Fists fly, blood spurts, bones shatter, heads explode, and buildings crumble in an animated action thriller to compare with the legendary Mad Max.

Language : English Dubbed
length : 1hr 49mins

Jason and the Argonauts ( 1963 )

Jason and the Argonauts ( 1963 ) [ aka The Quest of the Golden Fleece ]
345 MB |480*320 | 25fps| rmvb |100 min |real audio | 48khz|64kbps |Lang : English
Subs : English

Genre: Action / Family / Fantasy / Adventure

Tagline: Greatest Odyssey Of The Ages - for the first time on the screen

Plot Outline: The legendary Greek hero leads a team of intrepid adventurers in a perilous quest for the legendary Golden Fleece

Trivia: While filming footage of the Argo off the coast of Italy, shooting was interrupted when a replica of the Golden Hind sailed into view. The British television series "Sir Francis Drake" (1961) happened to be filming in the same location. Producer Charles H. Schneer shouted, "Get that ship out of here. You're in the wrong century!" at the British crew, dispelling any tensions that arose from both shots being lost.

The Old Man and the Sea (1999)

Aleksandr Petrov 's «The Old Man and the Sea» (1999)
XVID | 320 x 240 | 29.97 fps | 20 min | 73 MB | 64 kbps mp3 English
Genre: Short / Animation | User Comments: A veritable masterpiece

Author: matatigre36 from Laie, Hawaii

I first saw this movie in the Spring of 2001, and it is truly one of the best films I have ever seen. Mr. Petrov not only does a magnificent job of depicting the story of the Old Man and the Sea, but also gives tribute the life of Ernest Hemmingway in a way that is true to the man. I still remember many affecting lines from Hemmingway's journal that are included in the movie (though not verbatim, otherwise I might leave some here). I left the theater with a changed perspective on life and its importance.

Needless to say, I would love to be able to see this movie again. However, because it was in IMAX format in theaters, it has never been released on DVD or VHS, at least to my knowledge it hasn't. I hope someday the means will be provided to release the movie in a format for private viewers to purchase. That day may never arrive though. Thus, if you ever have the chance to see this movie in an IMAX theater, don't let it pass you by!


One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)
560*400 |DivX| 699 MB| 79 min|128 kbps mp3 |JS |ENGLISH with ENG subs

Genre: Family / Animation / Comedy / Thriller
Tagline: Walt Disney's new all-cartoon feature


Plot Outline: When a litter of dalmation puppies are abducted by the minions of Cruella De Vil, the parents must find them before she uses them for a diabolical fashion statement.

Pongo and Perdita have a litter of 15 puppies. Cruella De Vil takes a fancy to the pups, and wants to get hold of them, as well as more pups, to make herself a loveley dalmation skin coat... Cruella gets some thugs to kidnap the pups and hold them at her mansion. Will Pongo and Perdita find them in time ?

User Comments: This film is in my top 10 of Disney
pass = pups

Fantasia (DVD-Rip)

Fantasia (DVD-Rip)
AVI DivX | Video: 104 Kbps, 464 x 336 | MP3 128 Kbps
699 MB | 114 min | English language

Disney animators set pictures to classical music as Leopold Stokowski conducts the Philadelphia Orchestra. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" features Mickey Mouse as an aspiring magician who oversteps his limits. "The Rite of Spring" tells the story of evolution, from single-celled animals to the death of the dinosaurs. "Dance of the Hours" is a comic ballet performed by ostriches, hippos, elephants and alligators. "Night on Bald Mountain" and "Ave Maria" set the forces of darkness and light against each other as a devilish revel is interrupted by the coming of a new day.


Frankenstein ( 1910 )

The first film adaptation of the tale, Frankenstein, was done by Edison Studios in 1910, written and directed by J. Searle Dawley, with Augustus Phillips as Frankenstein, Mary Fuller as Elizabeth, and Charles Ogle as the Monster. The brief (16 min.) story has Frankenstein chemically create his creature in a vat. The monster haunts the scientist until Frankenstein's wedding night, when true love causes the creature to vanish. For many years this film was believed lost until a collector announced in 1980 that he had acquired a print in the 1950s and had been unaware of its rarity. ( 1910 ).html

Pink Panther - Cartoons

Pink Panther - Cartoons
Size 600 Mb | TV-RiP | 170 kpbs | 128 kbs | Dimensions variable | Language : English
Genre : Animation / Comdey / Fantasy | User Rating : 8.0/10(88,129 votes)

pp001 = The Pink Phink
pp002 = Pink Pajamas
pp003 = We Give Pink Stamps
pp004 = Dial P For Pink
pp005 = Sink Pink
pp006 = Pickled Pink
pp007 = Pinkfinger
pp008 = Shocking Pink
pp009 = Pink Ice
pp010 = The Pink Tail Fly
pp011 = Pink Panzer
pp012 = An Ounce Of Pink
pp013 = Reel Pink
pp014 = Bully For Pink
pp015 = Pink Punch
pp016 = Pink Pistons
pp017 = Vitamin Pink
pp018 = The Pink Blueprint
pp019 = Pink Plunk Plink
pp020 = Smile Pretty Say Pink

A Garfield Christmas Special (1987)

Secret Squirrel & the morocco mole ( all 26 Episodes )

Secret Squirrel & the morocco mole ( all 26 Episodes )
55 MB | XviD | 640*480| 23.97 fps | 24 mins | 128 kbps| JS |mp3 | ENGLISH

Secret Squirrel is a cartoon squirrel created by Hanna-Barbera, and was voiced by legendary animation voice artist Mel Blanc. Secret Squirrel was one of two costars of The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, which debuted in 1965; he was given his own show in 1966, but was reunited with Atom Ant for one more season in 1967. Secret first appeared in a primetime animated special called The World of Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel, which aired on NBC on September 12, 1965.

Walt Disney 's - Peter Pan 1 & 2

Peter Pan I (1953)
700 MB | DivX | 624*416| 23.976 fps | 76 mins | 192 kbps| JS |mp3 | ENGLISH

Genre: Family / Animation / Musical / Fantasy / Adventure

Tagline: Walt Disney's Immortal [Peter Pan ]
Plot Outline: The boy who won't grow up invites a trio of siblings to Neverland
User Comments: A Classic That Still Soars

Peter Pan I I

Return to Never Land (2002)

700 MB | XviD | 608*352| 23.976 fps | 71 mins | 140 kbps| JS |mp3 | ENGLISH

Genre: Animation / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Musical
Plot Outline: In London during World War II, this is the story of Wendy's daughter, Jane, who is kidnapped by Captain Hook and Peter Pan must come to the rescue.
User Comments: A good Disney sequel

Walt Disney - Peter Pan 1

700 MB | DivX | 624*416| 23.976 fps | 76 mins | 192 kbps| JS |mp3 | ENGLISH

Walt Disney - Peter Pan 2

700 MB | XviD | 608*352| 23.976 fps | 71 mins | 140 kbps| JS |mp3 | ENGLISH

The Passenger (1961)

The Passenger (1961)
| 718.3 MB | Runtime 0:58:07 | b/w |
Language : Polish
Optional subtitles : English
Audio : mp3 , 48000 Hz , 70 Kb/s , 1-ch
Video : XviD , 1600 Kb/s , 25 frm/s , 672x400 (1.66:1) (7 * 100 MB + 18.3 MB)


Kiki's Delivery Service (DVD-Rip)

Kiki's Delivery Service (DVD-Rip)
AVI DivX | Video: 114 Kbps, 528 x 288 | MP3 128 Kbps

699 MB | 104 min | English language

Rarely does a film touch so many hearts or reach such artistic heights as the highly acclaimed KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE, the magical adventure of an enterprising young girl who must follow tradition to become a full-fledged witch. Venturing out with only her chatty black cat Jiji, KiKi flies off for the adventure of a lifetime. Landing in a far-off city, she sets up a high-flying delivery service. Here begins a wonderful experience of independence and responsibility as she finds her place in the world. The breathtaking animation of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki and the star voice talents of Kirsten Dunst (KiKi), Phil Hartman (Jiji), Matthew Lawrence (Tombo), and more make KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE soar with an energy, excitement, and the kind of imagination that entertains again and again!


A Charlie Brown Christmas ( 1965 TV short toon )

A Charlie Brown Christmas

157MB|432*320 |25 fps |DivX|25min|128kbps mp3|26min|English with English SUBS

Genre: Short / Family / Animation

Plot Outline: Repelled by the commercialism he sees around him, Charlie Brown tries to find the true meaning of Christmas.

User Comments: Perfect Holiday Movie
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